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  1. I've got a VM 77 jazz in Amber and It's a killer bass, I upgraded all the pots to CTS and loom/capacitor. Left the pickups cos with the new loom they sound great. Body Is soft maple and is proper light which suits me. It honestly plays/feels better than my 80's deluxe Fender jazz. Only stinky poo parts are the tuners. I got It for silly money and It's the best money I've spent on a jazz. My go to bass at the moment.
  2. Not in all cases. I have a Squier 77 VM amber Jazz and It plays and sounds superb. A lot better than my MIM jazz and CV jazz. Some are gems but I guess that's the luck of the draw.
  3. I've stuck a new loom In it with CTS pots and a bone nut. It really plays well and weighs under 8lb! The pickups with the new loom seem fine to me. Tuners I hate so will change them. Deffo keeper for me.
  4. After looking more In to It apparently Its a VM 77 jazz so yeh very 70's!
  5. Picked this up yesterday, ICS serial says a FSR? Who knows.. 2013 and In mint condition. It just a little gem! Lightest Jazz I've ever owned, soft maple body In dark amber. It plays superbly, really low action, no sharp frets. Got a new loom, bone nut and standard jazz control knobs on the way. May stick In a set of pickups too. Anyone else got one of these and did you do any upgrades? Quarter pounders or Antiquity's? Or what? Want the growl of a jazz with a bit more bottom end... Well happy with It. It plays better than my MIM Jazz and CV Jazz!
  6. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
  7. Are they as good as the old crafted In China ones?
  8. This is my 1999 crafted In Indonesia PJ special standard, I bought off a member on here and It's one of the best basses I've owned. I've owned Jaydees through fenders MIM and USA's but this thing Is killer. Jazz width neck but just plays and feels better than all the others I've owned (barring the JayDee) Although the neck is slimmer than the Jaydee which I like. Only thing is...It's heavy. Whoever made this one In 1999 must have got his oats off his missus the night before!
  9. Tried switch cleaner, the volume pots both fully work. No broken wires. It's a mystery!
  10. Nope. Exactly the same as before!
  11. So even with my crap ability to solder I managed to clean most of the crap off and followed the diagram. Put it all back together and exactly the same! Oh and I really burned me thumb.
  12. I'm gonna have a crack at It tonight, If I balls It up I'll go for a Kiogon . Is this how It should be?
  13. Also the jack socket has one earth and a red and a white wire? Is that normal?
  14. Should It have all those earth wires? When I looked on google at diagrams there were only a single earth wire going to each pot!
  15. It's how I bought it mate. Looked a bit dodgy when I opened It up. Think someone may have fitted new pickups at some stage in it;s life. Unfortunately i'm crap at soldering!
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