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  4. dangerboy


    Hello lovely Basschatters. Long time no see. Who would like a 15" cab with handles and wheels? Made of thin birch plywood so very light. Has a barely-used Eminence Kappalite 3015 in it. Collection from North London (N7) and quickly please! Moving house and this isn't coming with us.
  5. That Longfellow is in my living room.
  6. A pair of Delano jazz bass pickups, ready to drop into your bass. These are split coil humbuckers, packed into jazz bass cases with big pole pieces. These pickups have consecutive serial numbers so are presumably a matched pair. One is 95mm long and one 92mm long. More details of this model can be found here: http://www.bassdirect.co.uk/bass_guitar_specialists/Delano_pickups.html £90 shipped in the UK
  7. I have a TL606-style cab, ported, made of ply, painted black with a metal grille, flip-up handles, plastic corners and wheels. I was about to take it to the tip but thought I could offer it here to someone who will use it. I refurbed it a couple of years ago and it looks nice, but realistically I'll never use it. It needs: a 15" speaker (I have an unused Kapplite 3015 I can sell you if needed) and some input sockets fitting. I'm in Holloway, North London. Need to shift it pretty fast please. I don't have transport so you'll need to come and get it.
  8. There is no sight better than a 6ft bass player with a tiny bass. Up for sale here a bass I bought for a bit of a laugh, but which now has to travel on to a new home since I'm not really playing any more. It's a Tanglewood Elfin, that I've modified to make a convincing E-A-D-G bass. It has a replacement tuner for the E-string and a Schaller P-Bass pickup (based, I think on a Dimarzio design). It sounds like a real bass. Hell, it is a real bass! (but small). Strung (I think...) 130-105-85-65 Sad to see it go but I'll sell it to anywhere in the UK for £50 posted. Alternatively you can meet me in London and save the postage in which case I'll do it for £40. Stay tuned to this channel - plenty more basses to sell!
  9. This is still here. Lots of nibbles but no-one has bitten yet. I'll do it for £55 posted in the UK now.
  10. Not doing much music these days, but interested in trades for stuff I can sell. Hell, stuff that is smaller than two mics and shockmounts in cases would be nice!
  11. A pair of ribbon mics, made in China (but they're the good ones made in China!). I bought these a couple of years ago and have never used them, other than checking that they work. They're in the original bags in the original cases with the proper shockmounts. These were originally over £500 (the recordinghacks review with an MRP of 899 USD! http://recordinghacks.com/microphones/SE-Electronics/R1) They've since been reduced and Andertons are currently selling them for £150 each (albeit these are specially made versions aimed at the £150 price point, not reduced £500 stock). Apparently amazing on guitar cabs, drum overheads and vocals (with the right pop shield so you don't break the ribbon). Here's the soundonsound review https://www.soundonsound.com/sos/nov06/articles/ser1.htm Price is £150 (ie 2 for 1 compared to Andertons) picked up, or I can get them shipped at your expense.
  12. A weird and wonderful bitcrusher, hand made in small batches and not at all since 2012 (as far as I can tell). It has 7 different modes which go from the very usable to the downright insane. Here is the manufacturer's page: http://mtlasm.blogspot.co.uk/p/wrong-side-of-uranus.html And the manual: https://app.box.com/shared/kgrcsph212 Here's a helpful review on Talkbass complete with soundclips: http://www.talkbass.com/forum/f36/ma-wrong-side-uranus-review-sound-clips-736948/ Used, but with no issues. A couple of bits of worn paint both otherwise great. It has velcro stuck onto its feet and the writing on the back says it was made in 2010. £60 shipped in the UK.
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