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    Wasn't it the original bassist in Saxon who said open notes were vital to rock music... If there were no open notes he couldn't point while he was playing!!
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    Assuming all goes to plan we`ll do our 45th gig of the year next Saturday. Might not seem that many but they include Cornwall, Wales, Scotland, North West, North East, Norfolk, South Coast & London, with Belgium & Germany thrown in for good measure. Playing highlights have been playing the Scotland Calling Festival in the O2 Academy in Glasgow at short notice (we played Gateshead Fri night, Glasgow Sat lunchtime, Blackpool Sat night), our 2nd mini-tour of Germany, and filling the Winter Gardens Arena Stage to capacity at this years Rebellion Festival. Other highlights have been recording and releasing our 3rd album, which has come out jointly on Step1 Records in the UK/Europe and Longshot Records (a subsidiary of Pirates Press) in the USA, on vinyl. And securing festivals in Athens, Stockholm and Amsterdam already for next year is also pretty much up there for me.
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    Just joined this club... although still waiting for my Elwood to arrive! Would have preferred a passive model, but this one was available at a very good price, so daft not to! It had a 2-band Glockenklang preamp, but I like a bit more control over my mids so I asked if it could be swapped for a 3-band. For an extra 50 euros, a 3-band Delano pre was installed (which will hopefully pair well with the Delano pickups)
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    I never really saw this as an either/or thing ...
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    ***** SOLD ***** Awesome Godin A5 Ultra Fretless, with original Godin soft case included. It has triple output modes, simultaneously functioning: The first output is a passive jack output for the Lace Sensor slim magnetic pickup only. The second one is an active jack output where it's possible to mix the magnetic pickup to the single saddles piezo bridge with a great and very complete preamp. The third output works together with the others or alone and it's a 13-pin midi plug for the connection of both Roland GK systems or other synths and also to PC via Midi converter. Great aesthetic conditions and perfect functional conditions! Great possibility and convenience of having a magnetic (like Jaco) sound and a very deep and truthful like double bass (Piezo) acoustic sound. Foreign Currency: about payments different from the Euros currency you can pay by clicking using this ►Transferwise bank transfer◄ link. Tests of this bass here: The new semi-acoustic bass of the Godin house has various sound possibilities. Thanks to the piezo pickup with the single transducers for each bridge saddle and with dedicated preamp on the body, the Low Profile Lace Sensor magnetic pickup with side volume and tone controls and 13-pin midi bass with integrated controller. Separate outputs Magnetic (passive), Magnetic + Piezo selectable (Active), and the famous 13 pin (like the GK-3B but with piezo bridge) with its dedicated controller for access to the computer and the synth. And anti-feedback system. Specifications: Rock Maple neck Fretless Ebony keyboard Radius of the keyboard: 16 " Scale: 34 " 1 13/16 "deep to the nut 2-rooms Silver Leaf in maple to the body Solid spruce top Lace Sensor Slim Low Profile magnetic pickup Volume control and lateral tone for the magnetic pickup Saddles custom Godin Transducers and custom preamp 3 band with blend (Magnetic / Piezo) Midi 13 pin + controller and effect level Natural Semi-Gloss finish *Bass is located in Italy (Sicily). No problems for international fast shipping (following prices including anti shock packaging): To Italy: 30€ (1/2 working days) To Ireland/Great Britain: 60€ (4/5 working days) To Germany and Austria: 45€ (3/4 working days) To Spain: 60€ (4/5 working days) To France: 65€ (4/5 working days) To Lithuania: 75€ (4/5 working days) To Romania: 80€ (4/5 working days) To Belgium, Luxembourg and the Netherlands: 65€ (3/4 working days) To Czech Republic (CZ): 80€ (4/5 working days) To USA and Canada: 110€ (6/8 working days) Feedback and photos here:
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    Ibanez Studio ST-980 8-string, made in January 1980 by FujiGen Gakki, Japan. Mint pristine condition, dark rosewood fretboard, clean electronics with boost and Varitone. Come with OHSC in fair condition(some scuffs and missing the handle) Located in Italy.
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    Hi Basschat - i played on The Late Late show with James Corden earlier this year and was really happy with how the mix came out on my Elite Jazz 5! no pedals or effects, just jazz bass straight into a Bassman 800 Head and Cab, let me know what you think :-) Regards! Bill.
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    When I watched some of it before, it seemed like he was trying to convince people that it's more ethical to pay a lot of money to someone to build a bass than buy one from a company who may not pay their workers as much. Apart from not agreeing with his political opinion, it made it sound like he was almost admitting the Asian factory instruments are actually on par with his, hence having to introduce this other incentive to buy his. Couldn't watch it all though, it was too long and I wasn't liking what he had said so far. It's a shame it wasn't a textual article that I could read a lot faster.
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    Yeah i agree, Our keys player is the M.D! Thanks!
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    That would be great, Mark, fingers crossed.
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    First practice last night. Set the eq up as Orange suggests on it's website for Rock/Punk, turned the compressor up to 12 o'clock, plugged all my pedals in and turned it up to what would roughly 2. This is by far the loudest amp I have ever owned, it's mental. I should of bought the 300 watt (never going happen lol). I didn't get chance to fiddle with the eq and didn't need to tweak any of the controls on my bass... now that is a real first. Bite, punch, clarity... It just works, to the point where I wasn't thinking about my sound. Last amp that did that was my Trace Elliot 1225v back in the early nineties. If you get the chance try one. I'm very impressed.
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    Good Lord! Just reading that is making my scrotum ache. And not in a good way.
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    Ooh, nice. That is a very smart looking bass.
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    I jumped on an L2000 two years ago when Thomanns took in an overmake of blueburst and with a favourable exchange rate paid just £325!!! Really tidy bass with a multitude of passive and active sounds to shape.
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    Thankfully, it's been pulled....scammist got their fair dues. Season of Good Will to all men my derrière!! (Cor, look at that..I speak French!!)
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    I would say I've done about 40, but I left the band I started six years ago a few weeks back, so that total isn't going up. There were a few high-points, Dublin Castle, Camden, an insane show at The Fighting C*cks, Kingston and two Italian gigs (in Milan and Turin) despite the Italian shows being the grounds for my subsequent departure; spending a few days with people you honestly don't really like just sped things along a bit. A lot of those gigs were good, but there was direct correlation to how the enjoyment waned and how playing became a chore as the year went on. It just wasn't fun [with them] any more and I believe the throwing of my bass across the stage at the end of the last gig I did with them reflected just how unhappy I was. Anyhoo, moving along, new band is up and running, initial home demos are promising, a little different to the old act, so we'll see where things go.
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    Doug is one of the loveliest people I've ever met..... and having played his old Spector I know it to be one of the most fantastic feeling, played in, instruments I've ever got my hands on.... However, his pedal-filled, dusty end of the neck playing does nothing for me either. All very well at a clinic but otherwise leaves me cold... The first 2 (Muzz) Living Colour albums were the ones for me too..... super solid playing and grooves. Loved them!
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    They'd make an absolute killing if they put the basses in a more affordable bracket, even if that was a grand or so. I'd have picked one up ages ago, but their prices have always seemed to keep rising ahead of my ability to save that much up! Patriotism doesn't make sense to me at all, but US patriotism is particularly odd in a new country built on immigration from so many parts of the world, and where pure capitalism is the over-riding system. I suppose that for many, any ideology still has to bend to favour the individual who follows it- but that's politics... My point was going to be that all those original Fenders were built by a Mexican workforce in California, so the notion that nationality has any bearing is silly. They could probably build identical Ricks in Asia which would work out cheaper because of the economic variables alone. EDIT- Echoing cetera really, but he posted while I was typing!
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    Yep, imagine the sales Rickenbacker could make with a cheaper Euro or high quality Far-Eastern version of their classic design, as Spector have done with their Czech and Korean models..... Definitely a missed opportunity! I prefer my Japanese made Fender & Tokai P's & J's over any US made ones I've tried..... and the Euro Spector is a fantastically built/sounding instrument at half the price of a full US custom shop.
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    "If I hadn't seen such riches, I could live with being poor" Sit Down by James. Never a truer word. "With.....Without. Who'l deny its what the fighting's all about." Dark Side by Pink Floyd. As above.
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    Outstanding! Flawless deal and such a nice guy, it's daft but you can really tell the measure of a person by their communications and the small things they do to go that wee bit further. Thank you Dan!
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    That's an amazing rig! How about sharing a clip of you playing through it with your band?
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    Here you go chaps- I had a V4 in the late 70s and decided for an early Xmas present to get the reissue, and pair it with a PF410. Sounds great, real old school. Dont know if I prefer this or my Mesa Bass buster 15 combo, but no doubt the speakers will take some wearing in before I decide. Cant believe how light this one is though, compared to my old one.
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    Saw Rag n Bone Man on the last leg, lovely, soulful arrangement of 'human'. Great set of pipes on that man and I enjoyed the bass playing too!👏👍
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    "And the man that you once loved, is bald and fat, and seldom in, he's working late as usual, You're interest has waned , you feel the strain, the bedsprings snap, On the occasions he lies upon you, close your eyes and think of nothing but Private Hell"
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    Wait a minute please, I'm going to call Cofidis.
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    Where are you based jay-syncro? Looks a nice bass
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    p.s. the bass in the link is rather lovely!!
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    Shame he's such a repellent, small minded douchecanoe - it's really ruined his music for me
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    Rough rounding of body done. Bit of shaping required then lots of sanding.....
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    Aja and The Royal Scam- Steely Dan (or pretty much anything with Chuck Rainey on it).
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    A commendable attitude, but the majority of audience members don't know what a bass is, or what it sounds like. Therefore they'll hardly notice a 'mistake' that lasts for a fraction of a second. You know this, of course. I play in the hope that there will be at least one person present who appreciates my efforts, but generally audiences are just a bunch of randoms with bad hair who've had too much to drink. They shuffle about uncertainly and bump into things. *Sigh*
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    Free - Fire and Water Mountain - Nantucket Sleighride
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    So this started with a generous offer from ikay to share his library of chords. And then all sorts pile in and the whole thing descends into the usual forum mire. Quite pathetic really isn’t it? I suspect that some guys here won’t venture out after dark without a comprehensive risk assessment and a man with a torch.
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    what a great bassline on Living in the Past, LEGENDARY MELODIC BASS I'll add Yes - Fragile it is the album that made me ask "what is making THAT sound?" That's the bass. "Then I wanna learn bass"
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    "Best Album" ain't necessarily the way to go. Get a decent Motown compilation and - ideally - a copy of the original CD for Standing In The Shadows Of Motown. Get a good Stax compilation. Seek out individual tracks you can download if you don't want the whole album. A good example is Burlesque by Family; not my favourite album by the band but the title track is an absolute must-have, John Wetton in his pomp. Don't forget the obvious. All Right Now has been done to death, but the original remains a classic and very influential bass line.
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    I bought a Mono Vertigo gig bag from them in August 2016. it had travelled hundreds and hundreds of miles with me, on trains, buses and the Eurostar across Europe. The strap broke a couple of weeks ago, as luck would have it just as I was getting on a train for a gig in Bristol. Anyway I managed an emergency repair using my teeth to squeeze the broken buckle bak together and continued my journey. I emailed Mark on the Monday morning, he got straight on to Mono and the distributors, and within a very short space of time had negotiated a return and a replacement bag for me. He even offered to post the broken one if I could get it over to him. That is why shops like Bass direct should in my opinion be shown more appreciation, who cares whether they sell a set of strings with mismatched silks? We should ensure their survival in what must be a very difficult market, with so many apparently great deals available on-line. Can you seriously imagine Amazon who, although well known for their great customer service arranging a return on an item almost a year and a half after purchase?
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    They both have their own sound and you'll probably like one more than the other. Great bass work has been recorded with both. That being said I don't think I could ever own a Ricky. I find the owner far too objectionable. If I did find one I really wanted I'd have to buy used to make sure he didn't get any money. And then I'd probably change the logo to make it look like a copy.
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    If it's not good enough for Mani, it's not good enough for me.
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    Interesting piece here which supports the view that Ringo was a talented and innovative drummer who played for the song. As evidence it analyses his parts on Ticket to Ride and In My Life. IMO, Ringo was by no means the Beatles' weakest link; Lennon was a very basic rhythm guitarist and - it has been suggested - frequently prone to error. Great frontman, though.
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    Cool, I can dig it. Thing is anybody can be a drummer, Ringo was a Beatle. And that's hard to pull off. Blue
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    I found Revolution in the Head a great read, couldn't put it down. Recently been listening to Macca's isolated bass tracks for songs like I Want You and Come Together... Awesome... Amazing band, always will be. So yes enjoying the thread. Thanks.
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    So then it has been on with the finish, wait, sand a little and repeat several times! The final holes have been drilled for the neck and string retainers (just enlarging / changing depths) so I can put the bass together to ensure everything is right before getting on with the final finish.
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    The veneers are glued to the body so was time to do some routing. I didn't get as much time as I hoped today (rather good food festival in Gloucester and two hungry kids!!) but managed to route out one half of this. So this is the top and the corresponding back section ready to glue together. Hopefully get the other half done this weekend too. I've also cut the front of the bass - I'm quite pleased with how this is looking so far but still a long way to go......
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    OK - here's where we began: ....and this is where we ended up:
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    Don't do it. You'll regret it

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