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    So this cheeky beast has just arrived from Belgium courtesy of a certain @Hellzero... It is quite an exceptional bass, more so than I was expecting to be honest (and I've not even plugged it in yet!) The build quality is absolutely fantastic. The highly figured, very 3D, top is a 1 inch thick slab of quilt maple with a purpleheart core layer and an Ash rear, also beautifully figured. The purpleheart fretboard and truss cover and superb and feel great under finger. The fretwork is immaculate, the fret end has been rounded off perfectly. The gloss body has an angled transition to a perfectly smooth satin neck and the treble access allows you to hit every fret seamlessly. The Bartolini pups are supported by an Aguilar OBP-3 preamp (a change from the stock passive Bartolini preamp) and the hipshot bridge and gotoh tuners take command at either end of this fine beast. This really looks like a true contender for some of the VERY best basses I have owned, and I have owned a lot!!! Porn below:
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    Beautiful Ibanez single cut bought from the Bass Gallery earlier this year (https://thebassgallery.com/collections/bass/products/ibanez-srsc-805). Bought for £829 plus I had to buy a hardcase (£50). So for £850 included P&P get yourself a bargain. It's a lovely bass, super low action (I"m a real stickler for this) and plays very evenly across the whole board. I just can't get away with the slightly narrower string spacing having been a Fender man all my life hence selling. Basically you're getting a lot of bass for the money and they're not that easy to come by having only been made for a short time. Only trade I'm interested in is a Fender Jazz lined fretless. Can't add any money to the trade though so have to be straight swap or plus cash. Any Q's drop me a PM.
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    Both sit closer than a fender or a stingray, nether as close as my dolphin. The MK1 is more comfy for me. Not sure why. The Mk 2 feels bigger but isnt really, and only 450g heavier. Nerd that I am, drew round both to find out. With the bridges aligned, the heels of the bodies also line up (hence the poor access to the extra frets of the MK2 unless you bring your thumb round). Don't know why JC favours the MK2; if I only wanted four strings I'd stick with the mk 1. I'd like to try a MK3 though! Anyway, I've hijacked your sales thread so will wish you luck and push off 🙂
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    Picked this up locally, gentlemen said he got it from this very forum, excellent sounding. The bass itself is listed on Andre's website with a rosewood fretboard, yet this one is maple. So it's certainly not standard. http://www.vanderend.nl/jb4-vintage/ Bass requires some work to make it perfect, which I'm not the right guy for, as such I've decided to knock some money off. Has an Aguilar OBP-3 preamp fitted which is a positive, I'd question the way it's been hooked up as one of the switches doesn't alter the sound at all. Otherwise really powerful. There is a hole in the body where someone looks to have tried to change a pickup. Weight: ~4kg (~8.8lbs). Sold with a Music Man hardcase. If you would like to arrange a play, hear it or need to ask any questions, I'm happy to oblige. Thank you for your interest.
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    Classic. Go straight to the top of the class🏆
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    I’ve got this one, it’s a handy little thing to have in your kit🙂https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/154013776475
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    Here is a picture of my headless Omy bass. I am curious what you think?
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    An Ashbory, in blue. Bought second-hand several years ago, for a friend who listened to it once and said "I want one!". She's now sold it back to me, but I don't need it. In good nick, with (I think) Aquila Thundergut strings, which have been on it long enough that they've changed colour slightly (a massive improvement on the original silicones, which snapped if you looked at them cross-eyed). All works well. The photos show it as I've used it, with one strap button removed; I hang it round my neck so it sits more or less vertically with the headstock by my left ear. I'll find the other strap button. £175 plus shipping at cost; it will be well packed, in its own bag and with bubblewrap inside and out.
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    Somebody must want this https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Warwick-Bass-Guitars-Messenger-Bag-rare/254787522488?hash=item3b52850fb8:g:G3oAAOSwzmZfvBGz
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    It's Time to have a listen to the fantastic offerings served up here for you for the November composition Challenge. The picture was chosen by @upside downer after a joint win with @Dad3353 and @xgsjx Choose your favourite 3 and tick the boxes 1 @xgsjx 2 @Dad3353 3 @skankdelvar 4 @NickD 5 @upside downer 6 @fingers211 7 @MoonBassAlpha 8 @Leonard Smalls 9 @lurksalot 10 @Doctor J That's your lot , plenty to enjoy in there , have a listen through a couple of times, create a playlist , write a review .........but cast a vote or 3 as well you know they're worth it The poll will close just in time for the annual December special , which will be at midnight on 30th November Enjoy
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    I'selling my Sandberg
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    I meant I should have nabbed them when I came to pick up the bass!
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    Whatever its origins the bass is now impregnated with dodge magic. Major upgrade.
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    Well - and it's early days yet - it doesn't seem to. I've used it with a few different amps including a GK400RB, and best policy seems to be to set the amps' controls more or less flat and use the TH as the main EQ and as the DI, if you're going into a PA. Of course, like all of us, I haven't done many gigs of late and have by no means fully explored the TH's potential. To be honest I only realised how good the Aguilar was when I heard this recording from the Summer which is the TH going to the desk and the Gk and 2x12 serving as monitoring onstage. I don't know if it's the particular sound you'd want - probably not - but it sounds like a bass to me!
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    You can buy them by Thomann : https://m.thomann.de/gb/search_BF_fodera.html?categoryKeys=GISAEB40|GISAEB45&s=price Certainly nickel ones as they are a bit "darker" in colour. To me amongst the best strings around and I've tried almost everything over 3 decades.
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    I saw that on their website. Have a bump...
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    Bravo! I shall be ordering some from the online store as soon as they're available.
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    Yes mein is a dream but Just right now got too many p Basses and one have to go
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    I thought that too. I'd love to see how that was done. It must have taken ages.
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    Welcome Fternolad.
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    I came here for pop music secrets. Disappointed.
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    It's all witchcraft from what I can see of it and makes no sense. For instance people say you have to unplug an active bass to stop the battery draining. Duh, with no plug in there's now nothing to stop the electricity draining out the hole.
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    This conjours up a picture - bass guitar, ear + superglue = taxi to A&E 😁
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    Took a little gamble, found this here in NL for a great price so let's see what's what. I ordered it after consulting my pedal wizard
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    www.kytary.co.uk are doing up to 50% off on some items. Their Sadowsky strings are 20% off for example, which brings the 5 string sets to £20 each, and the 4 string sets just £17. Their prices are pretty decent anyway, so a black friday sale from them is most welcome!
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    I’m really surprised this is still here!
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    Lockdown has meant that I've brought loads of my gear home/out of storage. It's been great! But, I've have started to realise how much has amassed over the years. So, going to start putting some bits and bobs up for sale. This can be filed under things I thought I sold ages ago. Comes with a tatty but functional hard case.
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    Joe Dart doesn't use any pedals and he's great Michael League uses a couple of pedals and he's great Thundercat uses quite a few pedals and he's great Justin Chancellor uses loads of pedals and he's also great Whatever suits your style!
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    Just added this one: https://www.talkbass.com/threads/a-good-read-with-some-wry-humour-for-gigging-weekend-warriors.1490403/
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    Great guy to do business with, and excellent communications all the way through. Hope he can get more out of my T70 than I could.
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    Happy birthday to my Stingray fretless, born this day in 2001 🥳
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    A while back I picked up a very nice Harley Benton Tele with a Paisley finish which played quite nicely. A trip across Hertfordshire to @gary mac's where he installed a Bigsby-a-like trem, dressed the frets and installed a new set of strings and it now plays lovely, thanks very much. Geeetarist friends don't believe it's a budget model.
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    Great bass & great seller GLWTS
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    I've had very good service for several years now from my Superlux headphones, as have the two sons. A fair range available from Thomann; mine are HD669, which fit your description, and cost just under £24. I wear them a lot, for long periods on occasion, and find them to be very comfortable. Hope this helps.
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    Top bully work there @Beedster and @fretmeister backed up nicely by a mod. Feels a bit like the “other” thread. Nice balanced view from @Lozz196 and @la bam
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    Sorry, I don't live on here. Do you have anything useful to add?
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    Went to look on face tube and you're damn right - look at this! Mind you, don't look into his eyes, I don't know who is is but the word 'quiet killer' springs to mind!
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    Standards are an informal list of tunes that Jazz musicians are expected to know and to be able to play in all keys. I know players who know up to 1,000 tunes. I know three: So What, Impressions and Lush Life (that is an in joke for Jazz musicians). I play a regular weekly gig with visiting artists and some bring charts whilst others call tunes and expect you to know them. I have an ireal book so can pretty much pull out a chart for anything in any key but, without it, I would be screwed. It is called 'the Real Book of Shame'.

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