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  1. Hi guys - I did another one - only 4 basses this time!
  2. Just realised I hadn't left feedback! I bought an SKB flightcase from Pete - it was exactly as described, we had great communications, it was sent quickly and wrapped carefully! Thank you Pete!
  3. Phil C


    I have just received a custom shop precision from Merlino (Matteo). It is exactly as described (perfect!), and Matteo was an absolute star in completing all of the paperwork required for customs (post Brexit). He double checked everything, and when due to a hitch he had to use a different courier company who were cheaper, he let me know and transferred the difference back to me! He is a very honest guy, and a pleasure to deal with at all stages. Communication (via WhatsApp) was fantastic, and you have no worries dealing with him. Thanks Matteo!
  4. Yep. I think you are right. I suppose if you wear out your Nickel frets with stainless strings you could consider stainless frets when re-fretting! Anyone know of downsides to stainless frets?
  5. I took my 1977 Precision in for some TLC from a "luthier". He told me to ditch the steels, as it was wearing out my frets. I'm pretty sure he said something about they are great if you have stainless frets.... It was a while back, and I switched all of my basses to Nickel - which I found were fine, as long as I changed them fairly regularly (Ernie ball hybrid slinky). I like a bright sound and play mostly with a pick. I should add, that maybe he said that because the bass was otherwise 100% original, and the lacquer on the fret board may have been compromised with a re-fret.
  6. Sorry - I read the add again, which says white!
  7. Thank you - always nice to get some positive feedback!! Cheers
  8. Hi Chaps A lockdown recording with Bass and Drums recorded in the UK (before the latest lockdown), Guitar in Spain , Keys in New York and Vocals in Rhodes (using a drone for the video footage!). I did the video editing (PowerDirector) and audio mixing (Cubase) - and played the bass. Anyone who knows this song knows about the bonkers bass solo! Great fun! Oh, and bass was directly into Cubase (via a usb mixer) directly out from a Sansamp Bass DI.
  9. https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B01KFTCCKQ/ref=dp_prsubs_1 Something like this! Hope the link works - there's a silver one on that page too - which is for the bigger style mic stand thread. - This one - https://www.amazon.co.uk/ChromLives-Adapter-Microphone-Screw1-Monitor/dp/B07F72NKT5/ref=psdc_1104576_t1_B01KFTCCKQ
  10. Yes - the audio from those cheap copies is dreadful - I've never known it to be usable - however, somehow the software can still use it to sync to an audio track (like from a little tascam digital recorder) - and there you go! Good sound quality from a £23 camera! If you ever get a "proper" go-pro, the audio can be pretty decent - it's got quite a decent sort of compression to it. The audio on this one is all just from a single go-pro....and the edits are all from the one camera (back in the day!)
  11. Yeah man - it's all rock n roll! My first videos were used literally with just one Go-pro - and I used to zoom and over layer etc. As time goes on, I've got more cameras, and some cool little brass adapters that turn mic stands into tripods...- very handy for a gig situation! It's more about a bit of video to accompany the sound track for me! I've also got a Tascam audio recorder which is handy - for better audio than a camera can give. Useful at times!
  12. I always set the go-pros to 1080 and 30 fps. Just picked up an extra from Amazon today (not a genuine go-pro) - with all the accessories for £23!! (Crosstour)
  13. Hi chaps. Just seen this topic - and I'm probably a bit late to the table. I've been making all of my videos using Sony Cyberlink Power Director. I think I paid about £45 to it. For gigs we normally use 4 or 5 "gopro" style cameras, and maybe a roving camcorder. For lockdown videos the band has just used reasonable quality mobile phones! Whatever the case, the nice thing about the software is that if you use a Wav file for your audio track (off the mixing desk or whatever) then the software will usually sync the camera shot to the music (even if the camera has recorded a terribly loud distorted sound). I've found it really useful and it speeds things up a lot. With regards computers, at the beginning of lockdown I treated myself to a 2nd hand PC from a company that specializes in stripping out offices etc. I got a pc with 128gb of RAM, and dedicated graphics card with 4 monitor outputs, a 1TB SSD, and 1TB bog standard drive, along with two 22 inch monitors for £900. It has made video editing a breeze! (well - a lot quicker anyway!). It had some fancy quad core processor too. An example of a "lockdown" video using mobile phones is here - and a gig, using go-pros etc here: Hope that's helpful.....
  14. Cheers! At first, when I played it back it sounded dreadful!! Some serious EQ was required to get rid of some of the boominess (is that a word?) that 7 basses can make 😀.
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