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  1. Big Singles, it sounds massive!
  2. This Lâkland thread was about to disappear off the first page & we can't have that can we!
  3. I did exactly what you're asking to a Lâkland, the difference is night & day even with the original pre-amp. I went for Big Singles for the super jazz sound & it worked, it's now strung with flats & still sounds amazing!
  4. Anything that improves your ear! You're welcome 😂
  5. I'll give them a call when I'm back off holiday!
  6. Damn! That price is a tad rich for my liking though 😎
  7. Early 614, natural always was my favourite finish on the BB's, if a 615 ever comes up for sale in natural I'll be all over it!
  8. This was the "one that got away", absolutely beautiful to play & once belonged to @Machines many years ago!
  9. There is a string through option I believe but I wasn't aware of it at the time. I quite like the quick release.
  10. This probably doesn't help you but there's a guy near me who had a market stall doing shoe repairs/key cutting & the like, he has a CNC machine & will do anything! Might be worth a trip to your local markets!
  11. Hundred quid or so! Worth shopping around!
  12. Body was dipped & lacquered by a company called Hydrodip Designs in Weston Super Mare & the neck was lacquered by Jamie Davey. https://jdaveyguitars.com http://hydrodip-designs.co.uk The fretboard dye & wiring was done by me.
  13. 😂 Sorry, I don't suppose they're that bad, I just prefer the flexibility the VVT arrangement gives it! I originally wanted a pan knob but I already had another volume pot so used that, if a P-retro pops up on the sale boards I might give that a go 😁
  14. No worries, it gets that reaction quite a lot! I bought it cheap when they were end of line, think I paid £220 brand new so thought I'd use it as a platform for mods. The graphics are hydro-dipped, neck lacquered & fretboard dyed, bridge replaced & wired VVT to get rid of the awful pickup switch. Do you wanna see her backside?
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