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  1. Look at this Yamaha Bass everyone! Oh wait I'm in the wrong thread 🤦
  2. I bought several meters of 2x4mm cable & plugs from that well known German shop & made my own. Bombproof & just as robust as my OBBM ones.
  3. Not sure if it's of any use but I have a non musicman 4H in Matte Black you could butcher if you want it. Suppose it depends if the bridge pickup is in the same position 🤔
  4. Both of mine (black & white) are original musicman ones, not at all cheap but a perfect fit & they're not thin either which I like. Edited for crap spelling 🤦
  5. I have both, stuck some big singles in the 01 & it's ridiculous, like a jazz on acid. But it's not light. My 02 is completely standard & my main gig squeeze, also the lightest bass I've ever played.
  6. Single ply Matte Black would look ace! 😉
  7. Yep, matte black or matte white depending on the mood! Still a lovely bass mate!
  8. Playing mine a lot lately & it's been a while since I posted a picture. 09 three band with a high gloss tint neck & wearing white trimmings!
  9. Have you looked into Hydro-dip? Here's mine.....
  10. They're great & can be a one cab .solution for lots of gigs. I have two of them, use them either with my Shuttle 9.2 or a Little Mark ii. They've always fitted the bill for pubs & clubs & anything bigger would be through the PA anyway. Sound quality is great & they like to be pushed with the 9.2 but I usually get told to turn down. I'll put it this way, at one time I had one Focus & a Berg 1/12, the Berg was replaced with the second Focus. I still have both! (Debadged for a more subtle look)
  11. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
  12. What Higgie said, it all depends on what cord is being implied/played at the point the E is being played as to what function it serves & how to identify it. If it's not the root it'll generally create some feeling of dissonance/tension within the harmony.
  13. Always an option to drop another pot in & go VVT, that's what I did with my 425 & I'm happy with the results!
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