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  1. They're not cheap Andy. I priced them up years ago, if I remember right it wasn't much change from two hundred quid for both. Still have Yamaha UK's number in my phone if you want it.
  2. The two that got away. Really wish I hadn't let them go, both exceptional instruments.
  3. I bought mine new & if I remember correctly Guitar Guitar only had black & sunburst at the time. They have a few others now tho.
  4. Agreed, I avoided them on the Stingray for some daft reason but they do work really well & feel great!
  5. Stunning collection & I have to agree with Reggae, that white one is gorgeous!
  6. Anyone else using flats on their Ray? I recently strung mine with Cobalt's & I'm really enjoying it!
  7. Thanks Chris, I couldn't cite it but I do remember him saying it somewhere. Both of my Skyline's are brilliant instruments but they are the only Lakland experience I have so I'm sure there may be less than perfect examples out there.
  8. Out of curiosity Si, how do the US&A models compare to Skyline's? I've never had the pleasure of an American one but I'm sure Dan Lakin once said somewhere on internet land that if someone's not too fussed about figured woods & fancy colours "buy a skyline". Testiment to the quality of his brand I'd say.
  9. That is sweet! If it had an extra string I might be all over it! There's a nice purple 55=02 in Guitar Guitar at the minute with the ebony board. I keep looking at it but always talk myself out of it.
  10. Did someone say Cream? With Big Singles? You won't be disappointed!
  11. Totally agree, unfortunately tho it's only ever fretless ebony Laklands I see on sale here.
  12. I'm in, I have two Skyline's & if one of these with the ebony board ever turns up on the UK market I'll have three 😁
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