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  1. Also have a look at the Hipshot Vintage, not sure about the 435 but it was a direct replacement for my 425.
  2. I have two Laklánd basses, the 5502 & a 5501, the necks & the way they feel are identical really with the only differences being the weight & the fact that one has flats & one has rounds. When the 5502 arrived (internet purchase) I thought it must be an error as the box felt too light to be a bass, I'll weigh it one day to see how light it actually is. The 5501 on the other hand is heavy but balances nicely. I bought them both around the same time & was playing a Yamaha BB before that weighs as much as a small hippo.
  3. Not high end or boutique because I'm not really into that but my fave is my Skyline 55-02. I didn't get why weight was an issue for so many players until I played this, it was like a lightbulb moment. It's ridiculously light with a great neck & frets & no real dead spots. Great tone & harmonically rich, a proper workhorse!
  4. Transcribe (7 String), while it's not free it is a lifetime subscription & there's so much you can do with it. https://www.seventhstring.com/xscribe/overview.html
  5. Hipshot Vintage will go straight on (18mm spacing) & suits the contours quite nicely!
  6. Hi Al, I didn't in the end, purely based on the fact that I'd be buying it just to look at (much prefer 35’s these days). As I said the price was a bit on the high side for me & I've embarked on another project that involves a Laklánd Skyline & some vinyl wrap! Watch this space!
  7. They were from a wholesaler that I found on the internet, I can't remember exactly who they were but as @AndyTravis said they're similar to the TRB ones & that was the look I wanted. & You're absolutely right it's a Gotoh 201.
  8. Big Singles, it sounds massive!
  9. This Lâkland thread was about to disappear off the first page & we can't have that can we!
  10. I did exactly what you're asking to a Lâkland, the difference is night & day even with the original pre-amp. I went for Big Singles for the super jazz sound & it worked, it's now strung with flats & still sounds amazing!
  11. Anything that improves your ear! You're welcome 😂
  12. I'll give them a call when I'm back off holiday!
  13. Damn! That price is a tad rich for my liking though 😎
  14. Early 614, natural always was my favourite finish on the BB's, if a 615 ever comes up for sale in natural I'll be all over it!
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