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    Figured Bubinga top Swamp ash body one piece Maple bubinga neck 5 pieces Madagascar rosewood board 18mm 34,5 skale 4,4 kilo Perfect condition, killer sound, very good balanced With original fbass soft case 3500£ or 3880euro shipping included
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    We get that quite a lot here - a good example is the owner of Grossman basses who insisted every bass he sold was ‘his own’ and ‘nothing to do with the company’ 😂
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    Weekend bump, no love for the best Aguilar Head IMHO ? Any sensible offers considered 😎
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    Just my opinion....... If you buy a pre-slotted fretboard, the board is generally not radiused and the fret slots will be a uniform depth. Many luthiers will use a specialist, thin circular saw to cut the slots and home builders often use the StewMac fret slotting jig, again both of these cut a slot parallel to the bottom of the fretboard and therefore when the frets are fitted, there will be a small gap behind the fret when fitted. You can get a guide that fits to a fretsaw to control the depth of cut. If you were slotting a radiused board then this would give you a slot that follows the radius. Does it make any difference? I have seen a website for a boutique builder (can't remember who) that claims these voids cold be heard but I tend to be a little sceptical and wonder if it did, could the vast majority of us notice and why do we always assume things like this have a negative impact. When a fret is fitted it is the bottom of the fret that is the contact area with the fretboard, the tang with it barbs is there to prevent the fret from coming out. Some folk will glue frets in that might fill this void, some don't. I think getting the slots in the right place as not to affect intonation is probably the most important thing and what we would notice if it wasn't correct. That's where accurate jigs like this come in. As say, just my opinion!!!
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    Swords of a thousand men , Tenpole Tudor A stomping 2 minuter that really does bring the house down
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    You’re one more stupid post away from a ban so be very careful or leave. Thanks.
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    For or for trade this STINGRAY SR 4 1991; Great sound and condition. The neck is Birdeye. Some scratches and the elec is fine.
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    I see the word "gorgeous" in a title related to basses and wonder which bit they've decided to cut off this time. Each to their own.
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    Hello Sells Fender JB Custom Shop Arctic White from 10/10/2013 This bass is really what you would expect from the Custom Shop .. it is equipped with a John East J-Retro 01 Deluxe preamp and a Leo Quann BadAss lll bridge which suit it wonderfully - Video link (filmed with phone, sorry) https://youtu.be/YBYgLgQpL2Y ( flat eq ) 2-piece ash body Birdseye AA maple neck 21 frets Matching Headstock Custom Shop Pickups John East J-Retro 01 Deluxe Preamp : https://www.east-uk.com/product/j-retro-01-deluxe/ Leo Quann BadAss lll Bridge Case Custom Shop Certificate of authenticity
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    Another day another of my Precision Basses for sale! This time a nice 2010 US made Precision in sunburst with a maple board. This is a beautiful instrument and although well gigged it is in excellent playing and very good cosmetic condition and comes with the original but rather battered case (does the job though). The bass sounds and plays superbly, frets are excellent and the neck is straight with lots of adjustment at the trussrod. It has the through body/top load bridge and the light weight modern tuners. It weighs just over 4kgs so nice and light for long gigs. The bass has some minor scuffs and blemishes - there is a ding and a dent at the back of the neck but fortunately these aren’t a problem when playing. I’m not looking for trades - I’m trying to thin out my collection as I currently own five Precision basses including this one and the black one recently sold. This is a classic modern Precision. UK only sorry - I prefer pickup but will post at buyers cost if absolutely necessary.
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    Now sold!! Up for very reluctant sale is my gorgeous Sandberg California TT4 Passive, finished in a really deep Natural Highgloss (which highlights the lovely grain on the swamp ash body) with Rosewood fretboard and Whitepearl Blocks, and weighing in at a very lightweight 7lb 1.9oz!! This bass has barely left the house since purchase from Kytary in December 2018. I actually used it for the first time in the studio just a few weeks back (it sounded awesome and even drew compliments from our drummer!), so is in pretty much mint condition. The only marks I can find are on the top of the headstock (please see pic) and some light swirling on the scratchplate. I've had some work done on it by The Bass Gallery in Camden, basically I felt the neck was a little fat, so I had them shave a couple of mm off the shoulders and completely remove the satin varnish, so it now feels and plays just like my other Bergs. Other than that, it's completely stock. Sandberg have confirmed the date of manufacture as 30th April 2018 and also shared the spec code (see below). I'm assuming the pickups are Sandbergs own, but can't read the code well enough to know for sure, prehaps any Sandberg buffs will be able to advise? Either way, it sounded awesome in the mix, really balanced tone throughout the range and cut through no problem. Code: CANT1-TT:S-SPS-4S-34-HG-NT-SWP-NOT-RWF-F-WB-NOM-CRH-CLT-PS-BP-X-RH I really don't want to sell this bass, but a new venture needs funding so this (and my car!) have to go. Comes in its Sandberg gig bag. Please contact me to discuss shipping, collection in person from BN22 is much preferred. Payment by BACs is preferable. Thanks for looking!
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    I made the same choice... well it was no contest really, PIL all the way. When Metal Box was released on vinyl it was 2*33, so I guess it qualifies for this thread. The Clash and John Lydon both decided to progress from punk, but did it in two different ways. London's Calling sounded like the past, Metal Box sounded like the future.
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    But they remind us mortals that what might not sound great solo’d can sound amazing in the mix
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    Thanks Jon. Yes & the higher price reflects that it includes "free" courier deliver & of course FeeBay & PainPal charges. Had a couple of guys email me with proper questions, so it might go there, certainly plenty of watchers for only one day up.
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    Had 22 at one stage! Then divorce............
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    My interest in the Clash disappeared between the release of the London Calling single - both sides of which are great - and the London Calling album which IMO is terrible apart form the title track and "Lost In The Supermarket".
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    Thats the point though - all couriers can be and have been unreliable at one point or another. You'll find rants about every courier known to man on this forum, so what do you do ...never ever send another parcel ? The trouble is, humans are involved. They/we make mistakes and will do for the rest of time. Sometimes as uk lefty says, its the sytem that breaks down rather than human cok ups.. Doesnt help anyone in that situation, but its not going to stop
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    Very nice Karl and at that price a super bargain. I can vouch for the quality of gear you pass on. If i was looking for a new bass i would be down for a cuppa now that you're a bit closer to me GLWTS should go soon now that Xmas is coming soon. XMAS SPECIAL maybe Dave
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    In case anyone was wondering, I have just fitted a set of Elixir Nanoweb nickel-plated 45-100 strings to my ‘63 RI Precision. So far I am very pleased.
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    I have the same Thomann DI box. Whilst it does have a speaker setting, I'd be a bit scared of something that cheap with such high voltage. Countryman Type 85 is the answer.
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    They say beauty is in the eye of the beholder. In this case I think it can only be in the hands of the blind.
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    Just reviewed this stunningly presented 4P-51 over on my YouTube channel. Mike
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    There’s obviously a high level of craft there...just not design... Although, some will love it I’m sure.
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    I ordered a MIDI bass guitar last October with a build time of “6-12 months”... with the Covid situation, there has been a bit of a delay but I am told by the builder that it should be ready by the end of next month. In anticipation of that, I have bought a Roland JV-1010 sound module on e-bay yesterday, and I hope to eventually fit that to my pedal-board.
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    Great condition no rips, scuffs, tears, knocks, dents, due to being housed in the Aguilar Headcase and the official Aguilar cover (which I personally bought when visiting the Aguilar Artists Loft in New York to see Gerald Veasley) and these extras are included in the bargain price!!!! Happy to meet halfway with a buyer or feel free to collect from near York, I think courier may be cost prohibitive but would be at buyers expense and risk. Only available as I have moved to a Noble Preamp and IEM ready for the current madness to disappear. Possible P/Ex with AG700 or TH700/500 + Cash for anyone looking to upgrade to the ultimate tone monster.
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    What a nice chap do you fancy sending me a pm with how much you want for it 👍
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    We do a rocked up version of that one. That's when I realised the singer sounded like Bolan, heh! Heh!
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    I was lucky enough to see them play a few times with Morrow, not only is it hard playing like that with a pick but how an earth he did it throwing himself all over the place like he did I don’t know. Mind you thankfully he set the bar extremely high for the subsequent bass players in NMA who have all been excellent, but none as unique as Stuart Morrow.
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    The above 2 tracks are from the No Rest For The Wicked album, as @JohnnyBGood says has some fantastic plectrum (as they were called when I were a lad) playing. The tone and the style used on the album is clearly influenced by JJ Brunel, but with its own slant. It's a sublime album, one of my all time favourites. The follow up album, The Ghost of Cain, after Stuart Morrow had left felt empty without his playing. Some great playing there too, Johnny.
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    I reported the jazzmaster on that listing yesterday. Didn't check at the time to see the other listings. I'm surprised ebay took so long. Maybe they only investigate if they get several reports.
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    Oh come on, 20 minutes in and nobody has mentioned Tales Of Topographic Oceans? Biggest fail in the history of prog, and that's a much coveted title.
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    Mustang..... [/running for cover]
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    Hospital - The Lemonheads The Air That I Breathe - The Hollies (sorry, bit dark that one...) Bleach (album) - Nirvana
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    I don't mind it at all. Neither do I mind that you do mind it.
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    It's an indicator of difference. As I said above, if a £77 first time kit build bass sustains longer than a respected £950 bass it's clearly not a direct relationship between quality and sustain.
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    Others may not have a need for sustain and might be wondering why anyone would think it is a good idea, but I've needed long notes in slow songs where I wanted them to sound strong for the duration. For sustain read slow decay. 2 bars was just an example, I've had basses that would struggle to be heard after 1 bar because the note died away too quickly. Long sustain might not be a regular requirement but as I said, a bass that can sustain well usually sounds great on the short notes too. I had to play Boys Of Summer in a band and I was happy my bass held those long notes, with a good tone, for most of the 4 bars. Most players won't notice what levels of sustain they have, which is fine. I just disagree with people who don't need it telling me I don't either!!
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    No one needs sustain, until you do. What do you do for the other bar and a half when you're asked to play a song where a note that should hang on for 2 bars dies out in 2 beats? My take is that a good sustain is sign of a well made bass. IME a bass that sustains well is going to sound better on all the notes, even the short ones. Using sustain is another useful technique. A bass that leaves me hanging for that bar and a half is no use to me.
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    Isn't this part of the HF rejection circut? http://www.valvewizard.co.uk/gridstopper.html
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    Spector 4 String 40th Anniversary - £1450 shipped Mainland UK in a Flightcase. Very good overall condition – just one small scuff near the jack socket is all I can see that is worth mentioning. The Spector Euro Bass 40th Anniversary is the ultimate live and studio bass with powerful EMG pickups and an all Maple body for maximum resonance. Limited Edition - of 40 I believe. This Euro is slightly different to the usual ones in that the wings are solid maple, not maple/alder. So on a par with the US NS2 and older non-LX Euro's. It's also got the 40th inlay at the 12th. Separate battery compartment Specifications · Body: Maple · Top: Quilt Maple / Flamed Maple · Neck:3-Piece Maple · Neck Construction: Graphite Reinforced · Fingerboard: Rosewood · Frets: 24 · Scale Length: 34" · Radius: 16" · Neck Inlays: SPECTOR Crown · Circuit Type: 9-Volt Active · Bridge Pickup: EMG J · Neck Pickup: EMG P · Pickup Type: Active
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    This is going to our 'Basschat's Famous Quotes' thread..!
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    When there is an effective vaccine and / or a non-traumatic treatment that prevents the lung damage / cognitive issues / kidney problems.

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