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  1. Yes, condolences on the passing of your dad. I used to have an unlined fretless version of one of these in red. Bought in Musical Exchanges in Birmingham in the early nineties when I lived there. Normally it would be tuned an octave below the tuning of an electric guitar but I tuned mine down to that of a six string bass. In fact at one point I had it tuned AEADGC - that low A did get a bit floppy. What I remember of it was the quality of the neck - very solid and stable. Beefy but too outrageous in its dimensions. Pickup was quite powerful too. Due to the Hooky connection and because it is fretted, you should get a pretty decent price for it should you wish to sell. Have you considered selling on Basschat to begin with ? Good luck with sale…….
  2. I’m aware of both Om’s - one jazz (Cerberus) and the other metal. Like them both. Just to confuse things further there is a great fusion outfit called Ohm - whose bass player has been influenced more than a bit by Percy Jones. The album is “Amino Acid Flashback”
  3. Do They Hurt? - Brand X Hubbard’s Cupboard - Joe Hubbard The Other Side - The Fents (Laurence Cottle) Mistura Fina - John Patitucci Cerberus - Om (Bobby Burri) Sheik Yerbouti - Frank Zappa Studio Herald - Steve Hillage (John McKenzie) - On Live Herald (vinyl) or Open (CD)
  4. dmz


    Andy bought a Schroeder 1212L cab from me. Sale was super smooth and he was a star to deal with. I hope he’ll send me some photos of his Shuker “P-basses” ! 😊
  5. Bought ACG Border Reiver bass from Ben. Transaction was super smooth and Ben was a credit to the BC forum. Great to meet up and have a chat about basses ! All the best Ben !
  6. Not an original composition but Lordy isn’t Chris’s tone and playing off the scale good on this track. Wonder if it’s his 21 fretter Rick on here ? Steve Howes’ playing not too shabby either - well worth a listen. Play LOUD ☺️
  7. Maybe Ned and Rob at Status could get together and make a graphite Radius Bass there could be an all graphite version or one with just a graphite neck - they would sing no ?
  8. I’d like to say - Not good enough - See Me ! by Brand X from their Product album - way to go Percy ! No, it was Love Hurts (cover) from the Nazareth Greatest Hits album - history teacher wrote out all the notes with the lyrics - bought his Fender Musicmaster (Olympic White, rosewood board). £100 in 1980 ☺️ Migrated to the Stranglers soon thereafter...........
  9. dmz

    foxyFuze feedback

    Just bought a bridge from Al - great comms and super fast delivery. Pleasure to deal with 👍👍
  10. Oh jeez - shouldn’t be looking at threads like this when you are trying to thin the herd 😜
  11. Brilliant I have a friend (drummer 🙄) who still takes these kind of vids seriously. Wot - no Manowar so far ?
  12. I’m OK ped - I believe yer man got more civilised afterwards - things tend to look bigger when you take a close-up photo of them ☺️
  13. Any surf shops near Leicester ? 😊 Interesting - re the easy repair - I’ll look into it 👍
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