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  1. I’d like to say - Not good enough - See Me ! by Brand X from their Product album - way to go Percy ! No, it was Love Hurts (cover) from the Nazareth Greatest Hits album - history teacher wrote out all the notes with the lyrics - bought his Fender Musicmaster (Olympic White, rosewood board). £100 in 1980 ☺️ Migrated to the Stranglers soon thereafter...........
  2. dmz

    foxyFuze feedback

    Just bought a bridge from Al - great comms and super fast delivery. Pleasure to deal with 👍👍
  3. Oh jeez - shouldn’t be looking at threads like this when you are trying to thin the herd 😜
  4. Brilliant I have a friend (drummer 🙄) who still takes these kind of vids seriously. Wot - no Manowar so far ?
  5. Cool - let me know how you get on.......
  6. I’m OK ped - I believe yer man got more civilised afterwards - things tend to look bigger when you take a close-up photo of them ☺️
  7. Any surf shops near Leicester ? 😊 Interesting - re the easy repair - I’ll look into it 👍
  8. Yes - is a chip - measures 14mm by 8mm and is 1 - 1.5mm deep. Purely cosmetic - has no effect on the playability or stability of the neck. Some people might call it mojo.......
  9. dmz

    Feedback for BassBod

    Duncan bought my CIJ P-Bass with Darkstars - sale went super smooth and he was a pleasure to deal with every step of the way. Wouldn’t hesitate to do business again with him again. All the best Bill
  10. A lovely Jazz - Neck plays beautifully and has some nice figuring on the rosewood board too. If I didn’t have too many basses this would be in my stash. Neil is a top bloke to deal with too. Good luck with the sale dude ☺️
  11. Up for sale is a Crafted in Japan P-Bass. The model number is PB70B-87US. Imported new from Japan via an e-bay seller in 2005 - loved the “Geddy Lee Precision Bass” vibe going on. In 2006 decided to get it equipped with a pair of Fred Hammon Dark Star pickups. Work was done by Martin Petersen at the Bass Gallery who also installed a Badass II bridge. Is currently strung with a set of DR Low Rider nickel 40-100’s Neck is a “B” profile so between that of a Jazz and a Precision - nut width being 41mm. Dual-concentric volume and tone for each pickup. Weight is 4.3kg Not a bass for shy and retiring types - sound is huge with great sensitivity to dynamics. Sounds fab with flats as well as roundwounds. Is in great shape with no major dings or scrapes. Comes with a Fender gig bag so would prefer pickup or we could meet halfway if not too distant. In light of a recent house move I could box up and wrap with loads of bubblewrap - have tons of the stuff left over......but that would be at buyers risk. Not far from J23a M4. I just know I’m going to regret selling this one........
  12. dmz

    Feedback for Josie

    Josie bought my Ibanez SRFF806 fan fret 6-string bass. Transaction was super smooth and Josie was excellent to deal with throughout. A credit to the forum ! Hope you and bass get along 😊
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