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  1. Bought ACG Border Reiver bass from Ben. Transaction was super smooth and Ben was a credit to the BC forum. Great to meet up and have a chat about basses ! All the best Ben !
  2. Not an original composition but Lordy isn’t Chris’s tone and playing off the scale good on this track. Wonder if it’s his 21 fretter Rick on here ? Steve Howes’ playing not too shabby either - well worth a listen. Play LOUD ☺️
  3. Maybe Ned and Rob at Status could get together and make a graphite Radius Bass there could be an all graphite version or one with just a graphite neck - they would sing no ?
  4. I’d like to say - Not good enough - See Me ! by Brand X from their Product album - way to go Percy ! No, it was Love Hurts (cover) from the Nazareth Greatest Hits album - history teacher wrote out all the notes with the lyrics - bought his Fender Musicmaster (Olympic White, rosewood board). £100 in 1980 ☺️ Migrated to the Stranglers soon thereafter...........
  5. dmz

    foxyFuze feedback

    Just bought a bridge from Al - great comms and super fast delivery. Pleasure to deal with 👍👍
  6. Oh jeez - shouldn’t be looking at threads like this when you are trying to thin the herd 😜
  7. Brilliant I have a friend (drummer 🙄) who still takes these kind of vids seriously. Wot - no Manowar so far ?
  8. I’m OK ped - I believe yer man got more civilised afterwards - things tend to look bigger when you take a close-up photo of them ☺️
  9. Any surf shops near Leicester ? 😊 Interesting - re the easy repair - I’ll look into it 👍
  10. Yes - is a chip - measures 14mm by 8mm and is 1 - 1.5mm deep. Purely cosmetic - has no effect on the playability or stability of the neck. Some people might call it mojo.......
  11. dmz

    Feedback for BassBod

    Duncan bought my CIJ P-Bass with Darkstars - sale went super smooth and he was a pleasure to deal with every step of the way. Wouldn’t hesitate to do business again with him again. All the best Bill
  12. A lovely Jazz - Neck plays beautifully and has some nice figuring on the rosewood board too. If I didn’t have too many basses this would be in my stash. Neil is a top bloke to deal with too. Good luck with the sale dude ☺️
  13. Up for sale is a Crafted in Japan P-Bass. The model number is PB70B-87US. Imported new from Japan via an e-bay seller in 2005 - loved the “Geddy Lee Precision Bass” vibe going on. In 2006 decided to get it equipped with a pair of Fred Hammon Dark Star pickups. Work was done by Martin Petersen at the Bass Gallery who also installed a Badass II bridge. Is currently strung with a set of DR Low Rider nickel 40-100’s Neck is a “B” profile so between that of a Jazz and a Precision - nut width being 41mm. Dual-concentric volume and tone for each pickup. Weight is 4.3kg Not a bass for shy and retiring types - sound is huge with great sensitivity to dynamics. Sounds fab with flats as well as roundwounds. Is in great shape with no major dings or scrapes. Comes with a Fender gig bag so would prefer pickup or we could meet halfway if not too distant. In light of a recent house move I could box up and wrap with loads of bubblewrap - have tons of the stuff left over......but that would be at buyers risk. Not far from J23a M4. I just know I’m going to regret selling this one........
  14. dmz

    Feedback for Josie

    Josie bought my Ibanez SRFF806 fan fret 6-string bass. Transaction was super smooth and Josie was excellent to deal with throughout. A credit to the forum ! Hope you and bass get along 😊
  15. Withdrawn now - have decided to keep neck for another project. Ash body was obtained from Edenhaus in the States and is lacquered with satin poly. Neck is from Status Graphite and is equipped with Hipshot Ultralite tuners. The neck has a “B” profile so halfway between a Jazz and a Precision neck with regard to nut width (41mm). Pickups are DiMarzio Ultra Jazz and bridge is a Badass 3 that allows for through body or more traditional attachment. Controls are dual concentric for bass and tone (passive). I got Martin Petersen at the Bass Gallery to put all the bits together and as you can see he did a great job. Bass is in great shape although I have pointed out in the photos a couple of dings (bloody cat 🤨). Strung with Status half grounds it does sound as good as it looks. Weight is 3.9kg. Comes with gig bag so would prefer collection or meeting up to hand over. Happy to ship but at buyers expense and risk. Could remove neck from body and box up well wrapped. Have tons of bubble wrap from house move. No trades I’m afraid as a house move means cash or a BACS bank transfer. I’m just off J23a of the M4 near Newport in South Wales
  16. It’s been quite a while since I’ve posted - always lurking mind ! A house move is making necessary the moving on of some basses from the herd. Up for sale here is an Ibanez SRFF 806 six string bass. Bought used from Bass Direct in October 2017 it is in as new condition. Comes with original Ibanez hard shell case. Happy to ship via courier at buyers expense - can box up no problem. Also happy for buyer to pick up from me - just off J23a of M4. Happy to meet halfway of not too big a commute. Sale only - no trades please. Cash or BACS bank transfer Any questions, please get in touch.
  17. http://www.notreble.com/buzz/2018/02/04/rickenbacker-unveils-the-2018-4003s-5-5-string-bass/ Wow - those pickups 😧 Someone bring out some slightly bigger toasters please 🙏 The thought of one tuned E-C is appealing mind - fireglow or black.......
  18. Bought a 66 Slab P-bass replica from Ben - sale went very smoothly with great comms along the way - a pleasure to deal with and would have no hesitation in recommending him to the Basschat crowd.
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