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  1. Don't do it Owen... you know you'll regret it ... if it's anything near as good as your previous one that you sold me it's a GREAT instrument. Still lovin' it. Yep, heavy, but just a sublime sound top to bottom. GLWTS!
  2. Selling my GALLIEN KRUEGER GK FUSION 550 Hybrid TUBE BASS HEAD AMP in excellent condition. This is an exceptional piece of audio electronics engineering for Bass. A hybrid Tube/Transformer amp with refined HUMPH. 500Watts at 4 Ohms plus a separate 50W tweeter amp with it's own volume control so when paired with GK Neo range (or a cab wired for bi-amping) you can adjust the tweeter level direct from the amp. (The amp functions as normal with no separate tweeter control with a normal Cab and sounds just as awesome). Gallien Krueger at their very best in my opinion. If you have ever experienced the RB Gallien Krueger line and been impressed - this is on the next level. A few marks photographed on top and bottom otherwise very clean ... AND WHAT A SOUND!!! And ... if anyone is looking for a ridiculously over -the-top bedroom practice amp then this one is for YOU - The cooling fans are the quietest I've come across (a far cry from the hovercraft fans we are used to putting up with) and, together with the super warm 'deep' (bass boost) tog switch and the contour control, makes quiet practice a pleasure! "The Fusion 550 incorporates a unique six stage tube preamp using three tubes paired with the same high current analog power amp utilized in our RB Series. The rich warmth of tubes combined with the quick, punchy power section that GK bass amps are known for is an experience like no other. In addition, GK takes the next step in innovation by adding motorized controls which allow you to store two different settings that can be recalled via a footswitch." Will be delivered by UPS Standard at cost or collection/trial welcomed.
  3. Price reduction for a really excellent filter (x2) Happy Christmas everyone !
  4. Bill bought a cab from me. Super straight ahead ... great guy! As above ... no messin'. Recommended.
  5. The affordable, great sounding Digitech staple ... Super clean condition ... Nuff said ...
  6. Xotic Robotalk 2 in perfect condition, boxed, up for grabs. Really excellent sounding envelope ... times two .... two envelopes in one pedal. Nice demo here: Nice guitar sample from Jack Zucker here: And back to bass here ... ... starting to change my mind already ... Would make someone's Christmas day... Post at cost ...
  7. Barefaced Super Compact up for sale. 600 Watts 8Ohm Perfect Condition. Lift with one finger - incredible!
  8. The pverbial D'sB's! Up to 1600watts ... but can run sweetly off 50watts ... Just 22.5kgs. 30-22khz 4ohm Perfect condition ... barely been out of first gear. Cover included.
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