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  1. Can I again say a huge thank you to Rich and Andy and Andy’s son for the help in getting this to me. I can’t say thank you enough to all of you. Jon
  2. Don’t suppose you have any idea of wright do you please? Thanks Jon
  3. You have no idea how much I am looking forward to getting this. Thanks again to both of you, I am so, so, so grateful Jon
  4. @andyonbass& @Richdo you want me to sort it all out between you two or will you sort it out between you? I am happy to do it however there is less chance of a pink torpedo up in communication if there is only 2 people involved rather than 3. Thanks again both of you. I am incredibly grateful. If I can do anything for either of you I am happy to do it. If either of you want any cash for your troubles please tell me Again I am so grateful Jon
  5. Thank you. If I sort it out for you to collect it and I pay for it and all that would you mind collecting it and handing it on to Rich please? Thank you Jon
  6. Thanks for that offer Rich, I am really grateful Jon
  7. There is a guitar for sale in Bracknell that I have been after for a while. There is no way that I can collect it, I can’t drive anymore in fact I couldn’t even sit in a car for that length of time anymore. This is a real shot in the dark but I don’t suppose there is anyone on here that travels from Bracknell to Weston super Mare who would be prepared to collect it for me and then drop it off for me? I would happily pay someone for their trouble. The guy selling it has had problems with couriers in the past and won’t entertain shipping it unfortunately. If anyone can help in any way I would be really grateful. It is only a cheap guitar (£100) but it will be good enough for me plus not being able to work anymore means money is really in short supply anyway. Thanks Jon
  8. Thanks. A lot of work left to do but I’m happy with the start. Just don’t know what I will do with them. Might sell them and donate the money to Joes charity
  9. Over the last few months I have been busy with a side project. I have always wanted to build the 3 Joe Strummer Telecasters (one is an Esquire to be precise) and I have now made enough progress to start showing them off a bit. The bodies need some relic work and I may change the bridge on the black one to a 3 saddle one. No idea what I will do with them when they are finished though. Jon
  10. End of March is fine. Hopefully you will sell it anyway. Take care and stay safe Jon
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