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  1. https://www.justgiving.com/fundraising/jon-vinton Late last year my amazing Mum was diagnosed with breast cancer. Because of the coronavirus pandemic she had to face much of the treatment alone especially when undergoing chemotherapy as the risk of any kind of infection was a serious issue. She has been incredibly brave. After 9 months of surgery, chemotherapy and radiotherapy we are all hoping she is going to make a full recovery, thanks to our amazing National Health Service and its wonderful staff who even during the pandemic gave Mum the best treatment possible, something I will never be able to thank them enough for. Much to my loving Wife’s disgust I am planning to have a pink Mohican for a few months, as a 56 year old bloke I think you can all agree it will look stunning to say the least. At least my Grandaughters will like it 🤣🤣🤣 Those of you who know me know my useless body doesn’t allow me to do anything even remotely physical, I barely leave the house if I am honest, so this is the best idea I could come up with I am trying to raise money for cancer research so that hopefully one day all of us will be safe from cancer, a disease that is becoming more survivable by the year in no small part due to the work carried out due to donations to Cancer Research UK Any donations are appreciated big or small. I will be growing the Mohican for a while as I have pretty short hair and I’m hoping to dye it around the 15th of November Thanks Noj
  2. Great guy to deal with. Would deal with again anytime Jon
  3. Really great bloke. Donated a LOT of stuff to me to do up and give away to clubs and schools and other charitable causes. Jon
  4. Got to say a huge thank you to @alyctes who has just dropped off so much stuff for me to pass on to schools and clubs. I just can’t say thank you enough Jon
  5. It’s a standard Fender 63mm heel and you could put a 20 or 21 fret neck on it but I had a 20 fret on it as that is it’s intended use. Hope that helps Jon
  6. I have just finished this one, it’s mine for a change. It’s an American Ash body with a @KiOgon loom and a Seymour Duncan quarter pounder pickup. In time I will probably change the neck but it will do for the moment. It’s finished in Aged Olympic White nitrocellulose and looks pretty good I think. I’m happy anyway Jon
  7. Yes it is. Sorry I should have said that. It’s a current run Squier Classic vibe 70’s neck Jon
  8. Squier Classic Vibe 70’s neck I bought this earlier this year but finances are forcing me to clear out stuff. Gutted to sell this as I was pairing it with a Fender body I am also having to sell and it was lovely. Oh well onwards and upwards. Theee is a tiny barely noticeable ding on the headstock that I have tried to show in the close up photo but other than that it is fine. The original machine heads are included. I am after £150 including postage Thanks Jon
  9. Just send me your address and stick a couple of quid in a charity box for it. I will get it posted as soon as I can, but may be a couple of days as I can’t get out. Jon
  10. I bought this from @ash earlier this year without any wiring loom. Since then I have bought a top notch loom from @KiOgon with full size pots and quality knobs I can’t see any dings on it at all apart from what looks like a chip to the finish by the neck pocket which you can see in the photo and you can also see it is obscured by the scratch plate anyway. It has a Fender scratch plate and a Fender bridge and neck plate. I don’t want to sell it but finances have dictated that I need to sadly. I’m really gutted as it is a lovely body that weighs in at 2.6kg (5.75lbs) including bridge, loom, scratch plate and neck plate and screws. I am looking for £260 inc Postage. Will now take £220 with the loom or £200 without the loom Jon
  11. Sorry it’s the elephant ear type Jon
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