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  1. Ok I have removed a truss rod and will buy a new one to replace it, does 580mm sound right? I haven’t searched yet but that appears to be the existing one. What I want to know is IF I can’t cut a fillet and replace the removed timber from the mech is there another material I can use? I might be able to cut the fillet after routing the hole to smarten it up but my hands shake a lot so it would be easier if I could use something simpler. Any help appreciated. the photo is as it is now pre routerered to tidy it up Jon
  2. Would NEVER jump the queue. Others have first crack if it is still available, but would be nice if we new it was or wasn’t available 🤣 Jon

    Bagsieblue is selling these

  4. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
  5. What sort of musical style are these best suited to would you say please? I’m fairly new to this so any information is helpsful Thanks Jon
  6. Just bought my second wiring loom for a Precision from John. They really are great and he is a nice guy full of advice Jon
  7. That’s so obvious and I’d never thought of it. Thanks Jon
  8. Hopefully you will get this sorted satisfactorily for you and if so well done to the retailer. I always think the best judge of a company is how they respond to a problem. Things can go wrong for a variety of reasons, accidentally or not, but a swift apology and appropriate repair/ replacement/ refund sorts the problem out and makes fo happy customers. Some customers are wan*ers though and try it on and make stores staff lives hell. Not suggesting that this is the case here at all. Good luck with it, it sounds hopeful for you so far. Let us know how it goes Jon
  9. A favourite plectrum is just coming to the end of its useful life. Is it just me that feels a sense of depression at the thought of finding another one you feel comfortable with? After using one for a few weeks it seems to hit a perfect stage where it is comfortable to use and it feels like an extension of your fingers. New plectrums never feel right to start with until they wear in, some of them never wear in or feel perfect. I’ve never managed to break a plectrum whilst playing so it is always down to either wear and tear or I lose them somehow which ends with me looking for a replacement. It doesn’t matter how much you spend on them either, sometimes a cheap one will feel great and a more expensive one will be horrible to use. I have even made a few myself out of various bits, some of which have been great for me, others have been like they have beeen made out of rubbish, which they were if the truth is known 😀 Anyway now to find a new one to love Jon
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