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    Day 2 Body routing for the control cavity, pickup and neck pockets. I was terrified of routers before doing the course, but by day 2 I felt very confident using them and the woodworking possibilities seemed vast with them. I figured with a good enough router and the right templates and jigs, you could build the vast majority of a guitar with a router. The body roundover was also done and you can see the scorch marks on the edges where I lingered too long. Nothing too drastic that wouldn't sand out thankfully. The neck was also done in much the same manner as the body. A channel was done down the centre for the truss rod and a hole drilled at the heel end for adjustment. Once the rod was inserted, a strip of wood was added and glued into place to cover it, which was then planed back until flush with the body. The ebony board was cut to rough shape, glued and clamped and day 2 was over. Things were coming together nicely!
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    Thanks all for the responses. Think we're going to find a dealer in the south who stocks the RCF 735/745 and give them a test run
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    All of the amps on the Stomp, for me at least, had the drive controls too far up and sounded too muddy on the presets and when the amp is selected into an empty block. There is a chap by the name of Jon Willis who has done a lot of work providing bass patches and settings for the Helix series within a couple of groups on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/groups/669957523419623/ and https://www.facebook.com/groups/145604946038429/ If use you Jon's settings in the images below - for which I take no credit and that are available via the first group above - the amps are much cleaner and it's possible to work from a more useful starting point. These 'clean' settings come into their own, I've found, at proper volume through an amp (via the FX return) and cab.
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    Up for sale is my very rare Fender Short Scale Modern Player Jazz Bass in Candy Apple red Fender High Mass Bridge has been refitted now --( Not Gotoh that is shown in photo's ) There is one extra screw hole hidden under each of the original tuners from when I had Hipshot's on! Now fitted with D'addario Flatwounds. Weight is 3.9 kg. I sold this a couple of years ago and promptly bought it back again, but on the very rare occasion that I gig these days I tend to use one of my Mustang's! Comes with a good quality well padded Thomann Gig bag. Any Trial more than welcome! --- Collect from me in Leeds very close to Motorways and A1
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    And just so that your box is not feeling too lonely, here's what arrived on the Krow doorstep this morning too 😀😂
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    was gonna add that myself, bit fiddly they were, like old rolf......😵
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    Busy, busy, busy getting things finished for Sunday......
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    Currently sitting at four, which is about average for me. I would like to get down to two, a main player and a backup, but every time I sell one, I see something sparkly, that I don't really need, but like a magpie, want and before I know it, I'm back up to four
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    My Precision was £956 plus £20 P&P
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    My last ‘audition’ went like this... “Phil says you’re the best bass player he knows? Are you?” ’yeah, but Phil only knows 3 people in total...’ the guy laughed, and we did about 5 years together. Phil lasted 3 gigs - still friends with both. Everything else I’ve done has been stuff I’ve started.
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    Ten years ago: - fully prepared and learned the songs; - enthusiastic; - willing to bend over backwards to meet other people schedules; - always on time; - always bring a Fender Precision 'coz that iz wot the PROs play'; - keen to play and explore as many genres as possible; - always keen to come up with songwriting ideas, but equally happy to play exactly what is requested when required. Now: - I have a car.
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    Amazing skills and attention to detail.
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    I'll give you a shout when I get a couple of hours free. Cheers!
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    ...and, in case I'm at risk of misleading, it's not a DG A/O but something a hundred times less sexy! Just thought it an amusing coincidence we both had a Thomann box on the same day 😊
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    When your 66 like me, you won't have to worry about groupies anymore. They're not interested. Blue
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    People use internet explorer?
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    Don’t worry mate,it ain’t what you do it’s the way that you do it!
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    That looks fantastic @Hobbayne Seeing your bass has spurred me on, I must get my finger out and finish my self-build off, it will be pretty much the same spec as this lovely thing Thanks for posting the pictures
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    That looks minted @Hobbayne, really liking the look of that, it's certainly not helping my current GAS for a Limelight build of my own of late...nice light relic too, I'm no fan of the relic overkill in general, but that level I could certainly live with... I'm looking for similar to your build, but in Fiesta Red and with a maple neck, a la JE's Frankenstein mid-70's refin...👍
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    Neck taped ready to level and polish the frets. Once that is done, just need to fix the neck to the body and fit the strings. Set-up will be minimal on this as I have fitted strings before and it didn't look like must adjustment will be required. And when this one is done, I'll be finishing off the other shortie bass.
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    I see you still haven’t hit the ‘unsubscribe’ button 😂
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    Cheers Andy. Look forward to catching up on Sunday!
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    Same as the USA model without the quarter sawn neck and sexy top and USA tuners. A no brainer. I had one just like this and it was superb. Especially the LH3 and Hanson pickups.
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    For me it would depend on the band and the musicians. I've played with some great guys who were shambolic, disorganised and sometimes a pain, but the playing was so good I just went along and enjoyed the ride. I prefer to be more organised, but if good players just want to jam then I'm all for it. Edit for sense!
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    If it was entirely hand made, a left hander would not be a problem, Warwick now make all the high end stuff with extremely sophisticated CNC equipment, the absolute best of the best. There's obviously a lot of hand assembly and finishing too, but the basic shapes I expect are dictated by the CNC programming. Having said all that, they do seem to be willing to make anything these days, which would result in new CNC programming required, so it's odd that they're limiting the SZ signature off the bat... Eude
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    "The only cosmetic thing I don't like is the amount of the fretboard material that extends behind the nut." I actually like the look of this. I read the sentence as in the bold...
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    If DHL are arranging to pick it up then that by definition tells me they are taking responsibility for the situation.
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    by the way, the only 'real' effect I still have in the loop is my Future Impact. Line6 haven't quite nailed the filters yet......!
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    Scott Wheeler - not sure of his username on here though. I never really got the signature... but the Streamers - particularly the all white 5er with LEDs... now that's a looker. I think the other ones of note, were the iroquai rug finish one... and the godzilla chrome one with green LEDs. I think I remember reading that he wanted his signature to be a cross between the streamer and a Rick - which is what he was playing at around the same time with Mark Ronson.
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    Looks like you've blown your bass budget on new undies and possibly carpet! Sorry!
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    Well actually it's more straight forward than you might think! I hope this doesn't bore you and anyone else reading it too much, but here goes... The 'other' are all specific and currently just for home use, as are two of the three Ibbys. The BB 425 is out on loan (and as a fyi, I'm more than happy to make this available to any London bassists who fancy a 'proper' try-out of a Yammy BB and are happy to collect / return in person). So the BB1025 is my only purely passive mainstream bass and appeals to the lazy person in me as I don't need to remember to unplug to avoid finding that the battery for the active EQ has been drained! So my main workhorse basses are just two. It was previously the BB 1025, but this has just been usurped by the BB 735A which is also P/J configured. If I fancy a change of tone and something more throaty / 'aggressive' (and a bit lighter to boot!) I'll reach for my Ibby SR 1825. Being able to go for a different sound actually keeps both the Yammy and the Ibby 'fresh' for me and not feeling stale. And finally my BB NE2. Well that's a bit of 'dream bass' for me and gets more admiring compliments (and offers to buy!) from fellow BC'ers than the rest of my herd put together! I'm sure it will get an outing or two to a wedding gig later this year
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    Wow, that's certainly now an option to get exactly what I would like. Thank you.
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    Thanks mate yes those are similar but the SB1 ones have a black edge. Maybe they're 22mm too, then - in which case I've got the right ones. I'll probably keep the original worn out ones on it though I think. BTW whilst searching for the SB1 knobs I found that those ones on your bass are apparently REALLY sought after and hard to find! Take care of them!
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    Completely OT, but our BL once went to Morecambe to pick up a set of lights from a George Formby Tribute who was retiring. All the way there he was rehearsing his opening line, and when the bloke answered the door he said "Morning. Turned out nice again." and did the Fozzy Face. Nothing. The bloke completely blanked him and said "You're here for the lights then?" 😕😀
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    This has been a fascinating thread to follow, thank you.
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    Bit of aging always adds value !
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    New Jocee single out today (link in status): https://open.spotify.com/album/2QOx0omyc7iypTJnoGD30n?si=6-O2s5stQdW2Ijkdh7BG8g 2006 Mustang with La Bella flats all over it! Decent headphones/speakers needed
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    Here's another I made for Andy Reeve last year in Candy Apple Red with cream edge binding and a Hipshot 'D' tuner on the low E string, which was heavily based on the original that Mike and I designed. Anyone considering buying Mikes white one will not be disappointed.
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    The construction is completely different aside from them both being in metal boxes even then the Stubby is steel and the RM is Aluminium.... BUT that’s nitpicking. The paint is drying on a Rootmaster head as we speak
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    Just a quick one. What do you need your cab to do? Increasingly people are moving to put all the instruments through the PA and just use their rig for monitoring. It has a lot of advantages to do things this way but basically that is down to PA's being so much better and being able to handle everything at loud volumes in a compact package so you don't need backline to do all the lifting. That assumes you have a decent PA though and that all the band are willing to cut down on the on stage levels. If you go this route a single 12 or a 2x10 will just about give you all you need. A lot of us are carrying two of these so when we need the extra oomph we just add the second cab. One will do monitoring duties, rehearsals and small gigs even without PA support two give you the flexibility to cover the rest of our needs. The only caution is that really capable 1x12's or 2x10's don't come cheap. The reasons for the 8x10's and even 4x10's have gone. Single drivers can handle much more power than a few years back and amplifier power outputs per £1 have improved so multiple drivers with high efficiency aren't needed in the same way. The only thing I would say though is to try as many cabs as you can. In the end the sound is what matters and you won't like the sound of every modern lightweight
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    OK - pretty much finished. I did the tweaks that @KiOgon recommended: I'll pop a set of spare strings on to do the final checks that everything is still where it should be and to get the starting positions for the bridge and pickup heights - @fleabag is going to fit his preferred strings, do the final set-up and fit the strap buttons but I'll make sure the basics are in place to start with. I'm pleased how this has turned out:
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    From when I borrowed it for a few days:
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    Yup to all that. Excellent commentary Chris B. Blue
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    Credit where it's due - I've tried playing bass left-handed and I'm useless at it, so hats off to Macca there. 😁

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