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    Sorry I did not mean to upset or offend anyone .... and I don't think I did . As I ve said in the post above I ve said that he is talented ! i never offended or said that the guy is not a talented bass player does the guy know how to play his instrument ? Absolutely ! He s he talented ? Absolutely can I play like him ! Not in a hundred years does he move me ? No does he inspire me ? No did I learn anything ?no all I meant to say is that make a living as Ytouber or make as a musician are 2 different things ! Take for instance Jesus Rico from this forum he is also making video on YouTube ! He writes is own music has couple of albums out but he's video they are not edited like Davide does jesus knows how to play bass ? Absolutely does inspire me ? Hell yes does it move me ? Hell yes do I watch his videos ? All the time again I'm sorry if offended anyone
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    DOLOMITES - that's bad No hand rail on that roof 🤸‍♀️ If you had used music stands you could have put some warning tape round the band, oh sorry that's a different thread 👍
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    I recently acquired an Orange Bouncer Bass 1x15 from 1971 off eBay. It’s been modified in its past. The angled batten to the front inside edge has been removed at some point and then painted black. Thanks presume it’s bee part of an install as the back was still orange. Id bought the Tolex but it’s sat for a couple of months then last week I decided to buy the new corners, piping and timber and made a start. The Tolex came off without any problems whatsoever, nice large strips. Today I’ve added the timber profiles to the front and done some filling of that but the cabs had a lot of damage and will need a second fill all over to get it ready for the Tolex. The badge had also been painted black but came up ok with a soak in warm soapy water and an attack with a nail brush.
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    +1 ^^ Teebs has pretty much nailed it. My only variation on his suggestion would be to go for the 210 version of that particular combo rather than the 115, as it will be a little tighter / punchier. In particular the Yammy BB424X is a fine bass and the Ibby SR500 pretty decent => spend your budget on a decent amp and cab with more headroom / power. If you can buy good quality used (check out the FS here to give you an idea of what is available), then you'll be able to get something very decent for £600 in terms of amp and cab or combo.
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    Next Level.In peoples opinions what would need to acquire to take me up to the next level of being able to hold my own in a band. I am currently in a band of sorts which does rock n roll covers but i am starting to get boarded with it slightly so i may decide to branch out a little but i don't think my gear is good enough to be honest..Here's what i currently own and play... 1/Yamaha BB424X .2/Ibanez sr500. 3/Ashdown 100 amp combi. Basically this is all i use at the moment ,but i feel i need to upgrade. So what should i be looking to buy to take me up a notch. I have a budget of 600 squid at my disposal so help me out.......
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    Think this is the sign that the hiatus is on a hiatus... first (dep) gig is a week tomorrow. 2nd rehearsal with new band is on Wednesday. new amp arrived on Friday. looks like I’m back in the seat.
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    punters are all 70+, if anyone notices, I'm buying a round for everyone on BC
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    I can do what I like! A ban is looking good right now. My advertisers will be happy too. Suggest you stay out of Off Topic or you’ll find you no longer have access.
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    Hi! Sorry my mistake, its in St Albans / London, but can deliver depending on distance! Will update the post now!
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    I'm using a De Gier / Vanderkley FatBoost in my Jazz. It's likely the only one around, as they usually come with a De Gier Bebop bass attached 😉. It's one from the first run, with a fixed 6 dB boost. Newer ones are variable between 4 and 9 dB. It's activated by a rotary switch, a 4th control knob on the control plate.

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