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    I realised this evening that, possibly for the first time I can remember, my (one) Ampeg/Mesa bass rig is worth more than my (five) bass guitars put together. This is largely down to my having spent about two years building, unbuilding and reconfiguring Fender-fit bitsas, usually from Warmoth, Allparts and similar parts bought used either here or on eBay. It also got me to thinking that I've now got a pretty clear system for my gear, that certain things really matter to me and that certain other things really don't. Thought I'd share the list Things that really matter: 1. Neck: the neck to me is the most important part of the whole system; if it doesn't feel right, I don't play right, and I don't enjoy playing. I'm a better player on basses with necks I like. I play 1-11/16" nut Precision necks on both Precision and Jazz basses. Jazz Basses are a different beast with a substantial Precision neck. 2. Strings: wrong strings, wrong tone and more effort required, making playing less fund. Nothing else in the signal chain makes up for it 3. Tuners: doesn't matter how good the tone and playability if it creeps out of tune. Amazing how many tuners can't hold tuning, even some quite expensive ones. Amazing how irritating an instrument going out of tune can be. 4. Amp head: wrong choice can make an expensive bass sound crap. A good choice can make a relatively cheap bass sound good. This is not the place to skimp on cost. Or weight. 5. PUPs: it took me a long time and a lot of convincing that PUPs define the tone almost as much as the head and the strings, but the right PUP for the sound makes playing effortless and puts a smile on the player and the band's faces. Things that really don't seem to matter: 6. Cabs: never seem to make as much difference as the head, differences between expensive and cheap never seem to justify the cost of the former 7. Circuit: with a decent bass, strings and head, I just don't use the circuit on any of my basses, might as well run the PUPs straight to the output jack! 8. Bridge: despite years of trying them all, the only thing that matters is that you can get the right action and alignment. Tone metals? High mass? Never noticed an effect. 9. Body wood. Still find it amazing that people talk endlessly about tone woods. Change any of the neck, PUPs, strings and the tone changes significantly. I've yet to find two different bodies that sounded significantly different when fitted with the same components, and I've done a lot of experimentation. So, looking at my current basses, I realise that about 50-60% of the total value is in the necks, around 20% in PUPs (which I tend to buy new as I've found too many PUPs bought used have issues), the rest split variously between bodies, tuners, bridges, circuits etc. As mentioned, I've five basses, three Precisions (one fretless) and two Jazzes (again one fretless). Total cost was a tad under £1500 for the lot. I'd put most of them in Fender MIA territory in terms of build quality, playability and tone, with two in CS territory (the two fretless). Makes you realise just how much we pay for the names on the headstocks. Having said this, I have to thank Leo Fender however for making it so bloody easy to mix and match parts of Fender-alike instruments
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    Jeezz. . . . there's some arrogant twaddle being posted on this thread. Do any of you know what this guy does or has done? Obviously he has a Youtube channel, but what else? (cue lots of internet searches!) He is plainly an excellent player, with superior technical ability. That isn't magicked out of thin air, so he's paid he dues in one way or another. So with no knowledge of the guy and not knowing what else he does, you feel you can make unrealistic assumptions, negative comments and pronounce this guy as unworthy. Listen to yourselves!!
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    The band is called The Dolomites and we are basically a 50's/60's party band. To be honest, our guitarist is just really good at getting us gigs and its also worth mentioning that this is our first year together so not bad for a new band. We do have a few promo videos but we dont really use them to get gigs. This first one we recorded at the start of the year. It us miming to our own studio recording on top of a pub roof 😁 Cost us £50 as well 😁 This second one we did a few months back in an amazing American diner in Horsham. About a third of our gigs are acoustic so we wanted to try and capture this by doing a rough live acoustic "around the campfire" type video. Also worth saying that this Kala UBass I also bought in 2018 and is certainly a best buy for me. You can also see the Fender Mike Dirnt in the background so both of my 2018 best buys in one video 😁
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    Didn't have a chance to try... luckily I have fairly long arms and fingers, so long scale lengths and wide string spacing work for me. Tbh I just totally love the simple physical *presence* of long-scale basses. A while back my then 4yo grandson was standing in the middle of the semi-circle of my basses on floor stands - their headstocks well above his head - and my one "normal" guitar. I tried to explain to him the differences between a "guitar" and a bass guitar, and play them for him to hear the difference in pitch. He listened for a minute and then grabbed my Aerodyne saying "I want the big one!" The lad has good taste already. If he lives up to early promise he'll get that Aerodyne for his 18th birthday. Sorry, ot but can't resist:
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    As I understand it, Davey504 has made over 1/2 a million quid from YouTube so is probably way more successful than anyone posting on here! Fair play to him I say, if he's making a living doing something he enjoys then surely he's doing it right?
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    After 7 dry years, finally scratched the itch and got this Gen 1 Sire V7 vintage in Ash and maple. I popped in to Andertons Guilford and tried several. I was going for one of the Gen2 models in Alder, but ended up walking out with this. It had the nicest feel and tone and was noticeably lighter at 9.2lbs than the others. I've heard about Sires being weighty. I've fancied a natural blonde for a while, but didn't think I'd get on with Ash/Maple combo as I prefer a darker tone, but this one has a nice thick tone and beefy mids. Just shows that while there are some general characteristics with woods, every bass is different. They had more Gen2 models in ash/maple at the warehouse, but given the nice weight and vibes, I figured a bird in the hand... Needs a minor setup, but I think we're gonna get on just fine. I've got some nice US made basses for reference that I couldn't even afford at today's prices and this sire is a LOT of bass for the money.
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    Appearing tonight 'absolutely nothing to do with Monday' I like it. Catchy.
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    Having been brought up on valves I have perpetually had a hankering for an all-valve head. Over the years I tried Marshall, Laney, Orange and Mesa. They were all OK up to a point but apart from the Mesa they were all far too bulky and heavy. Following WoT's recommendations this year I bought a Handbox WB100 and I love it. Fantastic tone and I can carry it in one hand, even though I'm a 70+ 5'6" midget. Things got even better when I acquired a Bergantino NV115 in a trade to partner it. What would it sound like with two of them? Not really worst but most mistaken purchase was probably the 2 x10" cab from BC's favourite supplier. Nothing technically wrong with it but it just didn't do it for me. It must be my defective hearing.
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    Only in your opinion. That this video has over 10 million views would seem to indicates this guy certainly does have an audience, and it's more people that have been bothered to listed to any of us!
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    Just three weeks before this year's out, so for anyone in BC land still looking to make their mind up on what to ask Santa for (or to plead with him to definitely avoid) what's the thing that has bought the biggest grin to your face and is, for sure, going to be a keeper and what got the thumbs down big time? Only "house rules" are that it's bass gear and something you bought it in 2018. Let me get the ball rolling best purchase: it's going to have to be one of three basses - either my Ibanez SR1805 with it's very well balanced (and not too heavy) body, playable neck, 3 band EQ (with variable mids) and last but definitely not least "to-die-for" Nordstrand big single pups with their trademark growl, or possibly the fantastically good value Yamaha BB1025 P/J which, with its treble tone dialled off on pure P or combined P/J, is just lush! And then there's the Yammy BBNE2 (I fortunately managed to pick up used 'cos they're definitely not cheap). This matches everything the Ibby has to offer, including individual bridge string pieces, and then adds a sculpted body (to thoughtfully accommodate the older less-slimline gent such as me), a lovely neck-through and has one of the most more versatile EQs (this side of a Status with a full parametric set up!) sporting a variable freq. Nathan East mid-cut to overlay it's 3 band EQ which incidentally delivers a beast of a low bass! Hmmm...well today it's gotta be the BBNE2 My worst - well my 'meh' prize should probably go to the EHX Bass Microsynth, which was just very 'meh' in everything it did and lasted all of couple of weeks in the Krow household (Aside: if you want a gig-able, excellent bass synth pedal the best out there IMO is still the Panda FI** and I'm very grateful to my mate @bassfan for making his available to me!) ** Update 16/12: if you're a Panda FI owner, then @Quatschmacher is currently producing some cool patches in his Quatsch-lab and if you ask him nicely...
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    Really sorry to see the big Hughes and Kettner Boba Fett combo leave this week. The pain has subsided... New Ashdown RM EVO II 500 combo has arrived fits in the stupid small boot in my Volvo...and sounds great - and loud. had the rm800 head and 210/115 cabs I wish I’d never sold. Tgis is a great 1 box solution, and the sub is better on this too. not promising a 115 won’t happen...
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    somebody few days ago posted this........ that is a video that deserve million and million of views , they deserve making a great living with music
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    Advertising. I just read the whole thread and had few things to say, but then as I read further I found people writing what I wanted to anyway, so just clicked the like button few times - super easy!
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    It's just a form of pointless verbal vandalism. People who have no status or influence in their lives can resort to this - it's all they have to offer. It's a bit like local yoofs beating up the bus shelter, throwing litter around or throwing stones at fire engines - it's the only way to make them feel like they are getting noticed or are important. Apparently having your face tattooed is another sensible option sometimes chosen... .
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    Somebody buy it, for God’s sake! It’s a bargain. Otherwise I will think I need to have it to turn it into a fretless, and that won’t end well!
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    He's not got a hope of becoming a drummer has he?! 😀 Fyi - I went for a SR 1206 which I've been pretty happy with. If you get a chance to try one out you might just find you want to add it to your herd, although if you prefer a more civilised tone then the Barts on the BTB will give you that compared to the rather gutsy growl of the Nords on the SR Premiums (which I love). Young master @FinnDave has also realised this year that having tried just about everything under the sun that true happiness lies with an Ibanez in his hands (and a SR 1206 also, as it happens ). Probably time for a gratutious Ibby herd pic and then I really should then stop preaching about these wonderful basses...
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    I've had exactly that same Warwick journey, except with 5 strings variants. In my case Warwick $$ (German) --> Ibanez 1805. Both have a delicious growl, but the weight and balance of the Ibby just make it a delight to play in a way that I could never quite get comfortable with the Wick. I also recently tried out a Wick Streamer 1 GPS and, as nice a bass as it was and despite being double the price (new), for me my Yammy BB1025 as a P/J knocked it out the park. Woody has raised a good point about the string spacing on the BTB; that (and the lack of the Nord pups) are the key reasons I've steered clear and stuck to the SR Premiums which just seem to tick all the boxes - although I do love a neck through design which only the BTB (and some of the older Prestige models) have in the Ibby range. Yes, yes and yes!! (Apart from the 30 years of bass playing, which I certainly can't lay claim to )
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    ok - Well the zoom h2n is used for every rehearsal & gig while I’m playing bass & practicing to the recordings seems to improve my playing. If I have to pick one ‘best’ purchase It’d have to be my wonderful JMJ mustang bass which is pretty much my ideal instrument. The hipshot lollypop tuners & the Seymour duncan pickup are particularly good. You can tell that when JMJ was designing it with Fender everything about the bass was considered in great detail.
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    Definitely more than anyone’s ever paid me to play bass! Although - probably a few quid less than many on here earned over the same 7yrs, in significantly more boring jobs. One of the neat ironies being a YouTube success, people that watch your videos and don’t like you, earn you money too.
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    Worst (for me) - Warwick Thumb 6, an impulse buy on BC Marketplace because I wanted a 6 and it was there and it's a legendary model. I wouldn't have bought it if I'd tried it out first. Too heavy for me, the shape of the back of the body doesn't fit mine, and that classic Warwick thump / growl sound with not much sustain just doesn't suit my style of playing. I should have known better. It's now up for sale in my local independent guitar shop. Best - Ibanez Premium BTB 1406, also bought on BC three months later (for 1/3 less), and instant love. Super-light, fits like a detachable body part, lovely clear tone on the higher strings and good punch on the lower. This will almost certainly become my main gigging bass once I've completely adapted to it. Strangely the thing I'm finding hardest to get used to is the amount of taper in the string spacing between the nut and the bridge - much more than on any of my other basses. No problem in the left hand with the extra string (I'm used to 5), but my right hand is still all over the place string-skipping. I'll get over it. She's worth it 🙂 ps I'd also include lessons as best.
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    When I read this about the old headless Hohners beeing kind of rare, I come to think of my own headless bass. It's a Cort Space B2 (I think it's called) With active/passive Electronics. I'm not shure how rare this is, but The Cort webpage states that these where manufactured alongside the Hohners in the Korean Cort factory in the 80's, and share much of the same hardware and Electronics. I do think that the active ones are a litte more difficult to find than the passive ones. Well herre are some pics.
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    It's here. It's lovely. First impressions are that it's very light, but what weight there is resides in the body so it'll be a pleasure to gig with. It really sings! I haven't plugged it in but I am sure it's going to sustain for days. The stain on the chestnut works really well against the maple neck and black hardware. Some pix for your delectation
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    On the face of it, and from a distance, this bass may look like a standard Squier P But it's an A-Series, MIJ early 80's Japan market medium scale 32" bass. The bodies of these fine instruments are proportionally smaller too. It's very lightweight indeed This one is also in an unusual finish / colour - it's Dichroic Metallic Green It's really hard to photograph, but the colour changes, depending on the light and angle of light on it It's a sparkly finish, and it changes colour from Dark Green, to mid-Green, to Black, To Purple.... Not seen another one of these
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    '81 Gibson RD Artist CMT
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    I'll actually say what this is, but i'm sure many will know this beast