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    It could be the audience that are the imposters ! Just some people out for a beer and a chat when a band breaks out, they are not necessarily an audience we just think they are
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    Haha, but that was a couple of months ago! My gear larder is now fully stocked and my effects cup runneth over. The undiminished zeal to the cause I now display is that of a true Sibob convert.
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    Blue Nile, A Walk Across the Rooftops
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    I think weight does affect the sound, but it’s merely one of a whole range of things that affect how a bass sounds and feels and by no means the most important. And even then, the weight could be beneficial or detrimental to the sound when mixed with different factors like electronics, neck type, hardware, strings, even the finish. As such it’s impossible to say, and the only way to judge an instrument is as a sum of its parts.
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    Bill's right. It's pixie dust, really. Even RMS wattage claims are pretty meaningless. They may tell you how much an amp will heat an 8 ohm resistor for a few milliseconds, but into a reactive load like a speaker and across a full range of frequencies, that all goes out of the window. And that's before you start factoring in speaker efficiency, etc. Best to ignore all claims and audition stuff in real-world situations.
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    Well, I got it! First impressions are a feeling of quality...
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    Well at least some good has come of it!
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    then there's the opposite - times where you kick donkey. You know it's all sounding great in the room. Everyone in the band is singing and playing at the top of their game, and you're all locked into a really tight feel. You think to yourself 'this is ace! If I was in the audience, even I'd be impressed (and I'm not easily impressed)', but you get next to NOTHING back from the audience. That's far more demoralising than feeling a bit guilty about getting a reaction you didn't think you earned
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    The late great Jimmy Smith played all the bass parts with his feet on his Hammond. Very tasty bass parts they were, too.
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    Mate of mine is into gypsy jazz (he's a guitarist, obvs). He went over to the big festival they have every year in Holland and joined in with some of the workshops. He realises during said workshops he is sitting in with some of the very best gypsy jazz musicians in the world - 1 being Django Reinhardt's grandson! Later he was due to be on stage for a group performance - playing rhythm guitar (which in gypsy jazz is no calkwalk), but ends up sitting at the front! Ok he thinks, I'll keep my head down and just concentrate on my rhythm work. During the performance all the top guys (remember, these are the best in the world) take turns to solo. He is sat next to Django's grandson who, after finishing ripping out a blinding solo (and if you now anything about gypsy jazz you'll know that everything is played at at least 90 mph) he turns to my mate Andy, (for that is his name) and indicates it's his turn...to take a solo! My mate did his best and 'got through it' as he said. The next day, he's sitting playing in another workshop when the aforementioned Django's grandson turns up with some of the other top performers, joins in with the music and everyone takes a turn soloing, my mate included, not quite so nervous this time and felt he made a better account of himself compared to the previous evenings performance. When the workshop finishes my mate then recounts how nervous he was at the previous evenings show and how he felt like an imposter. The reply of Django's grandson and all the other top players was to tell him that it matters not what you play, but the fact that you do and that everyone has to start somewhere. They were so encouraging and supporting he's booked to go again this year.
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    G&L Asat bass Very cool semi hollow version of the Asat bass. It has a beautiful sunburst finish and has an optional wood binding. The bass plays great and sounds even better. It's very versatile and has some lovely powerful tones. There are only minor user marks to be found, no serious damages. All electronics and hardware work fine, and the neck is straight of course. Frets have just little wear. The original hardcase is included. Asking €1.250 (£1.125) The bass is located in the netherlands, but im happy to ship within europe/uk at buyers risk and expense. Trades/partial trades with cash my way are considered. Per example; a cool old Japanese bass, the right Stingray (lacquered neck early 90s, 2eq preferred), musicmaster bass.... Feel free to tempt me. Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions.
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    If you like sub bass, it’s likely you are going to be looking at some serious inears to get the low end response with some serious headroom. The best thing to do is give the ZS10s a go. You’ll be surprised how much those headphones can handle in the bass - and if you decide you need more, well... you are probably looking for a quad balanced armature in the lows. Having said that, some “bass heads” that I know, find the UE6s more than ample. Depends where your benchmark is I guess.
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    Oh boy. This, absolutely this. But when you crack that first phrase and suddenly it all drops into place, even if what you're playing doesn't exactly match the recording you''re trying to mimic - hell, you feel on top of the world. Zero to hero in an instant. I've been working on some Passions basslines recently. Apart from I'm In Love With A German Film Star, which everybody and their dog knows and it's dead easy, they're about as common as rocking horse sh|t, so I've had to to spend ages recording little snippets and sussing out the basslines by ear. But that feeling when I've nailed just one phrase and the whole song's opened up as a result - well, there's nothing to beat it. I have to keep reminding myself that Claire Bidwell wrote the basslines wile she was working with the band forty years ago and she never published them, so I'm having to put in more graft than she did. I think impostor syndrome's a good thing, even though it plays hell with your psyche - it's the direct opposite of complacency, which is fatal for a musician. There's aye someone better than yersel!
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    Another budget option just tested: my son plays bass too and is 2/3 my weight, so my bass is heavier on him than it is on me. We took turns playing the same riff and he sounded miles better. Ergo, heavier basses are better.
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    The rules are: - During 2019, no ordering and/or no paying for anything bass related. You’re allowed to receive something if you pay for it in 2018. - String purchases are allowed. - You’re allowed to replace something that breaks if it can’t be repaired. Si
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    If you're a decent harp player you'll always be demand.....
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    One word of caution, if you like a longer strap you may need a longer version. This version/length is the absolute perfect length for me, but if you like your bass slung around your knees it probably won’t be.
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    Yeah, I found the same (having owned both a Compact and a pair of BB2)... and have ended up with a couple of Two10 that really suit me. They are not 'transparent' like the others, as I found that transparent really wasn't what I needed: the right 'colour' suits me best, and their 10" series are really cool in that respect.
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    My twins 👯 2005 L.E Buttercream 2005 vintage sunburst under the blue (SunBlue my #1) Both have Nordstrand BigMan pickups and John East 4band preamps
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    Indeed; this one is a particular favourite: I can't quite work out all of the bassline though. Of course, this would allow for a "None; the organist could do it with his feet" variation of the joke.
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    I think Django’s grandson has pretty much nailed a definition of Jazz
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    For now. (See Bitcoin) 😄
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    Placebo- without you I’m nothing. in fact, placebo always seem to have a great bass sound.
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    There's occasionally a genuine Fender 60s cardboard shim which makes its appearance on ebay...
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    Not a burial volt tho😁
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    Apart from anything else, the Wal is an appreciating investment. Mine is my pension plan
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    The weight at 13Kg is really light. It does not quite get to Barefaced levels but it is not far away. To get lowered weihht we would have the use thinner play and then the bracing and complexity of the design are a real issue. You would not believe the amount of work,especially by Stevie, that has gone into this.design. I am still using the Beyma Version and that comes in at about 14.5Kg I will be fitting a Faital Pro PR320 soon.
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    For those fender lovers don't let him get away. It's probably your ultimate fender. The sound is overwhelming and in an incredible state of conservation for its years. Make haste that the movement begins.
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    I hate these things. I hate these things to the extent that I find myself being a bit alarmed by how much I hate these things. The only possible good use for a thing like this is for smacking the person that thought this was a good idea in the head. Repeatedly, until they see sense. Have I mentioned how much I hate these things?
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    I have just bought the Darkglass HyperLuminal and whilst I cannot for certain say it makes a massive difference in my playing, the difference in has made in tone to my Roscoe Century is huge. Not tried it with my other guitars, but with the Roscoe it is a keeper (for now!)
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    Great band, and like The Brand new Heavies have carved out their place in the genre.
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    I'm convinced with such an 'unvoiced' cab, umph is simply a matter of dialling it in via the amp's EQ...
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    I don't think they can lack in pure volume but the actual tone may not suit everyone (hides behind barricade and raises hand).
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    @ianrendall that’s a bit of a downer. You probably don’t want to work with musicians like that. If the band don’t smile when you walk in the room that’s not a good start. For a start you’re covering their derrières.
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    I think that’s the point. It’s a syndrome. People at the top of their game forget all those hours of work that have got them where they are and are suddenly left with that feeling of “How the hell did I end up here? Someone is bound to find me out.” With no reason whatsoever to feel like that. Although I suspect no singer ever felt like that.
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    Here's a bit more sanding with a quick wipe of tinted Danish oil 😀
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    Here's some pics as promised:
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    Depends. Delay ahead of a filter really emphasises the filter on each repeat, rather than the repeat of the single filter sweep, but both are useful. Phaser ahead of a drive sounds far more extreme than after but the latter is more common.. Fuzz into a PS6 as a Harmoniser or Scrutator after it as an Octave up, but PS6 as Octave down in front of or in parallel with the Rat or the Fuzz or the Scrutator. Plus I like a clean blend with my Rat. I use a loop switcher.
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    I let my ears decide. There are no right or wrong answers. If you like the sound then it's good.
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    Buy the headphones you want and then get OBBM to maker you up a suitable extension lead.
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    A singer friend of mine and myself were starting a new project, writing songs together. We would meet at mine to write and record a bit of guitar and bass. I was playing guitar but I wanted to stick to bass, so we auditioned guitarists. This guy comes in, and within seconds we realise he can't even play. He was having trouble shaping chords with is fingers... and you could see he was feeling very nervous and embarrased. Singer is giving me this look like "we're done here"... but I felt sorry for him, so I took one of my guitars and showed him something simple to play, and I played another guitar and singer sang a bit... then moved to bass... and over all I taught him 3-4 little things and we played for another 30 minutes or so. Then he left, apologising for his lack of preparation and he laughed at how silly he was for thinking he could do it. Then he says he had only been learning guitar for 2 weeks... I emailed him a couple of days later to see how he was. We laughed. He was a cool guy, he just jumps into things with lots of enthusiasm and not enough preparation sometimes We became friends, I encouraged him and eventually he went on to form his own band. I played a couple of gigs with him as a dep, recorded a bit, I went to his wedding... so yeah, cool audition ha! stinky poo guitarist at the time, but I ended up with one of the coolest friends I've got.
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    Fair enough. If we assume the Bugera is a well designed class D amp with an efficient power supply and draws 880W from the mains and can run continuously at that level then it is probably around 80% efficiency and can supply about 704W. That's with an undistorted sinewave within the passband of the amp. That's the value of what is normally described as the RMS or continuous value. If you look at section 3.2 of the Wikipedia article then you see the peak power of a sine wave is twice the average power. So if it is a 704W amplifier than the peak power is 1408W. If you look at a range of amp and speaker specs you'll see that there's a fairly consistent description of things described as 500W continuous 1000W peak, 200Wrms 400W peak and so on. It's a simple mathematical ratio which enables those who want to boast that their system is 1000W but allows for fair comparison. Actually it is meaningless as it is always double so no extra information is being given. If any other figure is given then as the Wiki article says about PMPO there is no accepted way of calculating the figure and it is without merit. Basically the sums don't add up. you can see my disquiet if you look at the advertising, here for example https://www.gear4music.com/Guitar-and-Bass/Bugera-Veyron-BV1001M-2000W-Bass-Amp-Head/1WNV lot's of mentions of 2000W no mentions of peak power here, I suspect both Gear4music and Music Group know people will choose this amp on the basis of the 2000W and it looks a lot better than the Little Mark 3 https://www.andertons.co.uk/bass-dept/bass-amps/bass-amp-heads/solid-state-bass-amp-heads/markbass-little-mark-iii-bass-head In practice I suspect they would produce very similar power levels. Even if the Veyron is 700W and the LM3 is 500w that difference will only barely be audible. Sensibly you'd decide on tone (I hope!) reliability, after sales and price rather than power but for someone with no technical ability that 2000W looks so tempting. If we accept this then Markbass would eventually be forced first of all to sell their amps at peak power of 1000W and then start making up figures to compete. I think it's a better world where honesty is rewarded and we ask for proper measured ratings which can be compared fairly.
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    That's a terrible tale @Roger2611! But you shouldn't blame yourself, or let your songs suffer for it. You were quite positive towards him considering.
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    If it would help any of you, a quick PM to Ped asking to be self-banned from the Marketplace would work, I reckon (or would that be cheating..?). Just sayin'.
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    And the closer to a gig you have to learn that song, the more impossible it is to learn.

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