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  1. Ah mate. Know that feeling only too well. Been there many times!
  2. Hello! It is just under 8lbs. Very manageable, not too hard on the shoulders. And yes, a luthier refinished this.
  3. Thanks so much, that is helpful. Appreciated!
  4. A lovely '73 Mustang refinished tastefully in a Gold Sparkle. Original pots, pick ups, hardware etc. The obvious changes being the refin, and there has been some rewiring at some stage. The lacquer finish on back of the neck is partially worn, new owner may choose to sand it down but I like it as it is personally. A rock n' roll machine, the real deal. These are great onstage and record brilliantly well. Some pics here: http://imgur.com/gallery/xT8FTTI Happy to send more pics on request.
  5. I take your point entirely, and do not want to seem evasive by any means...I always will try and give the benefit of the doubt to these people and companies who are working very hard. Perhaps I might send you a message to discuss?
  6. I admire your spirit! Something is definitely amiss with this situation in particular. That is my instinct. But I appreciate your replies...good to have some solidarity!
  7. Thanks mate. Already at quite an advanced stage with all that, and local manager of courier has essentially washed their hands of it. Officially declared 'lost'
  8. Thanks Ash, that's good advice for sure. I will remain hopeful...but box was also fully labelled, so postcode alone would be enough to track it you would have thought. Even the manager of said company said it's a lost cause because if wrong sticker had been applied, then something awry would have happened with another package. This one was collected and vanished before reaching the local depot.
  9. Thanks for the messages. I have to count my blessings at this time, worse things happen. But just wanted to put the word out in case members of the forum are offered it. And a cautionary tale...I had a good relationship or so I thought, and had sent things without issues for a long time.
  10. It went through 3rd party carrier. All complicated but not looking good at present. It was an ebay sale, and not on here. I had to refund buyer and fully liable. A lesson learned...the hard way.
  11. Been fully searched by company who I shall not name, but I shall never again send a Parcel through them, it has been a Farce and they have confirmed it is "lost." Was collected in Oxfordshire on way to Norwich. Never made it as far as Oxford depot. This was 4th August. There is more to this than I can really say, due to legal sensitivies, but just be careful when shipping is what I would say. And if you see a bass like it please let me know. Cheers
  12. Heartbreaking scenario, but this bass was stolen from me, almost certainly by courier company. It was collected and scanned in...then vanished. Didn't even make it as far as local depot. A 120cm 9 kg item! So just replying in case you get offered a 2007 Duesenberg Starplayer that looks like this. Cheers
  13. Thanks so much, I appreciate the further information re: the scale! They are great basses.
  14. http://imgur.com/gallery/9Lndm3F Duesenberg Starplayer Bass 2007, in gorgeous Sunburst. This bass is in absolutely fantasic condition as shown in the pics...barely a mark on it. It's described as medium scale, though it feels closer to a short scale IMO. Set up to perfection with flat wounds, these retail at over 2k, and you don't see them often in this condition on second hand market. Comes with high quality Fender gig bag. Grab a bargain! Here follows the lowdown... Rhythm Requirements To meet the needs of the discerning bassist, the build had to deliver quality across the board. This bass does just that. The back and sides consist of flamed maple, the top is made up of spruce, while an American hardrock maple neck completes proceedings. A pair of Duesenberg BassBuckers have then been applied to deliver punch and presence. Responding well to varied musical scenarios, they project rich overtones of astounding clarity that will carve a place in any type of mix. Attention to Detail All of the hardware present on the Starplayer bass has been custom made by Duesenberg themselves. Fretboards offer increased playability due to the final hand-finished process, while the strings are firmly secured using an ultra-sturdy, fully adjustable bass bridge. To round it off, Duesenberg Z-tuners provide stable tuning and fast, yet simple replacement of strings. Specifications: Neck Neck Joint: Set-in Wood: 1-piece maple Width: 41 mm / 1.6" (nut), 53,5 mm / 2.11" (12th fret) Thickness: 21 mm / 0.8" (1st fret), 24 mm / 0.95" (12th fret) Shape: D Fingerboard: Indian rosewood, radius 305 mm / 12" Inlays: Cream dots Frets: 22 jumbo 2,8 x 1,0 mm Scale Length: 768 mm / 30.2" Trussrod: Steel dual-action Headstock: Black veneer Body Type: Semi-hollow with sustain block, bent sides, f-hole Top: Laminated spruce Back, sides: Laminated flamed maple Size: 46 x 34 cm / 18.11" x 13.39" Height (sides): 4.5 cm / 1.8" Hardware Tuners: Duesenberg Z-Tuners, "Art Diego" buttons Bridge: Duesenberg bass bridge Tailpiece: Duesenberg trapeze tailpiece Strap Pins: Kluson Multi-Lock Electronics Pickup (neck): Duesenberg BassBucker Pickup (bridge): Duesenberg BassBucker Wiring: 2 volume, 1 tone, on/off slide switch
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