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  1. Thanks very much for comment and pic help!
  2. Dropping price to £1500 which is pretty competitive for an all original mid-70s Mustang! Here we have an all original 1975 Mustang bass that has seen some action, but as you see from the pics is in beautiful condition. http://imgur.com/a/bWHsAwR I have owned a few Mustangs, and this one is one of the lightest I've had. The wood is resonant, and it plays beautifully all the way up the neck. I imported this from the highly respected Bambibau Collection in Italy, purveyors of very fine vintage basses. They only deal with the good stuff! Vintage Mustangs are in my opinion the best sounding basses to record this, and this has been used on a couple of high profile projects recently. And whilst lockdown put pay to my hopes of getting this thing onstage, it will turn heads! The most notable dings/damage are clearly shown in the pics...the scrape on the back of the neck near headstock, and two dings on the edge of the bass parallel with volume and tone knobs. I am selling without case, but have a padded Fender gig bag. It came with a generic non original hard case, but I am hoping to use that. If it's a deal breaker we can discuss. Would prefer a UK sale if poss due to the wonders of Brexit. Thanks for reading. If anyone is able to embed a pic or two in comments I would be grateful.
  3. Evening fellow BC friends! http://imgur.com/a/BTk5irC Here is an immaculate American Performer Mustang which to all intents and purposes is as new, only light home use with original gig bag and shipping box. A huge saving on new retail price and will include UK shipping. These basses are really great, and record incredibly well. Haven't had the chance to gig it for obvious reasons. Thanks for reading😎
  4. Hi mate, the spec I included above is how the bass comes as stock. Cheers, Nick
  5. http://imgur.com/gallery/cwANI5W Stunning looking and playing Italia Maranello. Sounds great with a plectrum, there is a really nice sweet spot. Same model as used by Nicky Wire from the Manics. Comes with good quality zipping hard case. If anyone fancies posting a pic from my imgur thread in the replies, go ahead! Small superficial and very shallow crack in plastic near volume knob on input plate as shown. Spec as follows: Neck Hard Maple Finger Board Rosewood Joint Bolt-on Scale / Fret 864mm(34")scale / 22f Nut Graphite Nut Width 43mm(1.6875") Head Machine Italia Die-Cast Bridge Combination Bass Bridge Pick Up Neck:Wilkinson Bass Humbucker Bridge:Wilkinson Bass Humbucker Pot 2 Vol + 1 Ton Pick Guard Italia Oval Elec. Cover Jack 1/4" Mono Jack hardware Chrome Further and final price drop to silly price of £250!!! Will also ship at buyer's expense. Merry Christmas Basschat friends
  6. Ah mate. Know that feeling only too well. Been there many times!
  7. Hello! It is just under 8lbs. Very manageable, not too hard on the shoulders. And yes, a luthier refinished this.
  8. A lovely '73 Mustang refinished tastefully in a Gold Sparkle. Original pots, pick ups, hardware etc. The obvious changes being the refin, and there has been some rewiring at some stage. The lacquer finish on back of the neck is partially worn, new owner may choose to sand it down but I like it as it is personally. A rock n' roll machine, the real deal. These are great onstage and record brilliantly well. Some pics here: http://imgur.com/gallery/xT8FTTI Happy to send more pics on request.
  9. I take your point entirely, and do not want to seem evasive by any means...I always will try and give the benefit of the doubt to these people and companies who are working very hard. Perhaps I might send you a message to discuss?
  10. I admire your spirit! Something is definitely amiss with this situation in particular. That is my instinct. But I appreciate your replies...good to have some solidarity!
  11. Thanks mate. Already at quite an advanced stage with all that, and local manager of courier has essentially washed their hands of it. Officially declared 'lost'
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