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  1. Had my Super vintage for a week and played along with this Toto Classic. Great tones and the cab sim is brilliant. very impressed!
  2. All my SA's hubbed up through the Neuro hub and Morningstar MC6 controller. . (Aftershock, Gemini, Vertigo, Ultrwave and C4). (Thats 128 presets in each pedal, and at least a possible 34billion combinations - although you can still only access 128 of them 😆)
  3. I used to have 10 basses in my possession, all relatively standards (stingray, warwick,...). Then a few years back I moved them on went down to 2 basses, a Dingwall Z3 and Skjold Fretless. Not cheap basses at all, but instruments that I found a connection with that I'd never done so before. Being able to play what was in your head and get it out thorough your hands via the instrument is [cheesey] priceless! If you can find this on a cheap(er) bass, go for it, unfortunately I seemed to have expensive sounds in my head. Interestingly, I used to chop/change my old bass collection regularly, not now, I've had the 2 basses for 6 years +
  4. I know it's been a few months, is this going??
  5. thanks for all your helpful comments peeps...
  6. so guys, I want to upgrade my bass that has an Aguilar OBP2 in it to include a low pass mid filter...similar to an Alembic or Wal filter. I used to have an Alembic and miss their filter and Q boost and finding that I use the filter setting on the ottobit jnr on its own quite a bit. trouble is, I'm not sure if this control/ circuit is available and where to get one from... anyone ever done a similar mod who can pass on some advice. thanks
  7. Boss OC2, good condition and in working order £65 inc post/pack to mainland UK (no box)
  8. haha, well there was a stomp on there a few months back. i had a vision to have one pedal to rule them all! but I tried, persevered ...just didnt like it. great features but I still found the xerograph filter or the oc2 or the sub decay ring mod or the ottobit was way better sounding than the stomp. sometimes being able to bend down and tweek a knob to adjust a sound is sooo much more convenient than scrolling through a family of menus. the mc6 mainly looks after the source audio family quite nicely and gas an expression pedal attached. . As for the ditto's, I ended up with 2 of them and they work quite well, blending in/out swells, rhythm track on one of them ...etc while being able to copy the first loop to the second ditto is also useful. shame you can't synch then though....next upgrade 😆
  9. latest incarnation. feeling stable with this one at the moment. sounding nice with a Dingwall and skjold
  10. Flashback £60 HOF £50 or both for £100 boxed and postage to mainland UK inc. thanks
  11. Hi chaps Selling my: Ironether Franabit -Sold And a Dunlop MXR Octave Deluxe. Sold Both in full working order, infact, they make a great team. Comes with velcro included on the back. The MXR comes with its original box. Free postage to UK mainland Cheers
  12. Sold elsewhere......went like a flash Mr dustbin!
  13. Instruments are personal. The way they feel, look sound etc. If I'm spending a significant amount would always want to try first. I've tried a few basses over the years expecting them to be 'the one's but they never turned out to be what I needed/ wanted.....and vice versa.
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