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  1. TC Electronics - Corona chorus

  2. TC Electronics - Corona chorus

    Trex power supply sold. Corona still available...
  3. TC Electronics - Corona chorus

  4. Slap bass - no longer mainstream?

    [quote name='alaskaleftybass' timestamp='1508353793' post='3391664'] And why does every slap solo always have to be in the key of E? [/quote] Gm is my slap key preference!
  5. TC Electronics - Corona chorus

    Saturday bump
  6. Duet with my co-existence....

    [quote name='visog' timestamp='1506885734' post='3381818'] Is your bass a Skjold? [/quote] It is a skjold slayer, lovely piece of crafted timber 😀
  7. Duet with my co-existence....

    [quote name='dood' timestamp='1506846925' post='3381410'] Sorry I was boring you, it was meant to be funny. [/quote] .....i was being funny too....
  8. Duet with my co-existence....

  9. What do you own?

    Used to have 3 x 4 strings (1 fretless) 4 x 5 strings (1 fretless) 2 x 6 strings. Far too many , so down sized and up marketted to jyst ...2x 5 strings....1 fretted, 1 fretless Happy as larry.....
  10. So a few weeks back I searched my name in Youtube (I'm sure we've all done it (?)) and found myself co-existing in a parallel universe that turned to be deep south of ye-haa Texas. In this universe, I play gothic noir hillbilly folk music in acoustic cafes, some times alone and sometimes with a banjo & fiddle. So, I thought I was lacking a bit bottom end so recorded a little bass part for my alternative self I'm proud to present - Stephen Canner (UK) with Stephen Canner (USA). Never conversed with myself, 5000 miles apart but have now co-existed for 4mins together.....for the sake of having the same name..... [url="https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cOrPcjpGWwI"]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cOrPcjpGWwI[/url]
  11. Dingwall Porn

    Giving my Z3 a good thumbing..... This bass is great, easily one of the best bases you can buy today. [url="https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kEDzNKxb43M"]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kEDzNKxb43M[/url]
  12. TC Electronics -Corona Chorus Still boxed and in good condition, Toneprint enabled and god all round chorus £75 - inc postage in the UK **SOLD*** T-Rex Classic power supply Hardly used, with box [attachment=254631:20170930_120918.jpg][attachment=254632:20170930_120329.jpg] any questions, let me know.....
  13. From the floor

    First upload to soundcloud after finding some old recordings 100% bass live looping..... [url="https://soundcloud.com/stephen-canner/sets/from-the-floor"]https://soundcloud.com/stephen-canner/sets/from-the-floor[/url] please try and enjoy and feel free to pass comment....!
  14. Dingwalls

    [quote name='CPBass' timestamp='1491454569' post='3273102'] Any chance of a pic of the Z3? Just out of sheer noseyness�� [/quote] There you go. Also....a few short vids https://youtu.be/Zdud2eP54PM
  15. Fretless over Fretted

    I have both fretted and fret less basses but choose wisely depended on the situation. My fretted comes out when a bit more punch and clarity is required (rock, funk etc) but bring the fret less out for the jazzy stuff where the extra little slides and vibrato are more noticeable. Also I find the eq more important on a fretless especially the mids, it really does make it a more personal and expressive instrument than its fretted counterpart.