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    As I understand it (and I could well be talking out of my fundament)... If you’re going up to the fifth you’ll be playing the major 3rd, 4th, flat 5th (the “blue note”) and 5th which will work nicely in a rock blues setting so long as the flat fifth is just a passing tone. If you’re going to the root you’re playing the 6th, flat 7, major 7 and root. Again, that flat 7/major 7 in a rock/blues context works nicely as passing tones before resolving to the root. In both cases, you’re introducing a note that clashes slightly before resolving it on the fifth or the root. Theres probably a better explanation but that’s how I’ve explained it to myself....
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    Investigating the bass a bit further, a guy on TB said that Grover Jackson used an improved poly with improved UV additives which means the white doesn't yellow and the neck stays quite a pale colour, whereas some earlier basses end up with quite amber coloured necks like on my SB1. Makes sense... Might as well add another pic whilst I'm here though (sorry, but I'm really taken with this bass!)
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    I most definitely will. Not have an amp in the house won’t stop me playing 😂
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    Checks youtube. <refresh> <refresh>.. well?
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    I can throw some light on the Decimax subject.I designed these amps after leaving my post as Technical director of Trace Elliot.I designed the original Trace Elliots and all subsequent ones up to the mk 5 series. Decimax amps had programmable graphic eq and levels plus a midi interface to control and memorise any external effects along with your chosen eq and level.A separate smaller manual graphic allowed for tweaking to compensate for room acoustics without needing to re programme your settings.Main models were D300 and D600 which were 300 and 600 watts respectively. Speaker cabs were either 1x 15 or 4x10.Both featured rear porting.These amps had no connection with Carlsbro at all and were built at our factory in Essex.
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    It’s a high pass and low pass filter - not an envelope filter in any way. High pass is for cutting lows, low pass is for cutting highs, like a tone control on your bass. These are awesome pedals - really useful for boomy rooms, hollow stages, especially with double basses.
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    Just for my own amusement, I briefly joined a 'BUY BRITISH!' farcebook group a while back. I enjoyed laughing at some of the swivel-eyed lunacy on display -- you'd be amazed at how many people really think that Yorkshire Tea is actually grown in Yorkshire -- but it quickly became obvious that for a lot of those people, 'Buy British' actually means 'Buy From Anywhere As Long As It's Not The EU'.
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    Look for Jazzman pickup config models too, the MM style pickup at bridge position has the biggest influence on differences in tone when switching between its modes. The one at neck position less so. This was my Corvette $$. It played like a dream and looked the bizz. Maybe someday I will have room in my rack for another.
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    That Scandinavian company has got it wrong. They will only need a UK VAT registration if they source and deliver within the UK. They won't be able to register in the UK if they just sell to the UK.
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    Brian Ferry? He probably has a yacht but you won't fit a lorry on it.
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    Coming from a large family, always working plus socialising I have done well initially to actually get as far as I have playing the bass . When I was around 15 mum managed to get me a bass ( hohner firewood precision copy ) from her freeman's catalogue . This was after a short attempt to play a lovely black les Paul copy . Thankfully she was allowed to change it. I phoned up an ad placed in sounds for lessons . " You don't need lessons for bass" . Um.. ok. It wasn't until I started learning tab from American guitar mags and meeting one of my best friends through work that I actually could play something remotely tuneful . My friend at the time was charging me £5 and he would play endless metal for hours after I fed him . If I as broke, I'd give him my ozzy albums that I had on cd . It was through him that I discovered Rudy sarzo hot licks video. He also got me to play my fist gig ever ( 30th birthday gig ) with him on guitar in front of 200 people in the centre of London . That got me auditioning for bands . Playing root notes , and frightened to stray too much in fear of sounding too much like les Dawson I was somewhat ltd . when stu hamm and slapping and tapping became popular , I spent too much time trying to do that ( unsuccessfully obviously) and one guitarist who was possibly going to be in a band with said " [email protected]@k stu hamm! Learn the basics" So I did , and started seeing a lovely bloke in tooting ( John hills) . I spent a few months with him , and learnt some theory and a bit of proper music . I day a bit ' every good boy deserves fudge ' etc . He helped me understand triads , scales properly etc . Plus he let me usd his WALfretless for brief periods . I ended up being in a few bands but got bored for a few years . Then after doing my 40th birthday gig on front of 70+ people got the urge again to join a band again . It took me a while to up my game when playing in a proper gigging pub band , and eventually I could play by ear a lot better . But with bands , they start off well and dissolve. Mainly due to ego or commitments . Im pleased to have played places such as the grey horse🐺 in Kingston albeit to shady managers and one man and his dog .🐕 I packed up playing in bands for good around 10 years ago. I have purchased more bassses in case I do gig , but may offload then although letting go is hard. Since noodling at home , I find bass a lot easier . I did have a five string but sold it as I was too nervous to use it live . I thought it more fun to jump around doing rock poses for entertainment rather than people watching me looking bored . I was going to get another 5 string but I have a bass whammy . I found 5 string not difficult to understand . Fretless.. the best neck I have on any bass is my vester custom series . I like the one that my bass sold me on here that he made . All that said, I have now finally got my finger out this year and am managing to record stuff on soundcloud. For years I was trying to use GarageBand on my old Mac mini , but tbh the Ram was not powerful enough and I had glitches everywhere . Plus I never had time to use it due to work and band commitments , Now I have a Moog grandmother which I need to get to grips with ., plus a better Mac with more storage etc. Apps are cool also . so, I'm still keeping a musical interest and it's good to see that everyone here still has . In my case age and time seem to have made a difference . I could have done a lot more with everything but I'm more or less happy with my lot . Just do what gives you enjoyment .
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    It really doesn’t matter what you play - I choose bass just because it’s what I felt/feel (I played tenor trombone as a kid) my Dad played trumpet, wife plays alto & tenor sax, daughter plays flute & Keyboard. We all get a huge amount of enjoyment of just playing music which is what it’s all about. We’re all doing different things in different ways and we’re all at different levels but we’re all getting the same amount of enjoyment from this thing called music.
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    Paging @FinnDave, who has a very nice example for sale on these very pages.
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    Hi all, Selling my Ashdown evo iv 4x10 cab in superb condition. Only once, very powerful and punchy. Has side and top recessed handles for ease of use AND tilt back wheels, as well as slider rails. Comes with padded faux leather cover from Hotcovers - cost around £100 on it's own. Cover has perfect holes for all handles and wheels, and has a front pocket for cables etc and an understrap to stop it rising in transit. Fantastic cab for any set up. Pick up Leyland, Lancashire.
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    Anyone else got some New Year's resolutions for playing? What I wanted to do was "practice more", but based on experience that's not going to happen unless I get specific. So: Play for at least 30 mins every day. Do a warm up then at least one technique exercise for speed/dexterity based on part of a song. Do at least one musical exercise with arpeggios/scales in all keys round the cycle of 4ths. Work on learning songs - a complete song, not just licks or parts. Play along with it until can be done with no significant mistakes. Continue working on the Jazz walking bass course I have been doing. Keep a practice diary and time how long I am spending on each item. Don't buy any more gear! (apart from consumables and odds & ends) This is mostly stuff I have been doing anyway, but in an organised way instead of random impulses and noodling around on a lick that caught my ear. Anyone else got some resolutions they want to share?
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    Heavy Metal Tele comes to mind. Edit: a quick Google seems to confirm this.
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    Great looking bass. Wish I had the cash. GLWTS.
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    I think that my major achievement since the pandemic started has been to finally learn to play Mars Cowling's bassline on the live album version of Gettin' Betta...!
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    Sounds phenomenal @HaNgMaN
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    Update from Andertons; Delivery expected "on or about 15th January".....
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    Don't forget how personal 'that' sound is -and how much it can depends on the instrument as well as the amp.
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    I think he got mixed up and thought this maybe the model with the attachable inflatable erm shall we say member lol
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    I'm in! There once was an elephant that was mechanical. Someone mistook it for real, but he's like the guitars in this track! Bass & hook played on the Roli Seaboard. Drums courtesy of Apple Drummer. Guitars made of random chopped up & processed guitar sounds taken from Apple Loops.
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    I subscribe to a You Tube channel elsewhere, where the narrator just goes, 'Wassup, guys?' at the start and it just makes me want to put my fingers in my ears and go, 'La la la la la.'
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    As soon as any You Tube video starts with the host saying, 'What's going on, guys?' it just makes me cringe.
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    It depends if the purchases are being made by those that are looking to buy British made. ROAR! Britain!
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    In which tier is this pub?
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    Yep some Norwegian shipping company set it up.
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    I saw this morning on the news a ferry load of Truck Drivers from Ireland disembarking at Dunkirk. Its a 24hr crossing which is fairly significant but the feeling was "at least we know its going to be 24hr and we're not stuck in our lorries without a bog". The crossing service had increased to 6 days a week now. That's a lot of business lost along the old land bridge through the UK.
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    I suspect that it isn't sustainable and will be quietly changed at some point
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    I presume the TRBX headstock takes the SR as its model (the neck specs are an almost exact copy, too)
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    Keep practicing in the meantime.
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    Sorry to sound harsh but I'd be delighted if there was someone like ACG only 45 miles from me.
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    See this is the problem with Basschat. I bought a Club as I'm not a fan of The Beatles and didn't want to have 'the Macca chat' every time I used it, I even bought a black one as the sunburst still looks very 'McCartney'. So why am I now finding myself scouring ads for a violin bass? It won't even sound any different to my Club. 🙄 😄
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    Bassworks Luthier FB Page OK so tried a different route if this does not get you to my Facebook page then Basschat is blocking links that go out of their platform and instead putting you back to the head of the thread. This video with audio is the pinned post on my page. Thanks. My search string on Facebook is @bassworksluthiery
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    It was just a suggestion to say there’s 30gb of free storage available if needed, that it’s easy to use for backing up music files and would be an acceptable solution for keeping the files safe rather than binning the original files and regretting it later on. Having worked as a web developer for over 15 years I’m well aware of how cloud storage works and the pros and cons, it was just a quick and easy suggestion to help the OP backup files.
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    anything I do is on an big external drive if I want to keep it, easy to copy it over if you want to fiddle with it
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    I do i foolishly started an expensive course to try better my Bass playing and learn the Theory but got bogged down....let's face it we all learn to play songs and join bands end of....but at nearly 60 and several bands later playing utter shite at times and same old, same old covers i just don't enjoy it and as a Bassist you don't get much choice....so hence switching to Guitar.
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    I totally get it. I grow ever weary of exactly this. The vast majority of bass guitar teachers I've come across (online at least) are obsessed with incessant jazz noodling, which to me is little more than noise pollution, and / or require you to read music, which i have absolutely no interest in or use for. Good luck with the guitar. It's all about enjoying what you're doing.
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    More work progress on Marks ZB-1000 Zoot bass. The neck is now finished and ready to fit and have the top nut cut. Here are some pictures and a quick mock up of the body and full bass. Not long now and this will be making it's way to a new home.
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    Never ceases to amaze me how much people’s tastes differ. 99% of the headstocks posted here would be in my worst ever. 😂
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    I think this is an informative thread, I know very little about import charges etc, and lots of the vintage basses I look at are abroad, so it’s good info for me 🙂
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    That was a bit wordy wasn't it? Here's the TLDR version: I bought a Hofner Violin Bass, it's excellent, here's a pic: All the best for New Year - Lee
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    Considering we're only 2 days away from this kicking in. There seems to be little to no real information around as to what the new rules will entail. I've still no idea what I would be expected to pay shipping goods out of the UK into the EU. Or the other way around. My wife who runs a small Etsy business has now taken the UK off her shipping list altogether. I will never understand how anybody ever thought this was a good idea. How are business supposed to deal with all this [email protected] with less than a weeks notice. Another appalling mess from Boris and his chums.
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    I've been 37 years a VAT professional. Shall we do willies next?
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    In the end I did pull the trigger on one. I had it delivered last week but I've not had a great deal of time to get to know it yet. I spent about an hour with it yesterday including a slight adjustment to the factory setup, just a little high for my liking. It's obviously a beautifully put together and finished bass, exactly what you'd expect from a G&L. It's a bit heavier than my Precisions but to me, thats no big deal. But for a £1k+ bass I think it should have come with a hard case and not a pretty cheap gig bag but hey ho. It would be nice to get the opportunity to play it at volume and not just quiet home noodling but that's not going to be happening anytime soon unfortunately. Even so, its a cracking bass.
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    For a cheapy they got the string path right on this one! Can't fault the shape either.

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