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  1. Thanks for all these helpful comments and ideas. That completely makes sense to get away from the amp to get an idea of the sound around the room. I don't have anything wireless just yet but I do have cable linkers so could join a couple of cables and walk around a bit. I can also bring a couple of extension leads to get the bass amp closer to the drummer so that we set the volume together. They usually rehearse and gig in the same town hall so if I can work on getting a good sound there then that will be a good start. The drummer was nice and said the feel was good and driving but the sound wasn't cutting through when the full band was playing. Hopefully some experimenting with getting just the right sound will pay off and set a nice foundation for the band. It's a weekly band and the previous bassist did it for over 20 years I'm told! So I'm working through the tunes in the pad at home and looking forward to playing more. Oh yeah I should have said, it's a Precision 4 string bass and a Mark Bass medium sized amp, the amp can go really loud if need be. The chairs there were curved and it didn't sit flat on the chair so I put it on the floor, but I can bring a stool or something to raise it off the ground. Thanks, Caroline
  2. Bit excited.. After doing some depping on bass with some local big bands, I've finally joined a big band as the main bassist. I figured it's a good way to improve at bass as you get so many different styles thrown at you. So I asked for some charts in advance and learned them, and got quite roasted at reading some new ones.. have brought the pad home to work on. The main thing I'm having difficulty with is finding a good sound and volume. I'm more used to playing acoustic instruments (drums & percussion) where the sound carries quite far, and the sound seems to travel really differently coming out the bass amp. We're rehearsing in a big wooden town hall and some of the tunes are really loud. It seems really loud to me next to the bass amp but others (even the drummer who was about 2m away) were struggling to hear it so I think the sound trails off quite quickly when it comes out the amp. I cranked up the volume until the drummer was happy.. he's a good and experienced drummer so I definitely trust his judgement. So just wondering, when you're right next to a bass amp and the volume is just really loud , and it can sound totally different even 2m away - how have people learned to gauge what it sounds like around the room to set it so it's not too loud or too quiet? And any tips on setting sound in this environment to cut through well? Thanks, Caroline
  3. Hey everyone, I was looking into ways to play outside just now as it's summer and UK indoor performances are all cancelled due to Covid. I got some useful advice on the Battery Powered Bass Amps thread for different types of battery powered bass amps and also ways to connect a battery to normal bass amps or run from car generators. After a lot of looking into it, I ended up not going down the bass amp or battery/generator route at all. I'm also a drummer and had a couple of outside jams with a quartet where the double bassist owns a battery powered PA speaker. He said a few local double bassists use these, and to get the 40W one instead of the 100W as the bass sound is better. It's a Behringer battery powered PA speaker https://www.thomann.de/gb/behringer_mpa40bt.htm I bought this and the Behringer V-tone bass pre-amp for around £20 for a DI, which actually has turned out not to be all that necessary. Apparently the battery lasts up to 12 hours, it's small/lightweight and it has a second input as well as a bluetooth function to pair with a microphone or MP3 player. It sounds great with guitar coming through and can get an impressive volume out of it. When I have been on drums, the guitarist had the volume around half full and it sounded fine. It doesn't deal with the lowest notes on my 4 string Precision too well at a really loud volume, although changing tone and pre-amp settings helps. It comes with a mic and cable. Just wanted to let people know that this has turned out to be a reasonably simple and cheap option to allow outdoor playing.. hopefully we'll be allowed to play indoors again soon. Caroline
  4. Really good I thought. I've kinda gone off topic on this thread and ended up getting something different from what was being discussed so I'll start a new thread for anyone looking into battery powered PA speakers. Thanks again for the help.
  5. Hey, just to give an update, I settled on a Behringer battery powered PA speaker with a bass pre-amp. I asked around and a few double bass players use these for outside gigs so thought I'd give it a try. So far really happy with it, apparently the battery lasts up to 12 hours, and it has a second input as well as a bluetooth function to pair with a microphone or MP3 player. Jamming with a drummer outside tomorrow so will see how it goes. It doesn't deal with the lowest notes on my 4 string Precision too well at a really loud volume, but at only £139 can't ask for too much. It even comes with a mic and cable https://www.thomann.de/gb/behringer_mpa40bt.htm
  6. Ok great, that's all good to know, thanks. So does anyone have a battery setup that works with the pure sine inverter that could say specifically which items to buy please? This is for a Markbass F1 and 2x12 cab, have smaller cabs too that could be used if the bigger one is an issue, but I'm now ideally aiming to be able to gig properly outside given the recent government guidelines. Caroline
  7. Thanks for these helpful replies. It's looking ideal to use the regular amps with a battery and pure sine inverter. Can anyone who uses a setup with a pure sine inverter and battery please recommend which ones you use? And which type of battery you use? They don't look cheap so looking for something that will definitely work on either a small or medium sized amp. I've read it'll need a deep cycle battery but Mottlefeeder uses a lead acid battery, I'm a bit stumped and not sure which is the best to go for.
  8. Hi, sorry to resurrect such an old thread. I'm on the lookout for a way to battery power a small Genz Benz or medium sized Mark Bass amp, and some of the links here like the Maplin battery pack are no longer active. For people who do this regularly, just wondering is getting a battery amp the way to go or is it better to get a decent battery pack for my regular amps? If the latter, any recommendations please for which is best for this purpose? It's just to play outside with people, busking or little jams for fun with drums. Ideally not looking for a massive generator that could do a full band/PA system, just enough to get a working bass amp. Thanks, Caroline
  9. Thanks for your replies and input on this. I'm being extra conscious about looking into different techniques and choosing ones to work with from the beginning, instead of having to go back later and make any radical changes. So far the Jaco way is feeling more natural than the floating thumb way, so I've been learning some new tunes slowly and trying to think carefully about muting with the 4th and 5th fingers on the A and D string. The pinky is natural enough although it's a bit tricky with the 4th finger as movement is so linked with the 3rd finger when playing. It might be something that becomes more natural with a bit of time. thanks Ricky I appreciate that, gotta sort out them pesky right hand fingers from flapping around though and the weird bendy thumb. Cheers, Caroline
  10. Hi everyone, I'm pretty new to playing bass and am hoping to choose a good right hand technique to learn to mute open strings. I've asked around a few bassist friends and so far have come across the floating thumb technique which gets pretty well described here https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=161&v=PPVMBPmrblU&feature=emb_logo I've heard John Patitucci uses this method. The second option which I've been trying out is muting the open A and D strings with the 4th and 5th fingers, I've heard Jaco did this. I play a 4 string Fender Precision and have noticed that my right thumb is doing a weird bendy motion when I move up and down the strings so am trying to sort this out. I'm documenting my progress with some bass covers at this playlist, you can see the problem with the bending thumb happening here https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLwgp_pO-XMiZWOa4Dt8Ns2AnWfjqQ58hP Am wondering which different methods people here use and why? Thanks, Caroline
  11. Wow Chris, nicely done - really enjoyed that. If I could ask a question please.. what kind of bass is that and how do you tune it?? And is that one of the latest Roland electronic kits the drummer is using? Sounds great. Here's my latest offering, I really love when Michael Brecker's solo kicks in here on this tune A Game of Inches by Gordon Goodwin's Big Phat Band. Not gonna lie, took me ages to learn this!!
  12. Hi, thank you for the warm welcome, I'm looking forward to joining in the community of bass players yes I think playing drums probably does help as you get to meet different bass players and ask questions. I was given some advice on 'raking' to get my fingers moving and given Ed Friedland's walking bass lines book to get started. Although it's taking a while to figure out the fretboard, the top half of that is still a mystery! Thanks for checking out the vids, there's another one coming soon (Michael Brecker, really excited about this one). Cheers, Caroline
  13. Wow there's loads of great stuff up here. Love the Toto video Higgie. I'm a beginner bass player (usually a drummer) and have been doing some videos to kind of record my progress learning bass. I'm at month 11 now, nearly 1 whole year of playing bass, so thought I'd get out into the real world and share it with some real bass players! Here's a link to the playlist. There are a few pop tunes and a couple of jazzy ones up there. Cheers, Caroline
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