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    Evening all I played this bass in a shop years ago (Chandlers I think), at which time I was still firmly in something of a Jaco phase. I loved it, and thought "I'll own that one day when I have a proper job"! It popped up for sale on Reverb earlier this year so I jumped at it. It's absolutely glorious, and pretty much sounds like it looks (and smells), open the case and plug it in and it oozes a 50+ year history of jazz/blues bars, sweat, nicotine and alcohol. It's obviously had a few changes over the years, but none detract from the fact that this is a fine example of a well played vintage musician's bass, and far closer I imagine to Jaco's than the FCS relic ever was (I've owned that also). But I sank almost £3k into a bass that I only play at home, which simply doesn't work with any of the bands I play in, and which I think I'd prefer to sell or trade for something more useful (I also have a Warmoth FL Jazz that works better for me having a 44mm). Photos below from the dealer's site, I can provide more detailed shots if needed. Cheers Chris
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    stinky poo on a stick. If that had frets on, I’d be right up poostink alley without a propulsion implement. Crimmeny and gosh darn it. Looks like you need an updated tetanus to play it, but I want it...and I don’t necessarily mean to play. I want to buy it dinner and impress it with my witticisms and anecdotes before a mucky fumble in the back of a hackney carriage.
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    Perhaps the seller meant it was made OVER the WATER in China
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    She messaged me about my BB’s - thought she meant my Yamahas not my tumescent gonads. oh well.
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    That's how I use it, as sharing folders was creating trouble for some people with smaller storage.
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    You're using a shared folder in Dropbox, so anything the owner copies into it gets copied to your Dropbox too. If your drummer just sends a link to the folder you can choose which individual files you want, and can download them or copy to your Dropbox selectively, and delete them when you want.
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    Yeah I thought “maybe a pre tanglewater prototype” shame it’s in such a state.
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    It's written on the headstock, it's an Overwater Design, so maybe a bass predating the Tanglewood era...
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    Not all Overwater basses have the truss adjust at body end. Looking thru Overwater Gallery there are some headstocks that look very much like it plus the neck on the P Overwater had a black nut from what i could see. Couldn't see any standard P basses on their gallery. They either had the full 3 band EQ or 3 pots rather than 2. If the seller has evidence that it was purchased from Overwater it should list all parts used. Overwater will fit any parts you suggest rather than their own. Its totally up to the individual I'd be surprised if Overwater made a mess of any finish, their basses are first class. I have 2 off them. Dave
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    Also, Overwater Jazz and PB's have the truss rod adjuster at the body end. If it ever did start out life as an Overwater, there's precious little of it left beyond the body.
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    The reason the room is empty is because they all saw you caring that lot in. They're all standing over the other side of the car park. 😂
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    It was unbelievable. Kind of filled the room with bass without ever being too loud.
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    Hi Michael Nice to hear from you and I hope you're well. The Jazz didn't last much longer I'm afraid as I struggle with the body shape for some reason and always look line in shooting ducks when I'm playing one! I decided to replace it with a stunning 2014 Classic Ray which is in absolutely spotless condition. It's a lovely weight too. Not quite two matching pairs, but pretty close
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    The good news is that the neck has got to Nottingham! The bad news is that I have now had to pay the customs, etc … but actually, at £28, that was better than I was expecting So - in that I have to do further coats anyway, I've started looking at the black stain options and am in discussion with @scrumpymike whether he wants me to try a black/grey burst or just go with black. The stain is working quite well - I'm using Chestnut Spirit Stain. This is after a couple of coats. It would have more and the finish will also further darken it but - for notoriously difficult black staining - it's an encouraging start: One of the curiosities of black stain, particularly on Alder, is that the grain shows lighter than the surrounding wood - when using any other colour, the grain will always show darker than the surrounding wood. And the old trick of sanding down and reapplying doesn't work when black is the actual stain. This first coat shows what I mean: The reasons become clear once you start thinking about it. One for the family gatherings when the conversations go quiet over the Christmas period.
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    Be all over it like a tramp on hot chips.
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    NOW SOLD For sale is a rare Parker Fly 5. I bought this on a bit of a whim last year, but I'm finding the string spacing is a bit tight for my gorilla mitts, so it's not getting the use it deserves. A huge tonal range from magnetic and piezo pickups, specs are below. A few small dinks, shown in the photos, but in very good overall condition. Specs: Sitka Spruce laminated body with Quilted Maple front and back, the neck is Mahogany wrapped in carbon fibre, the headstock is Curly Maple. The fretboard is glass and carbon fibre with stainless steel frets. Fretboard radius 10"-15", 34" scale. 24 medium size, hardened stainless steel frets, lightweight aluminum locking Sperzel® tuners. GraphTech® nut, width: 1.8". Mono-Rail II bridge with individual Fishman piezo pickups, gain of each adjustable from within the control cavity. 17mm string spacing at the bridge. 2 Custom DiMarzio Ultra Jazz™ hum-cancelling pickups with active Fishman EQ. Controls are: master volume, magnetic pickup volume, magnetic pickup pan, stacked magnetic active 2 band EQ, stacked piezo tone and volume.
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    Selling my Line6 Stomp that I acquired earlier this year. it is in fantastic condition only used sparingly at home in a desktop setup, used with hands not stinky feet or dirty boots. comes with all original packaging and power supply and paperwork. 24hr insured courier delivery included in price.
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    If you're actually downloading the files to your own device, you should be able to delete them as normal. However, if you're listening to your band tracks via your drummers Dropbox account (i.e., in a shared folder), then you won't be able to delete the files as they'll be in his account. With WeTransfer, the files are only on the server for 7 days then deleted. Once you've downloaded them, delete as appropriate.
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    Yes I will do in next day or two - equipment currently living in the rack is just about to ‘hermit crab’ its way into a larger rack! 😆
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    You might want to contact her and ask
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    I'm seriously considering a new Ashdown RM500 next year.
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    Looking forward to hearing this
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    A helpful hint of I may... Get yourself to Halfords and ask for a bike box from their rubbish. Preferably one that hasn't been broken down. A Stanley knife and a roll of packing tape, Bob is you mother's brother. Takes a bit of fettling to make it fit but I always find the cardboard is tough and makes a nice strong and well protected box. From a fellow overwater fan.
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    I would just send it to Real Electronics. They are authorised repair agents and have all the spares. It's pretty modular in construction so should be an easy fix for them.
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    So did I, back in the early 70s, it fed back like a howling dingo!
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    TIs take a while to get used to with their tension being a fair bit less than most other strings. It’s something I’m going to encounter again as am going to have flats on one of my Precisions. From recall I adjusted fairly easily, especially considering I used them for my current band and my playing style for that is quite hard hitting. Won’t affect it this time though as they’ll be on the bass I’m going to use for learning genres/songs other than punk.
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    I did miss it but great read too. So looking forward to the new book Dave. Love your writing style. Just makes me laugh. Dave
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    Saw this. I thought “ha! No way”. And that’s me out. Looks terrible.
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    Got mine a few months back, easily the best amp I've ever used, infact it's not even close.
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    Not so local, as these are Belgian beers. 😉
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    How do you know it's only for one song? There's something to be said for continuing learning and expanding your horizons. It is a very easy song, but with educational potential. The only difficulty for someone who doesn't slap is its speed, when you first look at it. I get that. But once you analyse it, there's not a lot to it: a simple pattern over three chords that shifts at one point or another a whole tone. If you play it slow it won't take too much effort to get it to sound right. The hardest parts on that song are actually the non-slapped bits! I'm sorry if I look like I'm insisting too much... I don't mean to tell the OP that he absolutely must slap Of course not... But I'd rather he made that decision based on... well, a choice, and not because he thinks he can't do the other style... when I'm pretty sure he would pick it up fast if he wanted to. I insist because of my own 'history'. I never cared for slap. There were a few things that I liked but they sounded too difficult for me to even try... some stuff by Larry Graham (POW), RHCP (Tell me baby), Louis Johnson (Michael Jackson - Get on the floor)... However, I joined a little covers band and we did a few RHCP tracks. Fortunately, only one had slap: "Can't stop". I learnt it. Badly at first, a bit better after a few weeks. Then the band folded. Drummer was a big fan of the RHCP and we decided to meet once a week to play RHCP tunes, and by now I was curious about slap. Higher Ground came up as a suggestion, and I laughed... No way. But I went home, sat with the song, and figured out what the bassline was... and it was not hard, it was just uncomfortable for me and I just could not do it at the right speed but it was not hard to get the notes to sound right. Every day I'd play 15-20 minutes, and by the end of the week I was still off target speedwise, but not too far and I surprised the drummer playing it... with a few mistakes, fumbles, and slower than it should... but merely a week earlier I thought that song was way out of my reach. It wasn't long until I could play that, and many others. I was not great. I am not great at it, I very rarely slap... but if there's a situation calling for a bit of slap, or there's a song that has slap, I don't need to say "no, I can't".... you know what I mean? And that feels good, knowing that you have expanded your set of skills. RHCP's Higher Ground sounds pretty cool if you don't slap. Nothing wrong with that. But that intro is classic, and doing it without slapping feels like you're diluting it too much. I used to hate it myself, because I never liked being the centre of attention, and being alone for the first 4 bars or whatever it is... ugh, nerves!
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    I'd never heard that before but love it, simple but hypnotic bassline. I'd love to start with that if I ever join a band. Added to lyric and chords sheet list.
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    Could just play it finger style - I do that for Treasure by Bruno Mars, as I'm not very good at slap and it sounds much better this way
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    STOP IT................ Also my fav Genesis album and era plus fav prog album ever. Never get tired listening to that album. It has a feel good factor for me every time i play it. Saw and met them all back in 80's. Had a great chat with Phil Collins as well when he sat and had tea and cakes with us. Sad to say i even have all the band autographs including manager and Tony Banks wife as well and all in my Seconds Out music book. A personal treasure for me. Dave
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    I do 😀. We haven't done anything proggy yet, but he's got the gear, more than capable and keen as mustard.
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    Thanks, Peter. Yes, I definitely agree with you. I have owned regular Fenders previously and you can certainly feel and hear the difference in quality. All the best, Daz
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    This is, in my opinion, how it should be done. Stop the show. Make it clear who the issue is with and that nothing else is gonna be played until the person responsible is gone. Resume.
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    Met up with Basschat forumer Karlfer this afternoon, to do a trade and ended up with this rather nice US Deluxe HH Dimension Bass. It was a pleasure meeting and doing business with Karl and talking bass, of course. For some reason, Fender's Dimension series of basses didn't seem very successful, coming and going rather quickly. I remember buying a new SQUIER Deluxe Dimension Bass V MN Black, for under £300 and being very impressed. A lot of Fender players are very traditional and I guess they didn't take to Fender's attempt to produce an EBMM Stingray beater. My first impressions of this particular Dimension bass, are very positive and having owned a number of EBMM Stingrays, can see the similarities and differences. The Dimension uses some very nice woods and hardware and the build quality and finishing are very good. The 2 HB pickups come with a 5-way selector switch, that gives 2, double pickup, single-coil options. And it is these 2 options that I like the most. The pickups in full HB mode, singly or together sound good but I prefer the clarity of the SC options. So how does it compare with a Stingray? The bridge pickup is a lot closer to the bridge than on a Stingray. So if you are after a bass that can do that Stingray sound, you'll be a little disappointed. The Dimension's pickups don't have the HB quality of an EBMM Stingray, IMO. But they do have there own sound and a lovely variety of combinations to delight your ear. This bass sounds great through both my gigging rig (Galien Krueger - Mark Bass) and through my practice/back up amp (Fender Rumble 500 combo). It's a lovely mix of Stingray and Jazz Bass, to my ears, with something of it's own as well. This Deluxe bass came with very low, very solid action and this combined with a very comfortable neck, make it a pleasure to play. To my eyes, it's a bit of a looker too, with a translucent sunburst finish, over some lovely wood grain. Although, on a personal level, I'd have preferred a tort scratchplate, with black, Jazz Bass style knobs. As in it's name, this bass comes with some welcome, Deluxe features. A very tasty, Hi-Mass bridge, a Heel-Mounted, Spoke Wheel, Truss Rod Adjuster and a very capable 18V Preamp with Active 3-Band EQ. I also really like the Fender "F" Light-Weight Vintage-Paddle Key Tuners, with Tapered Shafts. OK, I've only played this bass for about an hour, both solo and along to my own recordings (bass muted of course) but so far I am very very pleased with it, both as a very capable/usable instrument and as a tasty addition to my bass herd. I don't think I've played a bass quite like it, which is a very good thing, in my book. So cheers Karl.
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    On a side note, do Fender no longer supply tools with new guitars? Bit naughty if they don't. Last MIM Fender I bought was a Telecaster and the truss rod needs 3/16.
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    My 2 current bands:
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    If you are willing to look at second-hand kit, you may get more for your money. For little more than the price of a new Stagg, I found an Aria SWB-03. It has both a magnetic pickup and bridge piezos, with separate volume controls for each source....and unlike the Stagg, it has a small semi-acoustic body which gives it a little more warmth and resonance, and also enables audible unamplified practice. As has been said, you need to find the right strings to match your bass; but overall I'm very pleased with my EUB, and several people at the recent Sarf-East Bass Bash also seemed to like it. No, it's not a DB, never will be; but in the mix with an amplified band and using your best DB technique, it more than does the job.
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    Thanks Frank.......trust a dumb singer to not think that this forum would be visited by bass players from......everywhere!
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    As said before you clearly have an axe to grind and are vocal about it here and Facebook etc. Your comments are often geared towards saying this happens in the majority of cases etc. with no reported actual figures to back up. For clarity, for it to be a majority it would have to be a significant percentage of their sales, and if you have the figures on Gen 1 vs 2 vs 3 and the frequency of issues covering the trend, whether it’s static, improving, getting worse. You could argue that if it’s improving, then they are a better company for it, even if not perfect. For example electrical manufacturers build in up to a 5% failure rate for components inside the recognised timespan of use. The fact is they have had or do have problems (no one denies this) the opinion is this is the most problematic brand out there - conjecture. Yes its an open forum, but all these issues were mentioned in the OP’s post, and he is giving a well written personal experience with a brand. If someone asks for brand X vs brand Y which shall I get, then that is the true place to get your knives out, and then others will disagree accordingly. The fact is, it’s a thread about someone expressing their joy at a product, it’s churlish to rain on a parade.
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    Sorry for the crap pic's but here's my Masterbuilt P/J bass by Jason Smith. It is a '59 P bass that has these twists - Black Pearl finish, Chrome pickguard, Jaco J bridge pickup, Vol, Vol, Tone Controls, Side mount jack, Badass II bridge & early 70's logo.
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    In fact here you go

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