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  1. Small shorty PJ update. I replaced the Seymour Duncan SPB-3 (Quarter Pound P) pickup with a SPB-1 (Vintage P). Never really liked the sound of the SPB-3, too harsh and too modern sounding also a way too high output, in the end not how I like a P pickup to sound, the combination with DiMarzio bridge pickup also didn't sound the way I had in mind. This SPB-1 sounds the way I want and works great in combination with the bridge pickup.
  2. Update: Removed the HoTone delays from the board and added a EarthQuakers Devices Dispatch Master. Rearanged the order of the echo effects.
  3. Finally after almost a year - a new update. Gone: tc electronic shimmer and chorus, rat clone, Mooer LoFi, tuner (I prefer clip-on tuners). Back: CKK tremolo, Chowny Fuzzster. New: MuTron Micro-Tron IV, Boss Multi Overtone. Moved some things around on the board, not in the chain.
  4. Another one that came by at a price I could not resist.
  5. Two that I made myself. And one I bought.
  6. Engineer/machinist, not retired. The drawing board is just a very handy tool, is primarily used as a extra table which can be flipped up.
  7. I do - Straight from the box it was a piece of junk! Click here to find what was needed to make it playable.
  8. Most of them are in one room, there are even more spread around my house.
  9. Dirt cheap at Thomann, 799 euro instead of 1499! Couldn't resist this one.
  10. It's still running on the first battery, I mounted the preamp three or four years ago but this is not my most used bass.
  11. More control over highs and lows which results in a more detailed definition of the humbuckers.
  12. Time for another update. Moved a few pedals around, removed the Joyo compressor, added a tc electronic 3RD Dimension chorus and reinstated the Boss tremolo instead of the CKK electronics tremolo. Yellow switch caps before and after the noise gate, the black ones are in the noise gate FX loop... Not really a necessary or useful update, done just because I can.😀
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