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  1. When I wanted to make my 12 string I also ran into the problem that especially bridges for 12 strings are nearly non existent. However the Schaller 8 string bridge will accommodate 12 strings without any modifications! The beast. More Pictures of the finished result. Build diary in the build diaries section here on BassChat.
  2. blablas

    Got wood?

    More of my wood basses, these are the ones I bought. Naked. A piece of wood that's a bit more special (sandblasted, way before Fender invented it!). Even though it's painted the grain is very clearly visible (and feel able). Wood underneath a burst or clear colour.
  3. blablas

    Got wood?

    Yes to both.
  4. There is way too much open space for such a nice pedalboard! 😉
  5. The preamp is a BTC control,. The pickups, jack and volume pots are still original, I also installed a internal trim pot because the pickups have a rather high output.
  6. Up till now it works flawless. All slots are used and the two variable outputs are being used at 12 V.
  7. blablas

    Family Photos

    Afraid it's not the full family but it's most of them. Due to space restrictions some have to live in other rooms.😉
  8. Measuring from the 12th fret is the most reliable and accurate method. 🤐
  9. Finally another update on my board, It's been a while. What has changed? - EQD GhostEcho is placed further down the chain, gives the best result before all the modulation effects. - Modified the layout on the small board. - Two new power supplies under the hood. Harley Benton ISO-1 Pro and ISO-2 Pro. The ISO-2 was chosen due to the need for 12 Volt with the Two Notes LeBass and the DG Microtubes X. - Thanks to these new power supplies I could ditch a HB Junior and a few wall warts. Each pedal has its own power socket now - no more fiddling with daisy chains. - Two new mini pedals, HoTone EKO en Tape EKO. - TC Fluorescence back from pseudo retirement. - Some new cables here and there. - Some Rockboard light dampening caps for the pedals that have a spotlight for the on/off indication (all Earthquaker Devices and the MXR Envelope).
  10. . All of my Warwick's together.
  11. All of my Warwick's together.
  12. Two and a half months since my previous update, not much happened in that period of time. Only thing I did was swap positions between the EarthQauker Devices Afterneath and Ghost Echo. Today I finally added a new pedal, a Darkglass Microtubes X, the Chowny Fuzzster had to make way for this one. De EQD Westwood into the microtubes X is fantastic!!
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