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  1. Southpaw Spotted

    Turn off Adblocker and it will show.
  2. Lefty Photo Gallery

    New bass in the building, Revelation bass VI. Amazing how they can make an instrument with this build quality for this little money, faultless paint (polish) job, good finished pickguard and properly setup straight from the box. Of course I had to do some tweaks or it won't feel like it's mine, replaced the chrome pickguard screws with black ones, lowered the nut and did an even better setup. Also put some foam between the bridge and the strings, they were resonating irritatingly without this.
  3. Post your pedal board - Basschat style!!

    Will probably sound like crap. Never tried it to be honest.
  4. Post your pedal board - Basschat style!!

    Yes, and also because they are sticking out higher than the metal switch less chance of accidentally changing the settings of the effect.
  5. Post your pedal board - Basschat style!!

    Chain changes and some new components. Moved the Beat Buddy from the board but it is still part of the chain. Moved around a few effects and added the EHX Silencer, the noisy effects are now in the effects loop of this noise gate. Replaced the TCe Mimiq with a Mooer Ensemble Queen, in the end I did not like the Mimiq it only gave a sort of a pitch shifting chorusy sound and no real doubling, the Ensemble Queen is the third chorus on the board however this one is specifically designed for bass and does some nice things in the lows. Also moved the Fazley tuner from the board for tuning I prefer clip-on tuners, I still use it as a power supply underneath the board (main reason I bought it), filled this spot on the board with the Line6 Relay G10 receiver.
  6. Post your pedal board - Basschat style!!

    [b]Switch caps[/b] No new pedals or changes in the chain order. These caps make switching a lot easier without unwillingly changing the settings knobs of the effect.
  7. Show us yer fretlesses!

    [quote name='Rich' timestamp='1508092973' post='3389706'] Now that looks intriguing. What's the spec on that now?[/quote] Pickups and electronics are from a Hohner B2A and a old Gibson 3D bridge, besides the defretting all other parts are mostly still stock. [quote name='Rich' timestamp='1508092973' post='3389706'] Wow, you built that?? Gorgeous. Again, what's the spec?[/quote] [url="https://afwerking.000webhostapp.com/mk4/mk4fl%20details.html"]Click[/url], the details and more pictures.
  8. Show us yer fretlesses!

    I defretted a few. F(ake)ender Jazz Bass V Squier VM Jazz Bass Westone Thunder I I bought one. Warwick ProSerie Corvette Std 6 FL And built one myself. de afwerking mk4-5 fl
  9. Lefty Photo Gallery

    Added all my pictures that were hosted on PhotoF*cket in this topic again.
  10. Black basses

    My old 'the black beast' And my new 'the black beast II'
  11. Lefty Photo Gallery

    Here it is: The black beast II
  12. Lefty Photo Gallery

    And another one removed from the 'if ever at the right conditions' list. This Fortress 5 string came by at Thomann for a price I was willing to spend on it. It will probably be turned in another black beast in the future - same way I did my fretless Corvette. Replaced the chrome hardware with black and put on DR Black Beauties.
  13. Sanded smooth the outer contours.
  14. Possible new Harley Benton models... we can vote on!

    I do hope I won't regret it for the rest of my life but I made me a facebook account to vote for the PB-50. It looks like this one has a chance of succes at the moment! Only a few more votes and it has made it to the top 5.
  15. Post your pedal board - Basschat style!!

    That's how the board evolved, and if I put them on the board in chain order they won't all fit on it.