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  1. You could probably loose 2 cm at the headstock but it won't look nice.
  2. What's your favourite Preamp/DI?

    Two Notes Le Bass, beats (in my opinion) all of the competition with that real tube edge and as @Bigwan already mentioned extreme flexibility.
  3. Wingnut

    17 inch! I can always put a capo at the 12th fret on a 'normal' bass. But this will spoil the advantage of having a small instrument!
  4. Wingnut

    Don't see that trying happening very soon, I'm a lefty! And to build one just to find out if I like it, or not, feels a bit like a waste of time to me.
  5. Wingnut

    Looks fantastic but I don't like the short scale. With this scale it's not really a true bass.
  6. Lefty Photo Gallery

    The neck feels and plays identical to my V7 and VV7, preamp is also the same, the main difference is the body shape and the sound characteristics of the P pickup. The tuners are also different from the ones that are on my V7's. Cheaper? Better or worse? I don't notice any difference in use. The finish is very good, the preamp is extremely versatile and there are no sharp fret ends.
  7. Lefty Photo Gallery

    Newest member to the herd, Sire Marcus Miller P7 5 string. This is the second one Thomann sent me, I had to return the first one due to a non working P pickup and scratching preamp pots.
  8. Post your pedal board - Basschat style!!

    My ever changing board. Removed a few pedals, added a few new ones and moved a few pedals around and slightly changed the order. Gone: Spectracomp (barely used it), Black Teeth (RAT clone) and Bass Sweeper (also barely used). New: Golden Halo and Alpha-Omicron. The Darkglass Alpha-Omicron is in a league of its own, whatever setting I try it sounds great! I think I'll be busy for quiet a while searching for my favourite settings.
  9. Convertible Fretted to Fretless Bass

    Smart system, only disadvantage is that in fretless mode the action will be high.
  10. Could a lamp cause a bass neck to warp

    Those few kilograms the bass weighs aren't going to add much to the tension the strings are already putting on the neck!
  11. Matsumoku basses

    Restored this Westone a bit to its original glory, put in a P and a J pickup again, the J already wasn't stock I put this one in over 30 years ago.
  12. Swift Lite 2 (sorry, another electric)

    I like this upper horn shape a lot better than the previous one. Didn't want to tell you before but I felt the old horn somehow looked wrong to me and in the end it's your design.
  13. My Alpher Collection

    In my opinion the backsides of all three looks even more spectaculair than the front sides.
  14. I broke my Marshall Super Bass

    You could check out MR. LEE over on BGF, he knows his stuff. There are a few more amp experts over there but he has a nice topic on his adventures in amp land, if he can't help you personally he probably knows other folks who can.