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  1. blablas

    Basschat Builders Gallery.

    My builds.
  2. blablas

    Post your pedal board - Basschat style!!

    Check for yourself. I thought it was longer and more mutations ago I posted an update on my board btw.
  3. blablas

    Post your pedal board - Basschat style!!

    A few updates in pedals and layout.
  4. blablas

    Bassy Things With 6 Or More Strings...

    It is a very nice Bass VI for the price, good pickups and very well built, only thing I didn't like were the stock strings.
  5. blablas

    Bassy Things With 6 Or More Strings...

    Okay, I'll bite! My DIY builds. A few I bought. And few DIY oddballs, but with at least 6 strings. 😉 And yes... they are lefties.
  6. blablas

    Bridge parts - help!

    Grub screws.
  7. Without has a lot of influence on the colour! 😛 But besides that... without looks better.
  8. blablas

    Lefty Photo Gallery

    I've seen several lefty's come by on several bass forums and the only minor issue they all have is that the strings don't align neatly over all four pickup polepieces (the spacing between the polepieces is less than the string spacing) however if the strings align centered over the pickup it doesn't influence the sound at all.
  9. blablas

    Lefty Photo Gallery

    I put a set of flatwound strings on it and it has become one of my favourite 4 string basses. As I understand it from the information that is going round the wrong spaced bridge was/is only found on right handed versions of the PB-50.
  10. blablas

    Lefty Photo Gallery

    Lot's of lefty basses in a limited space. This picture was a experiment with a extreme wide angle lens, just to see if I could make a acceptable picture with all the distortion going on, not a bad result I think.
  11. blablas

    Any Blue Basses Out There?

  12. blablas

    Lefty Photo Gallery

    The replacement is in. Everything works okay on this one.
  13. blablas

    Post your pedal board - Basschat style!!

    Yup it's heavy, there are two power bricks underneath as well. It's only used for having fun at home.
  14. blablas

    Post your pedal board - Basschat style!!

    Changes. One new pedal, retired two others, reinstated an old one and moved a few around. Also replaced most of the EBS patch cables with the newer version EBS patch cable. Had some problems with bad contact at several positions in the chain a few months ago. Hopefully the new version will behave better, they have gold plated plugs so should be more reliable than the older nickel plated plugs.