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  1. my bad! I thought it was the other way around
  2. Hey there. I'm your friendly, rather money tight, lefthanded bass player with a thirst for equipment I can't hope to quench with the money I have 😅 In any case, I've been playing bass for upwards of 7 years now and own a Ibanez GSR200L (which I've refinished) and a Squier Modified 70s Jazz Bass. On the other end of the spectrum, I also play drums and small amounts of guitar and piano, but don't worry, bass still runs supreme to me
  3. It's one of my favourite videos of his, I never fail to enjoy playing it every now and then!
  4. Thank you very much!! I'll be sure to read through it all and attempt it myself in due time!
  5. Davie504 did a video on youtube of a beautiful melodic bass solo with a 12 string (extended range) as shown below, and I've looked for months for a left handed one! No signs! I've even looked for the hardware so I can make one myself, also nothing! Does anyone have ANY information at all to help me with this? I've been dying to get an extended range bass, whether it's 8 or 12 string, so any information would be greatly appreciated for either! The only 12 string I've actually been able to find is right handed and it's £600, so I don't wanna have to pay that kind of money just to strip it down for the parts 😂 many thanks!
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