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  1. I think partly to justify the fact that the P34/5 had a RRP of circa £1k less than the 2024/5 and therefore to put it within reach of a wider market of bass players.
  2. Bought a pedal off Mark. Great guy. The package was well wrapped and the pedal was in the very good condition he described and good comms with Mark throughout. As above, no hesitation in recommending Mark.
  3. AlphaK

    Which Helix?

    If only! But if anyone does have a HX Effects or Stomp that they want to sell, then please feel free to send me a pm.
  4. AlphaK

    Which Helix?

    @krispn been quite a few more poll responses since my earlier post a week or so back. The Helix Floor looks great - but whether I can find one for a reasonable price used is another matter. Certainly can't afford one new. Maybe more sensible to kick off with a Stomp or HX Effects - January sales and NAMM coming up too, so there may be a few more coming up in the Spring as folk move onto the latest gizmos and maybe start to think about off loading some of their existing kit. I'll be keeping my eyes peeled!
  5. AlphaK

    Which Helix?

    Well at least the £ is up to $1.33 from lows of $1.20 a few months back, so hopefully that is going to feed through into prices of some US pedals coming down by 10% next year. Fingers crossed! I can't help but notice that while the Stomp owners are clearly in a majority, the HX Effects owners seem to be the most enthusiastic and that seems to be infectious with folk following this thread looking to buy e.g. both @Deedee and @burno70 have gone for the HX Effects. I read earlier this entirely down to @dave_bass5 being a bad influence ring leader!
  6. AlphaK

    Which Helix?

    18 current Helix owners out there so far voted (thank you). That's actually quite an impressive number - this is clearly a very popular pedal group. I guess not surprisingly half of the ones owned are Stomps, given its relatively modest pricing and compact size and it seems to be the sensible place for a newbie to start there or with the HX Effects and maybe work up to one of the bigger units in due course. Must admit, although it's not going to be the least bit sensible, the Helix Floor does look awesome in what it can do and its super easy to see displays. The only one not floating my boat is the LT - I guess simply due to the lack of the scribble strips.
  7. AlphaK

    Which Helix?

    Wow - some really helpful posts, thanks! Must admit I'd never really looked as far up the chain as the Helix Floor and so hadn't spotted that it has the very useful scribble strips like the HX Effects. So from a purely display perspective if I've got this right: the Floor has large plus scribble, LT large only, HX Effects scribble only and Stomp large only.
  8. I saw that @Jack had an RCF 12" sub paired with two RCF 12" tops, in a for sale thread, which looked great. I'll leave Jack to elaborate on what difference the sub makes to their sound when it's being used vs if they go tops only.
  9. Don't watch this if you're still thinking of getting the RC-10R...
  10. AlphaK

    Which Helix?

    @Deedee always grand when more than one of us is making use of a thread - seems like this is timely for us both! Please feel free to jump in and it will be interesting / illuminating to see which one you go for.
  11. AlphaK

    Which Helix?

    Yes, I can definitely see that if you are going down the IEM route amp & cab sims are going to come into their own and it seems from what dannybuoy is saying that the guitar amp sims can be used as part of FX design and tone shaping. In terms of pricing once you're going down the Stomp + Morningstar MC6 combo route you're into LT pricing territory, which comes with a built in expression pedal. Just wondering whether you had considered the LT as an alternative given that you get considerably more blocks (32 vs 6) and additional processing power plus all the amp & cab sims to allow you to go down the IEM route should you want, with the LT?
  12. Agree with the first, not sure about the relevance of the second point but given your starting point it doesn't make too much difference I guess!
  13. And even more excellent when folk spend time and really get to know their gear and how to get the best out of it!
  14. AlphaK

    Which Helix?

    Seeing a lot of love for the Helix multi-fx on a couple of threads and am seriously tempted to get one from Santa. Would love to know what the BC community, who've got a Helix pedal, have gone for and why? Or if you've moved it on why it didn't cut the mustard. Particularly also interested in how you're using them in a band mix and which FX you're particularly making use of.
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