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  1. I really regret parting with my 200. Don't do it!
  2. Sold my GK Fusion 500 to 'Funkle' a super slick transaction, great comms. Don't hesitate in dealing with Pete.
  3. I've had almost every decent bass amp going, and settled on this one. Hard to beat for that vintage valve tone, swap out the preamp valves and they sound even better. If I didn't already have two, I'd snap this up!
  4. Genuine Shure SM58 it's seen some action but it works as it should. Price includes UK delivery.
  5. Hardly used, sounds amazing and not to be confused with the cheaper Cry Baby Original.
  6. High quality overdrive. A couple of small paint chips, but otherwise in good order.
  7. Great unidirectional condenser mic in very good condition.
  8. Industry standard, great condition, 100% genuine and work as they should. Two for sale £60 each
  9. In my opinion Bare knuckle make the best Precision pickups. I use them in all my basses after trying Fender Custom Shop's, Seymour's, Lollar and Lindy Fralin. Great condition. Only selling as I'm thinning the heard. P BASS - '65 SPLIT COIL P P-BASS FROM ITS INTRODUCTION IN 1951, THE PRECISION BASS TRANSFORMED THE WORLD OF BASS PLAYING WITH ITS UNIQUE LOOK, FEEL AND TONE. THE BARE KNUCKLE P BASS RANGE CAPTURES THAT GROUNDBREAKING TONE IN BOTH THE ORIGINAL 'TELE' BASS SINGLE COIL, AND LATER, HUMBUCKING SPLIT COIL DESIGNS. P'65 Split Coil P Grey fibreboard flat work, non bevelled Alnico V magnets and a lighter wind of 42AWG plain enamel wire characterise this mid '60s inspired split coil set. A brighter high-end, but equally solid bottom-end, make the '65 Split Coil P perfect for rosewood board P basses. Compared to the '58 Split Coil P, the mids are a little hollower with a woodier tone while the bottom-end remains full and warm. The two coils are wired in series for full hum-cancelling, and feature black and white cloth 'push back' hookup.
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