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    Obviously there are the usual contenders like Peaches, Rhythm Stick, Dancing In the Moonlight etc, but many of mine will have come from Chris Squire. We've already had Close to the Edge (or part of it), so I'll throw in this:
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    Ok let's have another crack at this in a less flippant manner. I was engaged at the age of 18, and had a mortgage at 19. By the age of 20, while most of my friends were out partying, going on holiday, buying flash cars etc, I was working upwards of 80 hours a week just to try and survive. My family had moved away from our home town so I had no support network. I was exhausted, severely depressed and just trying to survive. I didn't have time for playing, or even listening to music, and had long since sold all my equipment to pay bills and keep my car on the road just to get to work. Three years later this really came to a head when I split with my fiance, lost my house, and came very close to suicide, all at the ripe old age of 23. Now I'm 43. Extremely happily married for the last 10 years (actually been together for 17) and we've worked extremely hard to get where we are now against all the odds. Including a back injury which put me out of action for 2 years just when I was getting back on my feet, the loss of my second home as a knock on effect from that, more financial problems than I could list, and hardly surprisingly, given the situation, my own ongoing battle with depression. I finally got out of the rat race 3 years ago and moved to Bulgaria. We've just moved into our very own home after spending the past 3 years working our fingers to the bone renovating it. It's hard to explain how much this means as most people take a home for granted. But I've spent most of my life working 60+ hours a week just to pay someone else rent, and for a few years had to live in caravans and motor homes because I couldn't even afford to do that. Now we have a beautiful home that's all ours, no mortgage, no rent, and more importantly no one can take it away. I've just started playing bass again because it's the first time I've had the time to do it since I was 17. I'm not a great (or probably even good) player. I still don't have the money for flashy equipment, but to have the time and freedom to play again is just amazing. I've just started playing in a band for the first time since I left school. So while some people yearn after their youth. You can keep it, because for me everything after about 18 was a living hell. I'm happy to be in my 40's. In fact, I've literally never been happier.
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    If you took the word ‘templates’ out of the Header this Ad would appeal to a whole different market 🤪
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    Ive decided its going to be a bright yellow with the black plate ala Dingwall, should stand out a bit 🤣
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    This morning I gave the tuning head another small turn or 3. The first small turns were quite easy to turn. The tuning head still isn't quite grounded on the worktop. I then got the clothes iron out again and gave it another heat up through a cloth. Looking at the progress, it's looking like it's getting pretty flat. I'm expecting the frets will need levelling, but It's looking a lot better than it was yesterday, not that I'd want to take the clamps off yet.
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    Pino's playing on this is wonderful:
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    Sarf Lundon wedding - I'd not packed the loudspeaker leads (!) so used some odd bits of cable at the venue = atrocious sound. Atmosphere somewhat tense between the guests & after about half an hour some geezer comes up & asks how much I'm getting paid. He stumps up the readies & advises me to leave as 'it's abaht to get a bit ruff in 'ere' I left before the fight (just). 😎
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    Mine is a wedding gig too. We're not a wedding band by any sense of the term. Typical story. The wedding couple were fans of the band and booked us. They never considered their guest we're not fans of us or live music. The event was held in the basement of a Church, the guests sat at card tables. Not a high end event. We were completely ignored. It was like the band was inaudible and invisible. We served no purpose being there. Nobody and I mean nobody even spoke to us. Longest 4 hours of my life. Blue
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    Well those were work in progress pics. I think it turned out a little better in the end. But considering the break was not just one clean snap and had multiple places that needed attention I was pleased. Especially as the break was right over where the truss rod acts! If it was a painted or heavily lacquered finish the repair would be completely invisible. Anyhow glad I could help. And get a very good action to boot.
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    Hi, any advice on where best to sell physical CD's? The two I know of are CD Baby and Bandcamp. We're not expecting to sell that many but do want to offer them. All advice greatfully recieved.
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    Due to the purchase of a new tc head its time to move this on. Powerfull little combo which gives you 250 watts of power but with the addition of the ext cab this will give you 500 watts..its very loud .. Includes the carry cases Has a few scuffs but these were kindly done when purchased whilst in transit so hence collection only from NR17 area though I'm willing to meet halfway (max 50miles )at no extra charge .. Sorry just dont trust carriers anymore and the insurance isnt worth the paper its written on. Looking for £425.00 ..
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    Last Friday I had tickets for Cloudbursting at the Oran Mor in Glasgow,our own @sprocketflup performs the bass duties. Sadly my old mam had a stroke that afternoon so I missed the gig ☹️ Good news was Cloudbursting were back in Scotland the following week,playing our town hall 👍 Great evening and by christ Mandy can sing. Any folks here appreciate Kate Bush ? Well get your backsides along to see Cloudbursting. http://cloudbustingkatebushtribute.com/index.html
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    They do a fabulous espresso there so I’m told.
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    They weren't new strings Maude, so i doubt i'll need to play them for a while. I guess the running in period has already been sorted
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    Nice ,black is very underated colour on jazz basses
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    The highway one models were all American made the neck and body were cnc machined in corona California, they were then put on a lorry and sent down “highway one” to the factory in Mexico where they were painted and lacquered, the parts were then sent back up “highway one” to corona where they were then put together, assembled and setup i believe the reasoning for this was largely to do with some rule / law regarding the types of paint / lacquer used was more relaxed in mexico thr later models, like my 2007 did indeed have American standard pickups, badass II bridge and dual?! Graphite rods in the neck, the decal was also changed for these models as was the positions of the truss rod adjustment from headstock to heel Happy to be corrected if I’m wrong
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    Golden Earring — Radar Love
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    Bumped for those who haven't seen it before..
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    Compare and contrast with the Jessye Norman offering on 'Tube. Often, less is more..! Thanks for posting; Good Stuff; class.
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    That's what I was thinking, I'm a bit of a Star Wars geek, so maybe an imperial insignia.
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    Great little bass break in the middle
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    OK, but before we go just one word: I agree with the "lucky" concept, as in lucky to have the abilities that one has, and I had a think before still opting for the word "hero". It's just that I think it's a good idea to support people who fight, and also, despite all one's abilities, surviving is still very hard work for a very long time - it's the work of a hero. I may be able to find a better word at one point.
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    Aw shucks. I've never been called a hero before. Many, many other things, but never that 😄 Thanks for the kind words, but really I'm just lucky enough to be a survivor where so many aren't so lucky. Anyway, that's enough monopolizing the thread. Next! 😉
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    Very interesting stuff, @Grangur I particularly like that method you are using to add the twist. Looks very controllable.
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    The above has been added to the Famous Quotes thread in OT.
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    The neck on these elite jazzs are phenomenal! Effortless to play and sound Killer!
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    In the 60s, playing drums in the 'house band' at a big charity concert in Nottingham, expanding our lineup to include brass section - lovely. Rehearsed all day for the performance in the evening with the various vocal acts. Mostly it went well, including our usual lineup doing part of our normal set. But one vocal group had us rehearsing their opening song in a couple of different keys. They decided on which to play, then just before going on one of them tells us to change the key. Then actually on stage their leader changes his mind, but this didn’t get through to the brass section.......
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    Its a different kind of bass playing but Jerry Preston's bass playing on this just superbly funky. This to me is a bass line.
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    I do love this one... And this one too... The fabulous Johnny Gus on bass. Finally there is this cracker too...
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    Danuman you just reminded me of this. Probably the best finger style for the record bass playing I've ever heard. Apart from some of James Jamerson's playing .
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    1978. I'm playing a my college band. A cross between Dr Feelgood and The Clash. My car has been totalled in a crash but a friend can lend me his Mini van. It's cold (and very snowy), the car heater doesn't work. As I get to the gig the back fills up with smoke and the engine overheats. We push the car about 400 yards to the gig and play to people who couldn't have carted less. We're keen and confident so we had agreed to play for a whip-round. 65p. 16p each. I am reduced to trying to shovel snow into the radiator to try and get some water into the system to drive home. I fail.
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    If you can get it to Spondon and back I can do it for you quite easily. PM me if it's of any use.
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    I do. I love the artistry, the combinations of instruments.
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    That's answered the question on how intonation is set. Previously it looked as if the saddle pairs were floating in the bridge channel. Now I can see that each saddle pair is captive with just a small range of adjustment for correct intonation of the individual strings of each pair.
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    I won't question your priorities this time because I'd agree with you if I was an ordinary punter.
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    When I was a long haired 20 year old, my main, in fact pretty much only, interests were playing the bass and trying to get young women into bed. Forty years later, as a long haired 60 year old, my main, in fact pretty much only, interests are playing the bass and trying to get the bed to myself so I can get a decent night's sleep.
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    If you're going to play a cover, do it properly. . . Featuring Trevor Barry on bass. Featuring Steve Pearce on bass.
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    We tend to do ska versions of several things, even though we are not really a ska band, so we do Which is prefer to the original, and this which is so much better (as I really don't like the original)
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    A few of my newly aquired Recurve SC 123 (ignore the Wal photo bomber....)

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