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  1. 2018 GAS

    I like the look of those semi-acoustic Chowny basses. I don't need one and I have never played one. But it's in my head now and it won't go away... ☺
  2. Best NYE Band?

    I think you may find that some think Mr Barnes is a bit too "busy" for their liking. Having seen Chic on the telly at Glastonbury in 2013 and 2017 and also their Radio 2 concert in November I take a different view. I was also fortunate to see them at the o2 in October - it was great. Gerry puts on a show and at least makes the bass a feature of the performance - anonymous bass player - perhaps not. I like that. With the fella on the drums giving it the beans it gives the rhythm section a shove in the right direction. We as bass players do an important job - it's good when just occasionally this stuff gets a bit of visibility.
  3. Lyrics that changed your world

    They tell me what they think but they stink and I really don't care.
  4. AC/DC - for the rock n roll Tina Turner - for the show Nile Rodgers - for the groove
  5. Who did you see live last?

    Interesting re Chaka Khan, she clearly still has a massive voice - however from where I was (quite high up looking straight at the stage) the sound was a bit dodge. Plus, I'm only familiar with a bit of the stuff she did. I was trying to work out what 5 string jazz the bass player was using - the headstock looked a bit Sire ish. The sound got much better with Chic. Jerry Barnes probably does a bit too much but I rather like his approach, some inappropriate pops and bangs maybe but it's quite joyous stuff and those concerned about the bass player being anonymous need not worry about Jerry. I assume he is a little less exuberant in the studio; we had the same debate regarding the Glastonbury set. The drummer gives it a go and the singers are (IMO) good. I assume only Nile is an original member so the cover band tag is a easy to apply. I'm just happy to hear this stuff live and from the reaction of those in the crowd so are plenty of others.
  6. Who did you see live last?

    Chic at the O2 - Excellent.
  7. Coldplay might not be your favourite band but who wouldnt want to headline Glasto? I would rather be doing their job than walking into my warehouse / production unit at 7,30 every morning.
  8. Most overrated bands

    Cream. Most of what I have heard sounds like big ego's playing over each other. I have tried to listen to that Albert Hall concert from 1968 - never managed to get to the end. I guess it's one of those "You had to be there" moments to get it.
  9. Most overrated bands

  10. Drums through PA

    I nagged him out of his electronic kit for the following reasons. 1/ I don't want to rely on the foldback in order to hear what he is doing. 2/ The audience expect to see a kit, it provides a focal point - a few black plastic circles is disappointing visually. 3/ I don't think it sounds as good. Thank you for all the replies, as I expected my question was a bit pointless as there are so many variables there is no easy answer. Mr Drummer has yet to find an acoustic kit. However, I have a dep gig on the 16th with an acoustic kit in attendance - I will pay a bit more attention and see what if any goes through the pa.
  11. Drums through PA

    OH - Over head? One mic for everything else?
  12. Drums through PA

    Up till now for gigs our drummer has been using an electric kit. After some nagging he is considering buying an acoustic kit. For a typical pub gig is it necessary to mic up bass drum and snare? I guess I'm probably asking a typically general question but some opinion would helpful. If yes we need to buy stuff to make it happen.
  13. Really good to see him in his prime. http://www.bbc.co.uk/iplayer/episode/p01m5j5g/sounding-out-bb-king#group=p058ksdq
  14. Cover band bass tone

    Excellent, I'll aim for a nice clean tone that works in the room and just get on with it.
  15. Cover band bass tone

    Questions about tone are a regular thing so I know I'm not breaking new ground here... But. Given the variabilities inherent in differing venues is it unrealistic to try and replicate the bass tone as per the original recording? Many cover bands will do a range of tunes from a variety of genres. What works for one song won't be right for another. For example we do Rescue Me, the bass intro is important and the tone matters. I'm trying to get to it, but with a Sire Jazz, Hartke Bass Attack and LH500 there are a lot of potential knobs to twiddle. Perhaps too many! As a relatively inexperienced live performer should I just set a decent tone for each venue and apply the same to everyting. Do others spend much time during a gig adjusting stuff? I look at our guitarist with his mass of pedals and think perhaps I should make more effort with this.