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    And the last word on this before we go back to the most important thing - that is: me! ME! MEEEEEEE!!!! Yes - happily everyone has different tastes and that's absolutely fine. For example, I personally cannot see at all the aesthetic appeal of a standard, painted Fender Telecaster. Happily for Fender, tens, if not hundreds, of millions of folks around the world strongly disagree with me. The most important thing to me - actually, as @eude rightly says, the only really important thing - is that he, the original builder and owner, loves it The next important thing to me, personally, is that I love it too. And I do. I love the history of it - a dream of twenty years ago that was dashed. If I can be part of fulfilling that dream, then I will be utterly delighted. I love the katalox. I had never heard of katalox before and it is a bit of a revelation. The photos to it no justice at all - Canon DSLR's are notoriously bad at reproducing accurate reds. It's got a natural oxblood hue to it and that redness contrasts beautifully with the ash. In real life, it looks really, really classy. Bit of a pig to work with, mind you... I love the scale length. @eude had said to me that the 31.5" would make it feel totally different and it does. I love the original carve. I suppose I have the normal paranoia of a builder and modifier whether the changes I make detract rather than enhance. The original carve was VERY tactile. A bit like those wooden comfort stones you can buy. Albeit the body wood alone weighed only a touch less than @Len_derby 's fully finished full scale bass! So, to summarise: I love @Marcoelwray 's builds I love this build Most of all, I love ME 😍 So I'm going back to concentrating on THAT
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    I don't know what is was like in it's 'heyday' but of the 11 basses listed since Thursday morning the 4 priced to sell / good value (imho) for money instruments have sold and a good number of other basses listed earlier have also sold in the last couple of days, so I'd say once people got paid this month and allowing for the seasonal feast of mammon wallet draining the market is fine if things are correctly priced but there are too many overvalued instruments imho, including obviously my Kala Ubass, which I am listing for 50% of what it cost me (I clearly paid too much), but since I bought it Harley Benton and others have been knocking out Uke basses (and everything else) for not much more than the cost of the materials in the west so bringing down the whole lower and middle market values used, why pay £70+ for collection only from Ebay for a often well used or neglected used instrument that was £200-£300 (when originally sold) when a new one with 30 days return and 3 years warranty is now £120 delivered How anyone can think an old Squier is worth twice what a new one costs I don't understand, should be less than half the price of a new one surely regardless of how 'nice' it is as no return, no warranty. I don't think your home insurance company would pay out £700 for a 25 year old mid market bass if it was stolen or lost in a fire without some damn good valuation evidence I bought my used Maruszczyk less than 12 months old for 50% of it's new actual price (not it's list price) and at that price I thought it was a great/good buy but worried that it was flawed somehow as otherwise why would the PO be selling it (and the fact that none else bought it in the month or so it was on Ebay meant others were also concerned as to why it was for sale so cheap), but it's absolutely perfect 😃 just the brand doesn't hold it's value in the same way that overpriced (what the market will bear pricing backed up by price agreements and restricted access to trade) Fenders seem able to do I don't have replacement value insurance so if the Jake was stolen all I'd get back would be what I paid for it and the hard case(which I can prove) probably less some wear and tear and I doubt I could sell it on here for any more than that and I certainly wouldn't ask a lot more than that as I just don't have the front to do that but others clearly do I see the same thing in my day to day work with VW campervans, people buy into the lifestyle, buy a van, do it up, use it, appear to have a great time, then sell expecting to get back every penny they have spent plus some scene-tax, not allowing for all the fun times they had or depreciation due to age/mileage and thus expect the next owners to effectively have subsidised their previous fun; price of vans goes up, everyone tries it on, the value for money/correctly priced stuff doesn't sell as quickly as it should because people are suspicious but if you ask a silly inflated (to me) price people somehow buy into that and then end up paying over the odds and when they come to sell the cycle repeats Don't forget the younger generation didn't grow up with records and record players and buying stuff once to own and have for ever (a good long time at least), they live digital lives, pay to stream, have smaller footprints, micro this and that and 2-3 year replacement cycles on stuff (3-7 years for really big ticket items like cars and domestic appliances), and needing to save money to be able to buy a house or paying over the odds to my generation of landlords means that they won't be buying 2 or 3 or 4 shiny objects to possess unless they are actually making money out of them and I suspect there's a number of traders on here who have realised it is quite hard to monetise music in the digital world but it is possible to make money buying and selling instruments/effects etc. so expect more of that
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    Me too, and it's going to be mine once it's done, which is nice 😎 I chose the Katalox as I wanted something dark and understated and it absolutely delivers. The carve may seem a little basic, but it's smooth and elegant. I originally carved it over several evenings until it felt right and that's a process that Andy also did which was good to hear. Personally, I'm absolutely delighted about how this bass is turning out, and given the customer is always right that trumps everything 😉 Eude
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    Absolutely! Black Friday Week on Saturday Deal - free colour coordinating cushion with every heavily modded 20 year old project! Haven't told MrsAndyjr1515 yet, but I'm sure she'll be fully supportive
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    Well if it has to be gender specific, I would say it's a boy's bass not a "Men's" one, I'm sure most women players would be more discerning. It's also priced 1p more expensive than a brand new one.
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    Friday night randomness happened, aided by gin.
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    I posted in a similar vein last month. on Monday I meet a new band. hard to tell what can be around the corner
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    First finish coat. Well, I think that looks pretty classy already I'm still amazed what a difference 0.6mm of veneer makes...
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    Not the album. I just love em. . They always come out with the finest. imo.
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    Bananana matryoshka pedal for sale. Price includes postage. The Source Audio Manta is about as synthy as I want to go at this point and not finding much context to use this in. In perfect conditon, look at it's shiny coat in the picture below the demo. That's it in real life. Here's a demo:
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    OK peeps, advice if you could be so kind. I picked up a bit of a broken P bass body, may well be Fender as the neck that came off it I was told was a ‘78 neck. I think the pocket is standard size. I got the body for postage cost only and fancy a go at repairing. I picked up a really nice P bass Lyte neck for a good price and I would like to fit them together. (I did know it had a different heel width to a normal, but was a nice neck at a good price). I would like to fit the 2 together but obviously I need to tighten things up a little. I know I will need to fill the original screw holes and match up to the neck. Am I right in thinking that gluing a veneer would do the job and then sand/shape to size? Any other tips, apart from get a neck that fits! Obligatory pics...
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    For sale is a very high quality "Bitsa" jazz bass very much in the style of the 1974 AVRI. Parts are as follows - Allparts block and bound rosewood jazz bass neck with authentic decal applied and lacquered WD Music Vintage White 3 Piece American Alder body Lindy Frallin Jazz bass pickups Fender stamped 70s style tuners Fender slothead bass bridge Fender string tree Fender neckplate and screws Fender strap buttons Vintage pots and wiring Tort pickguard Comes in a vintage style tweed case and is currently strung with flatwounds. Quite light and weighs around 7 1/2lbs in weight
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    No it's not mine.... I stupidly sold my two BB 300 years ago... I had both Taiwanese and Japanese versions...
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    Anybody's work with Hiromi is usually pretty darned excellent... Tony Grey is brilliant on the Sonicbloom stuff with The Fuze!
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    Yep, two of those that sold were mine, which I listed at very good prices and which sold within hours of being listed. I'm surprised at some of the prices people are asking here at present, there's more than one example of gear listed for more than the same items can be bought new. OK, the retail market is struggling at the moment, but a lot of folks seem to believe that the same forces affecting retail don't affect the used market; the main driver of price is never going to be what the seller paid for it, but the current market price. The two rather nice used basses in this thread are being sold by a shop
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    I'd check out (Google) the violin restorers around your way too - bound to be a few. They'd be used to doing highly skilled work on acoustic instruments, and repairs using antique tonewoods / finishes (I'd assume the Martin would either be oil varnished or French polished)
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    https://www.ebay.co.uk/p/Panasonic-RP-HTX7-Headband-Headphones-Red/115167395?iid=183555780932 https://www.ebay.co.uk/p/Panasonic-RP-HTX7-Headband-Headphones-Black/115177936?iid=233027781403
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    Is the matching cushion part of the build??
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    Oh, and forgot to add, the guy who does the repairs for Hobgoblin in Rathbone Place is really really good, and he's definitely an acoustic specialist.
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    I thought Bag Ladies were no longer fertile. You live and learn.
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    I picked one up too..already used it on a gig and got another tonight. It's very easy to use and capable of pretty much any bass tone you might want. The eq is very flexible and produces a very powerful sound which works great with the band and seems to be built like a tank. I was interested in these when they came out but at this price it's an absolute bargain. Sonically it sits somewhere between my ABM and my old Ampeg but definitely has it's own thing going on.
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    Certainly gluing some veneer inside the neck pocket is a viable option if it's a relatively small gap. If the gap is large though, it might be easier to fill the pocket completely with a block of wood and re-cut the pocket to suit the neck. I can't remember if I saw it on here or another forum, but someone did a lovely job of an oversized insert in a contrasting wood. It looked like it was designed that way and was a real feature of the guitar
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    For me: Jo Lally on Fugazi's Repeater Justin Chancellor on Tool's 10,000 Days Jeff Caxide on ISIS's Oceanic Caleb Schofield on Cave In's Antenna Brian Cook on Botch's We Are The Romans Steve Harris on Iron Maiden's Seventh Son Of A Seventh Son Geezer Butler on Black Sabbath's Paranoid
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    HPF is affecting the signal into the amp, damping is affecting the way the amp interacts with the speaker in interpreting that signal. In a car the HPF will be affecting your right foot and how hard you put it down. The damping is if you’ve got your car on eco or sport mode. The manual is supposed to have s good discription about it in it.
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    Montys guitars in Acton are really good. https://www.montysguitars.com/
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    Sorry mate, can you keep it down in this thread please
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    I know a lot of people are feeling the musical block. I am too. My music friends too. I have a lot of ideas but I haven’t had the energy or motivation to perform them. I think it’s just the run up to Xmas and NY. I hate it.
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    Great band! One of the best gigs I ever saw was Incognito at the Ilford Island in 1995 with Max Beesley on drums or percussion, and Randy Hope Taylor on bass.. They were phenomenonal...
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    Glockenspiel, Marimba and the Oud, mostly in the capacity of performing post-modernist marxist neo-soul jazz opera in the style of the Gypsy Kings meets Pantera.
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    Marc is a top BC’er people. Deal with confidence! Lovely looking jazz mate.
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    Fully agree with this... I run my own band in Devon and really get wound up when the guys start pushing in or being demanding. In our contract there's a 'Things that help us but are not demands' section that allows the clients to let us know if we're being fed, watered and green roomed, no pressure. Means we can plan in advance, and there's no excuse for anyone to arrive and whine about being hungry. Usually we're fully invited to all, in which case it's just about behaving respectfully. Have done plenty of dep gigs where I feel uncomfortable about the way the band are acting towards the client on this subject, especially when the demands are super picky for peoples requirements!
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    Hi Kieran, Sorry to hear this, unusual for sure. If you can email me your details and serial number of the amp I can do some investigative work and we can get you hooked up with our USA guys who will take care of you. My email is [email protected] I am assuming the amp was used when you bought it rather than new form a store?
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    Do you know what a reggae guy says when he has nothing more to smoke ? What the f*ck is that sh*tty music ! Ok, I'll get my coat. 😁
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    The hat was doing another gig elsewhere. It's actually more famous than George.
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    37 litres is about the smallest useable volume for your typical 12" bass guitar speaker. The big stumbling block is the 5.5cm port, which will compress and make noises at a very low level. Try playing a low E through it and listen. Because the size of the cabinet plays a huge part in determining the efficiency of the system, you can't really make a cab more efficient just by sticking another driver in there. The efficiency at low frequencies is determined almost entirely by the size of the cab. I think your best option is adding a second cab.
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    Yes, but only if it is the resignation of the guy causing the problem.
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    If this is a similar weight to mine, it would be great for someone with a bad back. Haven't actually weighed mine but it weighs considerably less than my JV which is 8 1/2lb. I'd guess around 7 1/2lb.
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    Perhaps another reason why the marketplace seems slow is that a proportion of sellers (usually newbs but not always) fail to maximise their chances. Even now, people still put up an expensive instrument supported only by a couple of lines of waffly boilerplate and a single photo. So: * Before doing anything else, check out the 'Wanted' sub-forum. There may be someone who wants what you've got. Bingo! You didn't even have to post an ad. * When writing the ad please avoid cliches such as: 'Never thought I'd sell this' or 'Plays like buttah'. That's basically the same as 'Drives Superb, FTSWB' and frankly it sucks * I don't care if the bass has 'never been gigged' but I suppose some people might. Describe all faults accurately and honestly to avoid post-sale unpleasantness * If you don't want trades and you don't want low-ball offers just say so in bold text. Threats of physical violence towards time-wasters should be avoided * Me, I don't give a toss about 'smoke-free, pet-free homes' but some people do. If your bass is uncontaminated, say so. * Try to sound like a human being. Don't just write 'Here we have a ...' then paste specs off the manufacturer's web site. This isn't f**king Gumtree * If you've got the means to do do, measure the action at the 12th fret in mm. Most people won't know the difference but it makes you look like you know what you're talking about * Weigh the bass and post the result in lbs and kilos - it matters to some people and you don't need special kit. Just get on the bathroom scales, see how much you weigh, then do it again with the bass hung round your neck and note the difference. If you haven't got bathroom scales, buy some and tell the wife it's a Christmas present because she's looking a bit lardy * The more photos the better. Please don't ask people to request more photos by email - just post them in the ad for ffs * Don't post an ad that includes the words 'Photos coming soon'. You've just wasted my time and I won't come back because I'm a vindictive bastard like that. * If posting lots of close-up photos include at least one shot of the whole bass, preferably in landscape rather than portrait so we don't crick our necks looking at the screen sideways * Include a location preferably at town or city level. No one's going to burgle you based solely on the knowledge that you live in Greater Manchester * If you want to get the best possible price, be prepared to wait a few months * If you want a quick sale then get yourself noticed: research the going rate and offer the item at 5% less (then move more slowly on further discounts) * Don't pad your price up to allow for future discounts. That just makes you look expensive. Offer the going rate and just be firmer about holding your price * Don't post a price then drop it within 48 hours. It makes you look desperate. Not everyone comes here everyday so it'll take a week or two for most of the potential buyers to spot your item * Bump as often as you can within the forum rules. Once a week doesn't cut it. If someone comments on your ad there's no rule against responding to them or starting a conversation, afaik * If you're prepared to ship, say so. If you won't ship, say so. In bold letters. It will reduce the number of people asking if you'll ship. OTOH, people asking if you'll ship is a first stage in hooking them. Difficult one... * If a French dude asks you three times if you'll ship overseas and won't take no for an answer and bangs on about his 'standing' you have my permission to tell him to go f**k himself * If you're going to ship make people feel confident: offer to ship in a hard case inside a box or stipulate how you'll pack (box inside a box, packing peanuts / bubble wrap, etc) * If you won't ship then expect the sale to take longer * If you won't ship then offer a local (50 mile radius?) free delivery service or offer to meet halfway (within reason) for petrol at the going rate per mile * Don't get offended if someone low balls you. Smile sweetly, flip it back on them and ask them what their best price is. The only time to tell them to f**k off is if they get rude * If you sell the bass and the new owner flips it within a week for more than he paid you for it, don't come here complaining about it like a pissy b!tch. Find another way to take your revenge. Chaps - Please feel free to add any further suggestions
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    My perception regards gear changed a few years ago. I had loads of gear and was constantly tone chasing. That was until I borrowed a Behringer head and beaten up 1x12 cab. It sounded fine and had done hundreds of gigs. I just thought “what am I doing?” So I sold all the big gear, the rack mount compressor and other stuff and bought a Rumble...which sounded superb, and I had a few quid left over. A comfortable feeling bass is number one priority then an amp that can be heard, neither of which need to cost a lot. But most importantly, a good band.
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    I suspect these guitars aren't for playing but are for rich people to display in a glass case in their office
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    From the OC-3 manual "RANGE This functions as a RANGE knob when the MODE knob is set to POLY. This adjusts the range in which the octave effect is applied. The effect extends into higher frequencies as the knob is turned to the right; turning the knob to the left limits the effect to lower frequencies." Yup agreed on the surface this seems pretty cool (and also not something I was aware it was capable of doing). It's interesting how it works though; it's actually the wrong way around from what I'd find useful as a bass player (and remember this was launched as a guitar pedal) i.e. I'd prefer to be able to cut off the octaver below a certain frequency where it gets muddy / glitchy on bass (say the low A string) and have it available only for the higher frequencies where filling out the sound with an octave down adds something.
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    This is an oddity (excuse the pun) in that I can't imagine many, if any, Bowie tributes would bother with it. David used to do this song in several different ways, but I don't recall him using this format himself, although I believe Lulu still uses it in her set. We usually use the 'Bowie at The Beeb' version as a template, but it was quite refreshing to do it this way for a change. What do you think?
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    Here are the encores from our show on Saturday. We had a few issues with feedback towards the end. Still not sure what the cause was, but it didn't seem to make any difference to the audience. Next stop Millfield Theatre, Enfield on 20/4/18.
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    @Dad3353 started with something very well played just like Kinga, but it's not a bass recording, it's a bass recorded... But don't worry, I give up with fora. I will, from now on, only be active in the marketplace as I paid for it and only until the end of my subscription.
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    Can't quite articulate why, but there's something intensely irritating about Jacob Collier! He brings out the same irrational hatred I have for Mumford & Sons
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