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  1. Still is my metal phase at the moment. Listening to a lot of Mastodon. Amazing to hear them having changed so much over the years. This still rocks, though...
  2. Right now I'm listening to foxes fighting... Which is still preferable to listening to One Direction.
  3. I don't really listen to metal much these days, but I enjoy the melodic ethereal nature of this...
  4. And then there's Squib Cakes... And the ridiculously funky and unorthodox Oakland Stroke... I could go on 😀
  5. Agreed. This has to be one of my favourite tunes of theirs. The horns are just dense and, umm, delicious? 😅 Especially the section at 1:32 ...
  6. I just felt I needed to openly express my love for them. The groove is strong. And Rocco Prestia? What a bass player! For those who haven't seen their Tiny Desk Concert... Here it is (pretty sure it's Marc van Wageningen on bass here, although he's almost entirely obscured):
  7. Give it a while... You'll be back.
  8. Not played this live, but would love to. Great tune with such a catchy bass line...
  9. Bought a V7 very recently... And it is amazing. Can't believe the guitar you get for the money you pay. I did a lot of 'research' online and after speaking to the folks at Andertons, I was sold. The neck is amazing. Super smooth and comfortable neck, bound, and with an ebony fretboard. You'd be looking at the higher end Fenders for similar. The tone is great also. Overall, a great quality instrument.
  10. Mine certainly isn't, and I've not heard this come up before. Seems like bad luck. Have you heard back yet? Seems unlikely they won't offer a replacement
  11. It possibly wasn't visible at that point.
  12. OK gotcha. Really unfortunate. Hopefully they'll be willing to inspect the next one for similar flaws before dispatching?
  13. £11 a string! Ain't cheap. Nope, didn't string through the body. luck I'll be super careful next time, although it does just sound like bad luck 🙈
  14. Where did you order it from? Mine came without even a sign of a scratch...
  15. I've put in a return order and have a replacement set on the way. Hope the same thing doesn't happen!
  16. I'd get virtually nothing for it, and rather want to hold onto it. Resale isn't really a consideration. I'd just like to experiment a bit, and an inexpensive guitar is a good place to start, I guess.
  17. He's still on with his 'shada-caca'?! 😂
  18. I was super-excited to get home and string up a set on flatwounds on my P-Bass. All is well, when suddenly, to my horror, the A string starts to unravel just above the nut. There was nothing I could do about it. I dont know how or why. Never had this happen before. I know LaBellas aren't generally recommended for through body, but that wasn't even the case. Kinda gutted... £55 and I can't play my P-Bass. No stockists locally. They were ordered online. Any thoughts on what caused this? 😟
  19. Not tried the P7 but having recently bought a V7, this is a lot of guitar for not a lot of money! I don't know how Sire do it...
  20. I'm not likely to... It'll just give me another reason to eventually but a 60s Re-issue 🤔😉 A friend of mine has just bought a Fender Elite Jazz Bass at around 4x the cost... Why do I feel as though I got the better deal? Could be that this has perhaps the nicest neck I've ever played on any guitar 😎
  21. Here it is... ... Still a chance I might exchange it for one in white 🤣🙄🤦‍♂️
  22. Greetings all I'm looking to strip this back and leave it with a natural finish. I'm also looking to switch out the pickups. This is a relatively inexpensive Washburn that, until recently, was gathering dust (for close to 16 years). It still has the original strings! Which, incidentally, I love. In fact, the bass plays very nicely, all things considered, but the pickups could do with an upgrade. Firstly, would a heat gun work on removing this finish? If not, what other options should I consider? Secondly, what is the best way to get the most out of the natural wood? Tips on finishing/oil/tints? Thirdly, I've seen some Aguilar pickups that seem as though they might be a good replacement. Any others that might be worth considering? Thanks in advance!
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