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    So the brown note is (very likely) a myth, but if anyone's feeling particularly mischevious, I am assured that the same effect can be achieved by pressing a certain nerve ending on the body. I used to know a karate instructor who took a voracious interest in the Eastern philosophies around the martial arts (mainly, we suspect, as a means to further his similarly-enthusiastic-and-possibly-not-entirely-healthy interest in Asian ladies...), and his studies had led him to a lot of theories and teachings about pressure points. Apparently he spent an afternoon with his brother (also a martial arts enthusiast) working through the points described in one book. Upon testing one point, his brother had told him to stop quite urgently, because he could suddenly feel his sphincters relaxing. He steadfastly refused to tell us where it was...
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    A good gig is the band playing well and the audience enjoying it. A GREAT gig is when the magic happens. That all too rare night when everyone in the band is "On" and the musicians are almost telepathic. When everything you touch turns to musical gold and the components of the band fit together like a Swiss watch. When even one or two of the songs you have played for years, and are not that fussed about, just take off. The audience picks up on this and you can feel the energy flowing back onto the stage, adding more fuel to the bands fire and lifting things even higher. It can be in the local pub or the local arena, whatever, the feeling is the same, emotion and energy. That is a great gig.
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    True, they had to quickly run out and buy a rock music record to cover the dreary wailing noise, good point
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    This goes back to the same priciples of harmonics though. The low notes are being played, but the fundamentals of those notes are unlikely to be sounding in any appreciable way. Even on my phone I can sense the low pitch, and while standing next to the piano in real life would undoubtably sound fuller and deeper, there's no way one would feel much if any sub-bass emanating from it. The bottom note on a piano rings and growls more than anything else. I used to work for a piano hire company, and later for a primarily classical music venue, which is the home rehearsal space of the LSO, so I am well acquainted with the sound of a D-size Steinway in a great sounding room. It's pretty marvellous, and terms such as rich, clear, clean, warm all apply. Thunderous, booming, gut-shaking? They aren't really descriptions which suit the experience!
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    For me, a great gig is one where the band is working well together and the audience 'gets is'. My first gig with the Grateful Dudes last Easter was a good example, everything slotted together well on stage, plenty of Dead-style jamming, audience dancing like dervishes, people queuing to buy shirts and shake our hands, that was a great gig. The 4 hour drive home was less great, but didn't take away the buss the gig left me with.
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    I would not worry about that. It's merely a pad switch. The label seems to imply active = higher output, which is simply not true. Active and passive basses come in all sorts of outputs and there's no hard rule about it. For example, my Stingray is not particularly high output, it matches a passive Precision / Jazz quite well... G&L L2000 in passive mode is one of the loudest things on Earth,, louder than any active bass I've ever owned. Neodymium Entwistle pickups make any passive bass scream... etc. Of course, if you boost the low end control to max on active basses, you're probably going to overload a normal input... In other words, it's not active/passive... but down to individual designs and what you do with them too. I always try the passive option first, and only if it overloads the input I switch to 'active' input. Engaging the 'active' input never sounds as nice, if the amp can take your bass in the 'passive' input, in my experience. I prefer amps with simply an input gain control (many these days)... then you simply adjust the input gain to suit.
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    That sums it up pretty much perfectly
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    No wall, but ready to hit the road in my trusted transit ( long base, double wheel btw) Happy days
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    I don't - holding a grudge is an important thing in life
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    There seems to be a few sellers on eBay clearing these gigbags out at crazy prices, cheapest here: https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Blake-Bravo-bass-guitar-case-New/253605991627?hash=item3b0c1854cb:g:6RQAAOSwgAJa50x2 Ordered one myself so will know what it's like shortly but does anybody have experience of them? From what I can gather they were a UK company supplying high quality gigbags but they seem to have gone out of business hence the sudden influx of bargains on eBay. Looks like a great quality gigbag with features and build quality you don't see on a £30 bag. No affiliation just saw something cheap and thought I'd share, don't blame me if it falls apart!
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    Selling my 5 string T-Bass for those that don't know about these it was a Trace-elliot/Status mashup from the 90s. Designed and manufactured by Rob Green of Status Graphite, these basses were commissioned by Trace Elliott to celebrate being in business 15 years. Extremely rare instrument these days and the latest batch released under the name Status T-Bass go for a small fortune. It's got a active/passive switch with a 2 band eq, bass and treble. The other 2 knobs control volume and pickup selection. Underneath the pickguard is a hum-cancelling pickup. Has two hairline cracks in the paint on either side of the neck. I fitted a grey pickguard to it as i thought it looked better than the original tortiose shell one (also included). Fitted with dunlop straplok system. T-Bass padded gig bag included too. Trails welcome. Based in Liverpool. Would prefer it to be picked up but can travel to drop off/meet up if not too far. £850 ovno Weight is 5.2kg/11.5lbs ****NOW £700****
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    In my view, the best of the three is the Rendez Vous. Basically they are like this: Déja Vu has 2 LFOs (and NO envelope control). LFO is continuously variable between ramp, saw and triangle or skinny pulse, square and wide pulse. It has a modulation gate so that the LFO doesn’t bleed when in the audio range; Rendez Vous has 1 LFO and 1 envelope follower. LFO is same above pedal. It has the same modulation gate; Avant Garde has 2 envelope followers. It has NO modulation gate. Instead it has an LFO which can be used at the same time as both envelopes and can be routed to both sides of the pedal simultaneously. However it has a fixed shape and does not go to the extreme fast and slow speeds capable on the other two pedals so is of limited use (especially with the phaser). I rented the Rendez Vous for a week and loved it. The last time there was a sale on I bought the Avant Garde as I thought I’d prefer two envelopes but I didn’t think it was as versatile and sent it back. I really missed having the slow LFO to direct at the phaser (or filter) and having the two envelopes wasn’t really that useful given that even with the one envelope version, you can direct it to both sides of the pedal anyway. Same goes for the Déja Vous - having two LFOs is pointless because in the Rendez Vous you can direct the one LFO to both sides of the pedal. If you’re at all unsure, get the Rendez Vous
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    My two, 1984 Fullerton and a 2008 AVRI
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    Just that feeling when the band are ON. Those moments when you make eye contact with one another and your face breaks out in an unstoppable ‘sh#t-eating grin’ and the audience are singing along or dancing or both. Thar’s a great gig!
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    I was blown away by At The Drive In back in 2000. The performance of One Armed Scissor was even more frantic, but I couldn’t find that. Amphetamines may have been involved.
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    I would personally suggest trying your setup with a midi controller connected over USB, see how you get on, I predict you won’t have any issues. Don’t get too caught up with Din Vs USB at this point. Si
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    I much prefer the sound/feel of my £70 Harley Benton PB-50s to my T-20 or Fury. Single coil P-bass with flats or tapes has been my thing for a good while now. Put flats on a Cirrus,to be expected it didn't sound remotely close to a SC P-bass with flats
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    I would always try to give John Peel the benefit of the doubt with his myriad and eclectic discoveries, but what he saw in that song baffles me to this day.
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    ^^ For electric rock gigs particularly, this. Singer in latest band still brings his phone to rehearsals for checking lyrics but if he thinks he will be doing it regularly at gigs I will be having words.
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    Whats Moira Stuart ex Newsreader doing on the show, I thought she had retired.
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    Ah, you utter b*****d. I'd almost completely blanked out The Power of Love from my memory until I read this.
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    Used to play Tightrope by SVR in a previous band, cracking song with a great bass line.
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    Respectfulness is nice - I'll vouch for mine, whilst seconding the "that's bollocks" line. Having said that, about 50% of our current set is indeed pre-1985 - which is about when our singer was born so not sure of the relevance, really. I guess an underlying point, though, is that the band who've been peddling the same set for decades evidently have a singer who's learned the songs (though it may have taken him 30 years). It kind of relates to the old memes about "rehearsals aren't there for learning the songs, do that at home before you get there". Similarly, gigs certainly aren't for learning the words - you should be well past that stage by the time you're setting up down the pub.
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    My experience is opposite. And I've seen and been in plenty of originals bands where the singer is not the lyric writer and manages to learn the new song or 2 every week and not need a stand. It comes to this - if a tune is SO new that all the players would need a stand (pub gig / rock gig etc, not orchestra) then that song is not ready for performance at all. However if 1 person in the band needs a stand and the others do not - then that 1 person is letting the side down. Doesn't matter what instrument it is. Guitar / voice / drums / keys, flugel horn. Doesn't matter. They need to do more practice. Like the other band members managed to do.
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    Just the crowd loving it. That's all for me. Dancing or transfixed.... I don't care, people love music in different ways. 1000 people or 10.... I don't care, we're playing for those that are there, not for those that aren't. (All the band mood stuff is a given at this point, If we're not on the ball, the above can't happen)
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    Ah yes, that band classic. Of course, the only reason that we don’t hear it being played in pub bands is because that 30hz is unachievable with most bands equipment!
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    Ha! We also had a LWB Transit van photo, although it was a post-gig shot, our van was nicknamed 'Old Sh*tter' Before then I had a LWB Tranny of my own which in a previous life was an AA recovery van. It came to a sad end when parked outside my house one day and a bloke who had fallen asleep at the wheel of his car crashed straight into the front of it.
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    Aye. It's tuneless, derivative, poorly played and entirely lacking in emotion or creativity.
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    Hello Mods I've just realised that I've posted this in the wrong Forum - doh! Only been posting on here since 2007... Please can you move it to the correct Forum. Thank you kindly, Homer
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    The "wall" behind is the shortly to open M1 junction 25, circa 1965/6, me behind the kit
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    As the buyer of BassBod's WT300 (well...I think I am anyway), it's still sitting here as I type this and I've had no inclination to buy another head. Well worth getting them sorted IMHO, because they are such nice amps, and I've never had a problem with this one.
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    I'm just gonna leave this here...
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    A great gig for me is an engaged receptive crowd that dances most of the night, in a really nice venue with a decent amount of space for the band, and lot of applause and a nice chunk of cash at the end of the night. Extra cherries on the cake but not essential would be, some free soft drinks for the band and an invitation to the buffet if it’s that kind of event.
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    But that’s what the server’s for!
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    As a swift end to all this hypothesising, Barefaced let you trial their cabs for a period of time. Do that. Trial a BB2 and compare it to your other cabs at gigging volumes, with your basses, through your pedalboard. If you like what you hear then buy one and sell off your other cabs! Otherwise this is all just hot air taking up space on @ped‘s server
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    I've got TIs on mine, they're perfect on that bass. They are relatively expensive but you only have to buy them once - I've had a set on my P Bass for nearly 10 years!
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    That's all well and good , but did you all do Lois Griffin
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    Yes, had a lot of physio last year and went back a couple of weeks ago as it’s still not right. Thanks for the sensible advice though 😉
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    Certainly yes I agree, as I said earlier I think most of the people (musicians) that have an issue with music stands are those that haven't got anything in their set dating from 1985 onwards.
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    How ironic would it have been if you had been playing “Achey Breaky Heart”?
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    For me, I will always remember Bettye Lavette’s rejig of Let Me Down Easy.
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    I like the rustic look of this and like the idea of the rope look. Personally if I were going for the aged/rustic look I'd think about a burnished finish to maximise the grain effect. You could go the whole hog and find branches which could be used for a fully organic look.
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    Ooh, that neck. Flamed and roasted!
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    My red set of KZ's have just arrived now. I've plugged them in for a quick ten minutes before my next student arrives and I am already surprised! I may tweak the EQ a little but they are rather impressive for the money!
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    How about posting a live video of your band and let the ridiculous tribute band bass players see what makes you so much better.
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    Fairytale in New York is my favourite Christmas song, because it's not all about what a wonderful time we should be having because it's bloody Christmas bah humbug
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    No mention yet for John McVie and his simple but effective two note bass line on this track.

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