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  1. This is far too tempting, and local too. Splendid looking bass this.
  2. I'd wanted one of these for years, ever since I first saw one in bassist magazine. So when this came up I'd kept my eye on it and managed to buy it. But now I've got to be a grown up and sell it purely because Mercedes charge an arm and a leg for van parts.
  3. Selling my 5 string T-Bass for those that don't know about these it was a Trace-elliot/Status mashup from the 90s. Designed and manufactured by Rob Green of Status Graphite, these basses were commissioned by Trace Elliott to celebrate being in business 15 years. Extremely rare instrument these days and the latest batch released under the name Status T-Bass go for a small fortune. It's got a active/passive switch with a 2 band eq, bass and treble. The other 2 knobs control volume and pickup selection. Underneath the pickguard is a hum-cancelling pickup. Has two hairline cracks in the paint on either side of the neck. I fitted a grey pickguard to it as i thought it looked better than the original tortiose shell one (also included). Fitted with dunlop straplok system. T-Bass padded gig bag included too. Trails welcome. Based in Liverpool. Would prefer it to be picked up but can travel to drop off/meet up if not too far. £850 ovno Weight is 5.2kg/11.5lbs ****NOW £700****
  4. I'd be interested in the cab if your willing to split it
  5. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
  6. Excellent looking bass that. what's the serial number ?
  7. I haven't used the flats yet but I have a set of cobalt rounds on my stingray and in my opinion they really do give a far greater sound compared to nickel or steel. Sharp and punchy where needed and tons of depth, especially on the low b. They feel more smooth compared to my old strings, can't really say on lifespan just yet though. Had them on since Jan and they sound just as good now. I used to use elixirs but I'll stick with these from now on, on this bass at least
  8. Bought my stingray 5 from haruki. Trustworthy basschatter and made it a nice easy transaction too.
  9. Bought an SWR power 750 from Tim. Great seller, was a nice easy transaction. Cheers. Sorry for the delay too.
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