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  1. Love that demo! Really well done.
  2. Should be fine, just check out the specs (specifically ampage) so you know its limitations. It’ll be a standard 2.1mm barrel connector so should work with most pedals out there. You may even be able to stick a daisy chain onto it and power multiple pedals off the single power supply.
  3. This is what I do with my Sennheiser Momentums - plug the cable in for use with my audio interface, but I can remove the cable and use them wirelessly with my phone (or anything with Bluetooth) when I’m in “casual listening” mode.
  4. Yeah I’m not a big fan of that modern metal ultra distorted ice pick tone either. The Bass Gallery in Camden had a few NG2s in stock last time I was there - when things return to normal it may be worth a trip to have a play through a clean amp. If you’re up for travelling a bit further afield, head to Bass Direct. They always have a huge selection of Dingwalls in stock.
  5. @BruceBass3901, prepare for your wallet to get a bit lighter
  6. That’s an outrageous first build! Looks fantastic. I’ve considered doing one of Jon Shuker’s courses but I suspect my results will look rather more hamfisted
  7. Played a couple of Bacchus basses in the past and they were excellent. Great feel and tone. @thebassgallery usually have a few in stock if you fancy trying one out in person.
  8. Even if you’re wearing it?
  9. Regarding the matter of goods brought in personally, how does anyone other than yourself know whether items in your luggage have been purchased abroad or not? Who actually enforces this at the airport? Genuinely curious as I’ve never seen this happen.
  10. Nathan King - Mark King’s brother. Was surprised to see him demoing basses for Andertons and doing a pretty sterling job of it too!
  11. If I ever decide to sell again, you shall be the first in line!
  12. I have one of these - it’s a very lovely thing. Had it up for sale a year ago but swiftly came to my senses and withdrew it.
  13. I suspect you’ll struggle to find a better bass for this money. GLWTS sir!
  14. I played this bass at the LBGS 2018 and it was glorious. Really nice instrument.
  15. Loving the tort control plate! Very cool.
  16. This must be the third set of these I’ve missed in the last couple of weeks
  17. Great speakers. Anyone looking to get into the FRFR world - you won’t be disappointed with this.
  18. @Jabba_the_gut looking at the photo of the two halves joined up, I can’t tell that it isn’t a single piece of uncut wood! Nice work sir.
  19. Looks like the kind of route you’d see for a headless tuning system, but Warwick seem to have just sunken the normal bridge to allow for lower action?
  20. Trawling the interwebs aimlessly, I came across this on the Markbass website: http://markbass.it/product-detail/mb-stu-amp-1000/ I like the idea of the graphic EQ but there is a gaping frequency chasm between the 400hz and 1.2k sliders...still, I like the idea of blending between the solid state and tube preamps. The cab is rather pretty too!
  21. Have you got any cable ties lying around? Maybe tie a couple to each of the end loops and use the cable ties to clip the strap to? Maybe use a couple of ties on each side for strength. Not the most elegant solution but could work ok.
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