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  1. This. It’s the main reason I’ll likely go for the RCF over the Behringer when I eventually invest in a digital mixer.
  2. It really is pretty close! My Xotic on top, ModernVintage on bottom (obviously)
  3. These are lovely things - I would have been VERY tempted by the shoreline gold Jazz if I didn’t already have an Xotic 5er in almost exactly the same colour! They seem to be beautiful things:
  4. Indeed. Sandberg don’t seem to advertise it but their preamps are made by Glockenklang. Quality stuff.
  5. Great basses. Incredible value for money, especially at this price.
  6. Any standard scale strings will work with the Supers - it’s one of the many reasons they’re such great basses! I’ve tried Ernie Ball Cobalts which are quite bright (almost roundwound-like, tonally), Thomastik Infeld Jazz Flats (fantastic mid-character and a feel/tension which isn’t too different from rounds) and La Bella 760s which have a classic, darker tone and more “typical” flatwound feel. I think the Thomastiks are my personal favourite.
  7. The Fwonkbeta is possibly my favourite filter of all time! One of the few pedals I kept on my board after getting a Helix. GLWTS sir.
  8. Indeed. It was eventually put up for commission sale (I think) at The Bass Gallery and sold shortly thereafter.
  9. Good thing you mentioned the playing comfort as a very tall guy - I’m 6’8” so would likely have the same issue! Though I only play with fingers…are you a pick player @6feet7?
  10. The real question is, are you dissatisfied with the current feel and/or tone of the basses at the moment? If you didn’t *know* the gauge of the strings currently on them, would you have any gripes? If so, replace ‘em and sell the old strings to someone here on Basschat.
  11. TC Electronic Polytune Mini! The display is excellent in my experience. I suspect you’ll have a fair few people chiming in with the same suggestion…
  12. What speaker(s) are you looking at @Newfoundfreedom?
  13. Reckon I’ll be booking one of Jon’s courses in the new year, maybe just after my birthday
  14. This thread really isn’t helping my C.A.S. (Course Attendance Syndrome)
  15. I only change my strings when I start thinking to myself, “my bass doesn’t sound the way it used to” or, more likely, if I simply fancy a complete change of brand/string type. I’ve just realised that in 10+ years of playing I have never replaced my strings with a fresh set of the same strings I already had on! I seem to always use it as an opportunity to try something new. I guess, being a mostly casual player, I don’t have the pressures of gigs or recording sessions etc holding me to any standard of tonal consistency…so I’m just enjoying the journey through the world of strings at present.
  16. It sounds delicious!
  17. Excellent new feature! Cheers Ped.
  18. This used to be mine! Note the Aguilar OBP3 and detuner. Such a lovely instrument.
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