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  1. While I think of it - @KiOgon, have you ever thought about making these? I get the feeling they'd sell like hotcakes here.
  2. Definitely following this thread! I'd love to see (or hear) how it turns out @JapanAxe
  3. Yep! I put a Stellartone ToneStyler in my old Super P5 a few years back (it’s sold now) and have recently done exactly the same thing with my Super PJ5, installed by @thebassgallery. Cannot recommend this mod highly enough - my Super PJ5 actually had a “normal” tone control in it as standard (it’s only the Super P’s without the additional bridge pickup that come with the two way Tone Fusion pot) but it had become noisy/scratchy over time so doing this mod killed two birds with one stone. I got rid of the old noisy pot and now have distinct incremental control of my tone, including a bypassed setting and a “sub” bass setting, at each end of the pot’s travel respectively. The problem with the stock Tone Fusion pot - clever though it may be - is that the side most of us will use most frequently (the treble rolloff) now has half the amount of travel which makes it far less easy to get precise control. Stick in a standard tone pot and you won’t look back, I can pretty much guarantee.
  4. Yeah the GLXD16 seems to be rarer than hen's teeth to get these days. Understandably, nobody wants to part with theirs which is why they almost never come up on the used market! I'd like to hope Shure have a new version on the way but who knows...
  5. Agreed , they’ve missed a trick re: charging. Especially as the “normal” WL-20 bugs can be plugged into each other and then charged via one usb cable. For the price of the WAZA system you’d think it would be a feature they’d carry over from the vastly less expensive WL line.
  6. Software is certainly easier to update than hardware - at least they got the build and sound quality right. To be honest, I’ve not touched the app since my first day owning these. I simply set the bass EQ to flat, got rid of the reverb or whatever it was on the incoming music signal (why the hell that’s even an option is beyond me) and haven’t thought about it since.
  7. Preferred the Xotic, which is just as well since I own two of them fantastic basses.
  8. Gah! Saw this on eBay yesterday. The temptation is real!
  9. You’d be hard pressed to find a better bass for this money - fantastic instruments
  10. This is exactly my experience. Owned the 5 string version and absolutely loved it. I only moved it on to part exchange for a Dingwall Super PJ5...and in all honesty the Yamaha sounded and played just as well as the Dingwall! Such great basses - Yamaha have nailed it once again.
  11. Well this is the “other musically related items for sale” section - I think this qualifies. Stranger things have sold here!
  12. These bags are excellent. I got one with my ACG bass and was surprised at the quality - very well padded and built like a tank. GLWTS!
  13. I can confirm these are utterly incredible. The best bass practise solution on the market without doubt. And yes, I also own a Phil Jones BigHead, but the WAZA is in a different league!
  14. I have the 5 string set on my Xotic XJ5 Lite (the gold Jazz in the video quoted earlier) and find them to be the best 5 string flats I’ve used for both feel and sound. The feel of the B string on the LTFs is more consistent with the rest of the strings than the low B of a set of TI Flats, in my opinion. The fact I don’t really think about the sound of the B when playing a groove or passage says a lot. It just works and I don’t lament any weird consistency issues compared with the other strings. It seems like a B string that has been properly integrated into the rest of the set, rather than a B that has been bolted onto a set which was only ever designed to be for 4 strings… Saying that, I’ve never heard the low B of any set of strings sound bad on these Xotic basses (there’s a reason I own 2 of them) so whatever special sauce lies in the construction and pickups of these basses could well be sweetening my impression of the LTFs. I’m working away from home right now otherwise I’d knock together a quick video showcasing the LTF Low B, to lessen any risk of this post being taken as hyperbole
  15. Yep, spot on to my ears and hands. Very much a La Bella sound but a TI-ish feel, with slightly more tension which I love. The perfect flats in my opinion!
  16. To be fair I already have one, but at this price I was highly tempted by a second. I am the definition of greed
  17. Definitely worth a try. However as has been said, neck profile, nut width, string spacing at the bridge etc can have a bigger effect on playing comfort than whether the bass is multi scale or not. For me, it took a couple of minutes to get used to fanned frets - I switch between fanned and non fanned basses regularly without issue. Also, my Dingwall Super PJ5 with a 35" scale low B feels like a noticeably shorter scale instrument than my Xotic 5 string jazz basses with a 34" scale across all strings. There's much more to playing comfort than just the scale length of the strings themselves.
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