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  1. Same here! Oh well, I’m still GASing for a Limelight Flea Jazz in shell pink with a tort guard. Or maybe a Precision in the same colours. Or maybe a Guy Pratt “Betsy” Jazz in Burgundy mist with a Parchment guard…
  2. Mark just replied. It’s a no to 50’s style single coil Precisions!
  3. This is literally the only complaint I have about my Dingwall. I’ve gotten around it by using my left hand to get a palm muted sound. Personally I’ve never noticed or cared about any sonic benefits to multiscale basses, but I do find them very very easy to play. The ergonomics of my Super PJ5 make it feel like a much shorter scale than it actually is. It’s a great design.
  4. I’ve emailed Mark - awaiting response. I’m in LA at the moment so the -8hr time zone difference means I’ll probably get a reply when I’m fast asleep! I forgot to ask whether he does short scales as well. Has anyone ever ordered a Limelight Mustang for example…?
  5. Am I right in saying these are reversible? And so could they in theory be adjusted to suit a 4+1 tuner layout?
  6. Maybe I’ve missed something but has Limelight ever made a ‘51 or ‘56 style single coil Precision?
  7. Been tempted by a Limelight build of late (even though he won’t do 5 stringers ) but am wondering what sort of price they usually end up sitting in? I know I could just email him but I have no idea what spec I’d be after yet.
  8. Oh no, I’m all good. Got a 5 string set on my Super P already
  9. Lettieri is a beast. Got to see him live with Snarky Puppy near King’s Cross a few years back. Just phenomenal.
  10. Can’t blame him for wanting to reduce stress and simplify the business but it will be a real loss to the bass world.
  11. Oh wow. Very very nice, and the same colour as my Super PJ5! If I played sixers I’d be all over this. GLWTS
  12. Bloody hell. You’d expect better from the likes of Martin and (perhaps to a lesser extent) Gibson. I’d be pretty devastated in your position with those instruments too!
  13. I’ll be gone for a while to self-flagellate
  14. I’ve been intrigued by these Sadowsky Moderns myself lately! There was a lovely green one for sale here recently but it didn’t hang around long. I really love the shape.
  15. I realise this is heresy but… Ordered on Christmas morning and hopefully arriving tomorrow.
  16. I’d strongly recommend checking out a Yamaha BB735a. Very well made and great pickups/preamp combo. Obviously quite different from both the Spector and the Sadowsky you were looking at @Bilbo, but definitely worth a look nonetheless.
  17. These basses will sound very different…is the sound in your head more of a single coil or a humbucker vibe? Also, both have 2 band EQs and no passive tone controls - presumably you’re fine with that? Personally I’d get down to BassDirect and try both basses in person.
  18. Dare I ask what the guitar is that you’re thinking of parting ways with?
  19. First thing that comes to mind is a Jazz bass with a John East J-Retro (not the deluxe)
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