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    Well, I said I wasn’t interested in trades on my 64 jazz... But I caved the second I opened the case and lifted it out “that’s so light it’s not even there!” I said to @Normski And the neck feels like playing static. Very nice. Anyhow. Here we are.
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    Not particularly tricky but it's a fun little bassline to play. We're adding The Lambrettas version of Poison Ivy to the setlist.
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    Don't have time to do fancy "professional photography" of it, so for now I just took a couple of phone pictures. I had been drooling for the new Ibanez headless basses ever since I saw the leaked photos a while ago before they were even announced. The specs and the design ticked all the boxes for me, and I only wished it had more choices for finishes. Once I had seen enough videos posted about them and was sure they were what I had hoped, I placed orders for two of them--the EHB1505 and the EHB1000. My intention was to replace my main 4 and 5 strings with these (Ibanez SR650 and Dingwall NG-2 5-string), as I just didn't want to deal with headstocks banging into stuff or getting the tuners knocked out of tune anymore, and I never got as comfortable on the multi-scale as I had hoped--normal scale still feels more natural to me. After a period of agonizing wait, the EHB1505 finally arrived today. My wife made me spray everything down with alcohol as I unboxed, due to Covid-19 concerns (we're in Northern California and it's currently in lockdown). The bass is a bit heavier than I had hoped, weighing 7.9 lbs. Considering it's a headless with chambered body, I think it could be a little lighter. I was hoping for 7.5 lbs or less, but I guess I can't compared it to something like the Strandberg Boden 5-string, as that body's got a large chunk of its corner missing, so it's bound to be significantly lighter (it's about 6.5 lbs.). The neck is thin, fast, and smooth. I love how low the action is but without any fret buzz--this is by far the best action I've ever played on a basd with default factory setup. But from here on things went bad. In the brief moments I was able to play a few lines without problems, it sounded awesome--punchy and aggressive. The neck feels significantly faster than my Dingwall NG-2 5-string, which in comparison is chunkier. I also much prefer darker fingerboard for better contrast against the strings (when I got my NG-2, I was bummed when I saw maple fingerboard was the only option). Now, on to the bad. The electronics are not put together properly at all. There was no sound from the active preamp, and the treble/bass knob was very loose. When I jiggle it, it would make loud static noise. I unscrewed the back cover and checked, and it seemed okay, then I took off the treble/bass caps with the smallest Allen wrench supplied with the bass (there are four sizes included) and tightened the knob. That gave me back sound for the active preamp, however, there was still stuff loose with the connections, as the sound was intermittent, punctuated with loud static noise, and if I tried to use the treble/bass, mid/frequency knobs, touching them made the loud static noise too, and applying light pressure to the instrument cable at where the jack is, created the same loud static noise. Even slapping the strings caused the noise, and at their worst, they sounded like the loud pop you get when you plug/unplug your bass without turning down the amp first. It was basically unplayable, and needed to have to electronics repaired/tightened/whatever. I'm not an electronics expert so I had no idea how to troubleshoot and fix it myself, and I was going to call Guitar Center and tell them send me a replacement and return this one (unless I figured out how to repair it myself). For $1,500 the quality control is unacceptable. What the hell is happening with Ibanez's quality control in Indonesia? I tried to troubleshoot a second time and opened up the back again, and this time, I found the problem. It was a friggin' badly soldered wire that has disconnected from the connector jack, and I'm guessing every little movement I made caused it to connect/disconnect, creating all that noise. I'm glad it wasn't something more serious, because I just need to redo the soldering on that wire and it'll be fine. Despite the negatives (which fortunately were things that were easily fixed and not deal-breakers), I love this bass. It plays so smoothly, sounds great, is easy on the eyes, and I'd be happy replacing my Dingwall with it. Don't get me wrong, the Dingwall is an amazing instrument, and to another person it could be the perfect bass, but unfortunately, I just prefer normal scale, headless, and darker fingerboard. I hope when my EHB1000 arrives in May, it won't have any QC issues. I already know the Bartolini BH2 pickups are a bit darker than the Nordstrands, and I'm fine with that, because I don't always want the more aggressive sound of the Nordstrands.
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    If you are selling, it literally takes about 5 minutes to google Interparcel (or other provider), input the details of the items (size, weight) you are selling and the time/date you have availability for collection, get a quote and either proceed or shop elsewhere if its unacceptable. If the buyer has to arrange the courier, they then have to find out the size and weight of the package from the seller, get all the address details from the seller, and find out when the seller can make it available for collection - all of which requires the seller having to provide exactly the same information as if they arranged the collection themselves but requiring an intermediate series of messages. The seller still has to do by far the most time consuming thing which is to pack securely and label it. It just seems like unnecessary additional time and effort to insist on the buyer arranging the courier, as far as I am concerned. Literally the only benefit I can see is that the seller doesn't have to pay the delivery cost as part of the overall financial transaction, but this is usually a small proportion of the total value. I just don't get it
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    I wanted our group to send tracks out so we could work on them isolated. My wife is asthmatic - if there is a 1 in 100 chance of her dying if she gets it, and there is a 1 in 100 chance of catching at a practice and passing it on, then that is still massively way too high a risk for just a practice.
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    Perhaps all we will ever need to know ?
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    But.. where's the other pickup and silver control panel?
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    This one, I guess : What about my Spoiler ?
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    I was actually implying something more like this... ...but @Maude description is certainly more appropriate to the thread... ↑↑↑↑↑↑↑↑↑↑↑↑↑↑↑↑↑↑↑↑↑↑↑↑↑↑↑↑↑↑↑↑↑↑↑ Also very happy to hear any suggestions of this.... Great choice right there from @Maude !!!
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    A well loved 1960 P Bass would be top of my list, as a thing of beauty, to have owned from new to reliced, @hiram.k.hackenbacker knows all about this other beauty which is even more stunning in the flesh.
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    Shielding only works with conductivity to Earth, I had thought ?
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    PRICE REDUCED TO £2250..... VIDEO DEMO HERE: I'm offering for sale my very rare Lakland 55-76 Deluxe. This bass is the holy grail for Stingray fans who would like a wider string spacing and 35" scale. It has a Teal burst finish over a flame maple top, maple neck with ebony fingerboard, and 19mm spacing at the bridge, with thru-body or bridge stringing. It also has a removable Stingray-style see-thru scratchplate. Weight is 4.3kg. I bought it a while back from a guy in the Netherlands as a fretless, and had it fretted by a very skilled luthier who has the distinction of having re-fretted some of Peter Green's guitars, so I knew it was in pretty safe hands. The result was astonishing - the ebony board has such a sheen on it you can literally see your face in it. Not surprisingly, it also plays beautifully, and has that big, fat Stingray sound in spades, with the legendary Lakland B string. The oddity about this particular bass is that it has no serial number - the assumption is that it was made very early on, perhaps even the first or prototype of the model. This would place its date of manufacture at somewhere in the mid-90's, when Lakland was still in its infancy. Although it will certainly be US made, it also doesn't have the usual 'Made in the USA' stamp on the back of the neck, giving more credence to its early manufacture date. The tuners are Hipshot in design, but with no markings. (I have a Lakland 55-94 whose serial number dates it to 1998 that also doesn't have the USA neck stamp, and has the same style of tuners.) It's in excellent condition for a 20+ year old bass. There's a small crack in the lacquer next to the neck pocket, and a couple of tiny dings on the body that I've tried to show in the photographs, but otherwise it's in extremely good shape. Now we come to the colour. I've tried photographing it with three different cameras, but it always comes out more blue than it appears to the naked eye - in reality it's closer to a Teal Green. Any interested parties are very welcome to pay me a visit to have a closer look at it. I'm near Woking in Surrey, a few minutes from junction 10 of the M25. Sorry, no visitors for now, I'm afraid - perhaps once things have settled down a bit! The pickup (although it has no markings that I can see, the consensus seems to be that it's a Seymour Duncan) is wired to a 3-way coil tap switch (parallel, single coil, series switching) with a Bartolini NTMB-L918 3-band preamp with a push/pull volume pot for active/passive switching. I fitted the chrome knobs, but the original black rubberised ones are also included. The bass comes complete with a Hiscox Liteflite case. I believe that you can still get this model from Lakland as a special order, but with the build cost, deluxe burst finish, ebony fingerboard, Bartolini electronics, Seymour Duncan pickup, shipping and import duty, it would take several months and you wouldn't get much change out of five grand. Also (and I say this as a huge Lakland fan) in my opinion the older ones are just better made. Taking all that into consideration, the reduced price I'm asking of £2500 £2250 plus shipping is surely an absolute bargain. Payment by cash on collection or bank transfer/Transferwise. Sorry, but I'm only looking for a straight sale, so no trade offers please.
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    1981 Hiwatt 200 (Model DR201) This a lovely classic tube amp - great for guitar and bass. Quite rare version with 4 inputs and 6x EL34 tubes. One owner since new. Never left home. Condition is perfect / like new. Original soft "snakeskin" dust cover. Everything works as it should, wonderful thick raw tone, not so hi-fi like the KT88 version - so more like Hiwatt 100 on steroids. Power amp tubes are mix of old Mullard and Teslas. No mods, no repairs. Shipping approx £70 to UK/European Union PayPal F/F or Revolut or bank transfer is OK. For TRADES, I'm looking for Orange Matamp OR200, Fender Precision Basses (Custom shop/masterbuilt)
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    A stunning example of Leo Fender’s G&L P bass. It’s a proper U.S. model built in 2016 at the Fullerton, California plant. Hang tag, warranty card, certificate, spec sheet etc is included. Alder body. Finish is cherry burst. The three ply guard is more like the lovely old vintage looking tort. Saddle lock bridge. 9.5 radius dark Rosewood fret board. Bone nut. Width at the nut is 1.5/8th”. Frets are medium/jumbo and all seated and finished perfectly. G&L Alnico pick up G&L ultralite tuners. Weight is 9lb 12oz. Original hard-shell, black tolex case, which looks almost as new. This bass has not had a hard life, the first owner only used it at home, I’ve gigged it twice. Although I believe it left the factory, with round wound strings, the previous owner fitted a set of flats, so there is no fret wear. Condition is near perfect, with just a little swirling/signs of use to the pick guard. Lovely tight, neck pocket and with six securing screws, the neck/body joint is rock solid. I love this bass, it’s comfortable to play seated or standing, looks amazing and sounds great in a band setting. My reason for selling? Well a near miss last night, on a crowded stage, when our drummer knocked over a heavy cymbal stand, made me rethink gigging with a pristine instrument like this. I’m going to use my old G&L and a P bass that I built for myself, both of which sport war wounds and genuine road wear. Hopefully the photos will give a good indication of the condition. Anything that looks like a blemish or damage to the body finish, is purely down to my photography. Price is £950. I’m in Hoddesdon, Herts. Would really prefer collection but we can discuss shipping if necessary.
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    Gibson G3 1976 Nice old black Gibson G3. This bass was made in 1976, of course in the USA. It's just a terrific playing and sounding bass with a voice of its own. Action goes low on this one, so it is really easy playing. The G3 has a rather clear and aggressive sound, which can be great for various styles. I've played it with rounds as well as flats, and it sounds great with both. It's a pretty light bass; my kitchen scale tells me it's weighing 3,65kg. A few more pics: As you can see, the G3 is in a good shape for its age. It has a few small damages and some wear on the back of the neck, but overall it looks pretty clean. I've had people thinking it to be some kind of reissue a few times 😄 This bass plays really well and allows low action. The neck is straight and adjustable, and all hardware and electronics work like they should. Fretwork is good too. Apart from the strap buttons, all should be original. The intonation screws have been changed for shorter ones by the previous owner, but I've got the originals included in a little bag. This bass comes with it's original case, which is in very good shape too. Also some original paperwork is included. New Dean Markley strings have been fitted last week. As much as I love the playability and sounds of this bass, I rarely play it due to other sound preferences band-wise. I think it left the house about 5 times since I got it a year ago... So let's see if I can swap it for something different that I'll be using more. Asking €1.500 The bass is located in the Netherlands, but could be shipped insured at buyers risk/expense. Trades/partial trades are welcome. I would be mainly interested in a good 2eq Stingray with lacquered full maple neck (like early 90s, would love a honeyburst). Some other example of what I may like; a good precision (Squier jv/sq, quality copy), jazz bass special, early 80s precision special, good "lawsuit" era stuff, fretless 70s fender precision, effects... I am into 4 string basses, fretted or fretless. Usually I like traditionally styled stuff. Pm if you have any questions or an interesting proposal.
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    This is a touch unusual being white blonde ash with rosewood. You can just see the grain in some lights. These pics make it a little lighter than it is in the flesh. Very few of these made as far as I can tell. I just play bass for fun and on recordings. This has some old flats on it and it does that deep warm Motown thump and bump wonderfully. Lovely smooth very dark chocolate rosewood with hints of chestnut. Ebony wood pull bar. Very nice pickups and has a sort of vintage vibe look without being vintage or a reissue. Anyone else have one?
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    I have to say, this bass was terrible out the box. The fingerboard was the driest I have ever seen and the frets needed dressed as there was ridiculous buzzing everywhere. Got it playing very nicely now. The pickups are very "meh". Feels nice to play though.
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    Well...I’m in trouble with the BB police. Something inexplicable has happened...and it’s much lighter than 4.5kg.
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    I'll do more soon!
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    funnily enough I just ordered a bigger memory card, 😊
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    I would also live without Yellow Submarine, When I'm 64, Piggies and Rocky Racoon. Eleanor Rigsby always been a favourite of mine though.
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    It’s all about perspective though could just as easily be laziness 😀 As a seller wanting the other party to arrange shipping means they are giving the responsibility over the buyer for their new gear. Once they have paid some folks consider it to be the property of the new owner and their responsibility. Other folk see that responsibility with them as the seller to ensure the goods get to the buyer in one piece and pride themselves on seeing ‘completion of the transaction’ once the item is safely delivered to the new owner. It just is what it is.
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    This. None of the basses in the first post strike me as particularly beautiful.
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    Ohhhh Dan. I like that..... a lot! 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻
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    What’s wrong with her bass? 😀
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    Fantastic 😎 I'd forgotten how good this was, thank you for reminding me. I'm going to suggest it to the band.
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    Very well made basses and good quality hardware...glwts
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    As far as I was aware it's a term normally reserved for electronic/dance music, particularly dubstep. Commonly the bass, and possibly drums, is held back for a verse or a section and then comes back in with a blast. But if we're just going for tracks were the bass injects energy into the track then I'll put the live version of Sabotage in. The song does stop and come back in with bass so it's kind of there. 🙂
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    We’ve cancelled ours. Supposed to be at my house, but as no gigs for the foreseeable there’s no point.
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    Yep - we don't even know if it is a Tokai, other than the word of a counterfeiter. Also, the fact that it has been defaced means that the description of "mint" is a lie.
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    I learned something today when Andy was trying my (ex) Metro Sadowsky. I heard tonal possibilities that I had not heard before from this bass. Please take my advice & get a very good player to play your bass in a room next to you & listen! No I don’t regret anything we did a good & fair trade!
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    All things being equal Copper is a more effective shielding material.
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    I recently bought the same model. Its my second foray into 5 string territory after previously failing miserably. Its fair to say am absolutely delighted with it. Its very light for a 5 string. Mine never had any issues with Frets, action, intonation etc. Right out of the box it was very playable. Possibly because i am still getting comfortable with 5 string i havent noticed any issues. Am also really happy with the look and appearance of it. For the money its an absolute bargain and was considering getting another to put flats on. Just wish i could play mine as well as your playing in the video
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    Here's Brucie!! Bruce Thomas Profile P bass from Bass Centre
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    It's not a vintage Tokai, whatever it is, and in fairness the guy's not suggesting it is. And (in my opinion) if it's not an 80s Hamamatsu-made replica, it doesn't really matter what the sticker on the end says. Pretty colour, though.
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    Thanks Dood, absolutely wonderful - thanks for taking the time to do this. I’ve watched but will operationalise my learning this morning. Basschat at its best! Thank you
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    I've decided to put this up for sale as i just don't use it enough. I've just got this back from darkglass after having a brand new PCB fitted, so essentially the pedal is brand new! Condition wise it is pretty much mint! I have an invoice for the repair (which was almost £100!) which I'm happy to forward to any buyer should they ever need it in the future. I have the original box, manual and sticker price is posted or collection is welcome (£190 collected). Any questions just ask
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    If you pay £75 for that, you deserve the disappointment.
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    Ready to go on-stage Fri night. That's me at the back.
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    Share a good setting you have dialled in?
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    Turn any stage mix into a headphone mix and use your in ear monitors with the UE Sound Tap personal monitoring system. The Ultimate Ears Sound Tap is personal monitoring, simplified - Tap, Plug and Play. Working with any stage setup the Sound Tap sits between any mixing desk or speaker whilst also supporting both line-level and speaker-level inputs. Designed to give an easier setup for in ear monitoring, the Soundtap sits inbetween the mixing desk and your ears, giving the user final control of the overall mix level to their ears. Retailing at £200+, this is a bargain. Unit only, in original box, with instructions, but no cables, power supply or batteries. UK postage will be £7.00. Frequency Response: 20 - 20,000 Hz Spike Protection: Yes Active Impedance Matching: Yes Battery Life: 30 Hours using 2x 9V Batteries Connections (output): 3.5mm Stereo Jack Connections (input): 6.3mm Combo XLR / Speakon

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