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  1. I'm very up for some zoom tuition if anybody would like to develop their playing from home
  2. How unusual having V/V/T then also a pickup selector? Have always loved moon basses, such workhorses and beautifully made. Best of luck with the sale.
  3. Wow yeh that is rare. Grosh makes some of the best feeling necks in the business, period. My friend in the west end had a 5er and it was a really amazing feeling bass. Good luck with the sale
  4. I'm wondering why your bridge pup was quieter? Maybe there were mismatched capacitors or somehow more resistance on the bridge controls? Or was the the tone just backed off? Either way it obviously wasn't the pickups so good job you didn't go that route. I know Jaco would've agreed with you - he did the same conversion to his Jazz! I've always used VVT on a Jazz, VT VT can have lower output and just more room for error in real world situation though I bet you can also get some cool sounds with it.
  5. Hello mate, If you have output from the bass, and I assume the treble control is active/uses the preamp then the pre amp is not dead. It's more likely a contact or pot problem, and probably not complicated just requires some good knowledge to get in there and do it. I've always used the Gallery in Camden, Martin there is the electronics guy and he's really great. I've had issues with super rare stuff that he has figured out and sorted. I've never used your particular preamp so I can't comment further.
  6. The adhesive strip is narrower than the copper strip, so there's plenty of space for overlap and solid connection. I found it really easy to make a very clean job of it.
  7. Not sure about internal grounding year, I've never been a big anorak for vintage periods, probably an easy google though, and then a minefield at that!! Cheers all
  8. 'Slug tape' is self adhesive copper tape and available at most hardware outlets. Paint is expensive but can do a great job too. Unless i was building it from scratch (building up layers on a clean surface from the start) , I would get some copper tape in there to see if it's doing what you need. Quick, cheap and effective.
  9. This sounds like a very reasonable and likely answer. I love the question and looking forward to many more trivial questions over the coming months. I'm wondering why the Japanese reissues copy the less symmetrical look? You'd expect them to go with the uniform/perpendicular style.. Perhaps (inner pedant speaking), having it at an angle gives slightly more surface area at the contact points which achieves a microscopically better result?
  10. As mentioned above, apart from one discrepancy, it is my understanding also that when the tone pot is fully open you aren't creating any resistance in the capacitor (or very little), so removing it will have little significance on your tone in this specific case. Obviously changing the cap may effect very slightly what's going on (assuming an open tone pot still is having some effect), but not to any great extent. I would suggest really either going for a pickup with more of a scooped sound, or more high end in itself, or doing something like dropping an East J Tone into your bass. This leaves your signal pretty much untouched, with a tone pot (plus capacitors you can swap out/match), but with the active circuit giving you bass/treble control. These can be boost only, or boost/cut. But would probably be the best way to guarantee more flexibility where you want it whilst working from what you already have. Changing pickups (similar cost) still leaves you open to the possibility of not actually liking what they sound like in your bass.
  11. That's a once in a lifetime bass for someone. Good luck with the sale. (Authenticity pending)
  12. Hi Rich, I have no plans at the mo but I could always meet you half way and sort out fuel costs? Cheers
  13. Sorry for the slow reply. Myself and the bass are in Stroud.
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