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  1. That is stunning! Amongst the most well made and comfortable basses on the planet. Good luck with the sale. WOW !!
  2. Thank you so much for your feedback - your cheque's in the post ; )
  3. On hold, thanks for the interest.
  4. This isn't going to help things for you... but I wired a Lindy Fralin P pickup into my old JV P bass, and it sounded really good. Broke up beautifully, creamy, fat growly, recommend looking into those if you're doing some research.
  5. Wow amazing bass and Ive not heard of Dario before but that guy is incredible!! Good luck, I'm sure this one won't hang about ; )
  6. Beautiful and unique bass. I love way Celinder builds and designs. By the way, a 2017 bass - I am encouraged to see he is still producing instruments to some capacity. Good luck with the sale.
  7. I would consider offers if that helps, please get in touch. This is a solid 5 string, I'm sure whoever buys it will be really happy. Cheers.
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