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    As a matter of fact, JE, it was my housemate Jack's ticket that won the prize. Two of his tickets were drawn and none of mine! He was delighted to have won it. We've known Andy for a couple of years now and we've both been impressed by his builds and mods. Jack's more of a uke player though and he's gifted it to me. As we share a house, he's still going to hear it... quite a lot probably. I'm very lucky. I've just had a good hour playing with it and it's lovely. To be honest, I've always liked the notion of one day owning an AJR modified or built bass. It was a great climax to the day. Full marks to you JE and your Mum. You both made us feel very welcome. You made this year's East Midlands Bass Bash a great follow up to @Sibob's excellent events. Cheers matey! Well done. This isn't the first time that Andy's put up such a nice prize either. He put up a decent acoustic bass a couple of years back too. It's been a great day out for the two of us after a rough six months or so. Looking forward to the next one.
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    Rory Gallagher. I don't think there is anybody on the planet who could squeeze so much music out of a guitar. R.I.P. A few years ago my wife and I visited Rory's grave in Cork. That day I made a vow to return and bring a guitar: to play something for Rory. And as we left the graveyard, we met four bikers in leathers. They had traveled from Germany. I watched them discreetly and they made a bee line for Rory's grave. Rory did that to people, he inspired them. What a player.
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    Excellent occasion, my thanks also to @jebroad and Mum for organising! Good venue, plenty of space and light. A welcome chance to put faces and voices to so many names that I won't pick any out - except @SpondonBassed and Jack, and @seashell. Ridiculous amounts of cake, with @Teebs 's chocolate cake the standout. Favourite bass of the day: @jazzyvee 's beautiful EUB as seen above. Very impressed by the build and sound quality of the many short-scales - not for me, I'm completely into light-weight long-scales, but an eye-opener. Also @Andyjr1515 's talk, which has led me to start reading the build threads. Final thanks to @Teebs for the lift from Manchester, I couldn't have got there otherwise, well worth the journey 🙂
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    Good times! It is great just to play stuff we all read about but certainly does not exist where I live. Sadowsky, G&L L1000 (Wowzers, whatever is driving that tone is bonkers), Alembic EUB, Mouse, Enfield, Manton, Letts and Shuker. And the Jabbass mini basses. I will be having one of those! Also just putting faces to names. And cakes. Mant thanks to everyone involved in the organising. Did I mention good times?
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    My mum has a brother who's the same height as me and has the same hair as me. She calls me graham more than she calls me my actual name
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    Apropos of nothing - apparently Mr Hall is, or at least was, at some point, a bass player. A very long time ago I had correspondence with him which started as hostile and borderline litigious (it stemmed from an innocent inquiry regarding Fakers, on the old Rickenbacker official forum), but actually ended up being disconcertingly cordial. He mentioned his own musical dabblings at some point, I can't remember why. Regardless, the sum total of his input regarding the design of the 4000 series basses amounts to absolutely sweet bugger-all.
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    The tone pot is almost certainly a log pot, which means most of its effect is in the final part of its sweep, as you've found. Volume pots are usually log pots and the effect is similar. Try swapping it for a linear pot - their effect is steady (hence linear)over the entire sweep. CTS make them and you can find them from plenty of online suppliers. Just make sure you get the same value as the one in the instrument.
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    If you have very recently got one of these (or the X rated version!): Or been a long time fan of this: Then there are a LOT of great individual effects available which are common across both multi fx pedals. You'll likely agree with me that a huge amount of the benefit / fun is going to come from creating our own bespoke patches to improve on some of the pre-loaded ones. For editing purposes on your PC either the free Zoom editing software or that provided by ToneLib - Zoom are both really useful. Thought it would be good to have a thread for any of us who fancy sharing the details of any patches you've made and finding useful (ideally with a close up pic of the effects settings) OR if you want some help / ideas for pulling a particular sound / effects patch together - please shout!
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    Imperial elite 5 chestnut top alderbody Maple neck Brazilian kingwood fingerboard . Birth date 2007 Killer sound very nice condition Price 5800£ or 6500e
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    Also listed on eBay at auction. My lovely Tobias Pro6 I am really struggling to find a specification list for this, which is a shame. What I can tell you is that it is NOT a pre-Gibson Tobias and has had a refit with a set of EMG pickups. I believe it is purple heart along with what Hell Zero here has identified: Hell Zero: "The neck is made out of wenge and maple with a rosewood fretboard. The wings of the body are made out of maple." The bass plays and sounds great, it has a closer string spacing then most basses, nothing hugely noticeable though and if anything it helps. It has some cosmetic damage which is fairly minimal though as I struggled to photograph it. Most of it is on the backside of the body. It does, have a scratchy volume knob, however, it does work fine on full volume, all the other pots are fine and they are pick up blend, bass boost/cut, treble boost/cut. It has a pretty trustworthy Tobias soft case included too. Any questions then please just ask. Price drop: £400, shipping not included. Thank you for viewing
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    Mayones jabba Custom 5 strings.. new whith 30 days new new new ! i can to ship.
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    Beautiful jazzman 5 Made in Germany, from 2007 in nirvana black. Good general conditions, with little scratches and a sign of thumb rest (see pics). With rockbag case.
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    I play almost same as he does but i play the riff between verse and chorus when he's singing Sat nights alright alright alright down at lower end using open D i think it is. (just trying to remember while sitting here typing) and i don't recognise the little Geddy riffs this guys putting in near the end but its pretty much the same as i play. Quite enjoyed listening to it. Fantastic Rik sound in the clip. Dave
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    Two singers I work with use Altos as monitors. Very good quality lightweight kit
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    PROBABLY red to white will work, but if it hums when you move it near electrics, try reversing one pickup. The other way is to hold them side by side with the polepieces aimed at the SAME string. One way round there will be barely any bass, the correct way round is when the bass sounds good and solid. Unfortunately, different manufacturers use different colours for the same coils and I've even found with a guitar humbucker the only certain test is whether or not it sounds duff. Also (as I found) on a PJ guitar if it sounds weak and pathetic with both pickups maxed, you need to swap the wires on the J pickup.
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    Think that's what sticks in the fella's craw. For 60 year they didn't think there was a need. Now it's "Great idea,we'll be having that.Best use the same name too. Aw let's really shaft him and sell ours half price."
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    I like cheese. I like bass guitars. I'm not mad about that, though.
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    These sound just as good as the US version in my opinion and this is a bargain price 😎
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    Lots of good stuff but My top basses I tried... @Frank Blank‘s Rob Allen Mouse @owen‘s headless MPU thing with the graphite neck @MoJoKe‘s JV Squier (And that Casa head just sounded decent)
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    He had to get a freebie MarkBass bag to take his winnings home in!
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    I am in Northampton, I am happy to pick it up and hold it for you, you know how much you want to come up here and see the first bankrupt council in the country! Northampton, the place you drive through on your way to somewhere better!!
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    We have that in our set, goes down well. In fact we first played it before it was ready as there had been a fight earlier and it seemed appropriate!
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    Band I was in at the time supported them on a UK tour back in 1994.. Great musicians and a lot of fun too! Saw Incognito the following year at The Ilford Island.. One of the best live gigs I've ever been to; phenomenal musicianship, great songs and so, so funky.. Happy days ☺️
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    I suspect ped minor will be plotting dad's demise in a freak yachting accident at some point, and taking over the throne
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    I’d say don’t limit yourself to American ones. I’ve had a couple Japanese ones which are every bit as good or even better. I have a 61 and a 64, and I always end up picking up my 7.4lb ‘85 MIJ medium scale P now...
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    The offending screws have been drilled out and I've now got access to the amp! 😊
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    Mate. Need, Want, Need, Want. Seems clear to me.
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    John Lennon I remember seeing the newspaper kiosk billboard "Beatle Shot Dead" and hoping it was Ringo, I mean he's just the drummer, right?
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    They repeat their programmes ad infinitum, so it'll be round again before too long I recorded it - will watch later. Programme synopsis was: "1973 Doc. Stars Cat Stevens, Tina Turner, Jimi Hendrix, Mick Jagger, Otis Redding, Rod Stewart, Pete Townshend & more. Vintage film footage from the hey-day of London's rock and roll scene" Some might say a few years past the hey-day, but those cats were still cool, man.....
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    These are fantastic bass's... i reckon take the tape off as it seems like perfectly acceptable road worn scarring to me 🙂
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    So was I, lovely chap who I had the pleasure of meeting on several occasions. But his illness was well-documented, a dignified slow decline, so I can't say I was shocked when he died. Sad, but not shocked. The world was a better place for his presence, and that presence is still felt in his influence.
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    This fact isn't taking into account the one thing all the Warwick buzzards had in common. They're crap. If you've played both, the status version is superior in every way.
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    Happy 70th to Zal Cleminson
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    And me 😂 I’ll look the show up though
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    Sadly had to sell a few over the last couple of years bur, for a time, these were a lot of fun
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    Sure is, but some folk may travel that way for work or family. I used to whiz past Northampton regularly on the M1. But hey ho, if you don't ask...
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    Now that we've gone thru 6 pages in this thread i've found that a lot more musicians passing either saddened, shocked or surprised me over the years and quite a few i had forgotten about. Its turned out to be quite a sad but interesting thread in that respect. Its also brought back some fond memories over the years of people i used to listen too that sadly are no longer with us. Dave
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    After an awful 4.5 hr drive I’m now ensconced in a hotel half an hour away from the Bash and awaiting Pointless on the TV. If they are Basschat lanyards then woo hoo!
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    Plenty of advice already on here if you do a search.
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    Good to hear positive feedback for Customer Service from any brand...
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    Weirdly for me it was Jeff Hanneman - I'd seen Slayer live lots in my youth and he was tangible part of that, rather than a 'rock God' that I knew but didn't really relate to.
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    Drumkits not propped up by a mountain of gaffer tape would also be an improvement on a lot of places I've rehearsed! Joking aside though, this does sound like a brave attempt to improve on the usual horror show. Given the only one I know of in my area is a single, mouldy room with a leaky roof and a floor largely held together by hazard tape, I might have to consider the trip down to Horley next time I need a space!
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    Hey man, well I’m out with Fu Fighters at the Fake Festivals this year and think we are in Bolton. We are in Stoke next weekend if that helps? Obviously I can send on a courier no bother. Got loads of boxes
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    Day 2 Body routing for the control cavity, pickup and neck pockets. I was terrified of routers before doing the course, but by day 2 I felt very confident using them and the woodworking possibilities seemed vast with them. I figured with a good enough router and the right templates and jigs, you could build the vast majority of a guitar with a router. The body roundover was also done and you can see the scorch marks on the edges where I lingered too long. Nothing too drastic that wouldn't sand out thankfully. The neck was also done in much the same manner as the body. A channel was done down the centre for the truss rod and a hole drilled at the heel end for adjustment. Once the rod was inserted, a strip of wood was added and glued into place to cover it, which was then planed back until flush with the body. The ebony board was cut to rough shape, glued and clamped and day 2 was over. Things were coming together nicely!
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    Face it, Dave, you're a total Zoom fanboy 😂
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    Bit of a last minute change of circumstances for me means I cant go this time 🙁 Have a great time all, I'll try not to be too jealous when reading the reports and pics 😪🤢

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