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  1. Hank Marvin, must go and cook dinner now.
  2. Brilliant. I wish I could find my old "75 P bass but I doubt if I could lift it up these days. Sounded wonderful but at 11 pounds, it would break my back now.
  3. That is so cool. Don't let it go again.
  4. Neil Young in Glasgow in the early '70's. The support band, The Eagles were brilliant.
  5. Is this an online course? If so, please post a link. I would love to do that..
  6. Try doing a search on here then. It might pick up the ad that you bought it from. Good luck.
  7. Check out the sold stuff on Ebay, that should give you an idea what they sell for.
  8. I like slappers. I'll get me coat.
  9. 30 years ago today, we lost Leo Fender. Thanks Leo. That's all.
  10. I thought that Teebs looked like a really nice chap at the last bass bash. Shame my guide dog bit him.
  11. I'm in. Rickenbacker 4003s, Eppy Thunderbird Vintage Pro and Ashdown ABM 500 2x10 combo.
  12. This is turning in to a cake bash. No complaints from me. The tone is in the chocolate fingers.
  13. @jazzyvee Please bring your beautiful basses again. It took me weeks to get my undercrackers clean again.
  14. Back on track, I would love this to happen. The last one was a blast.
  15. As long as they are not fret onanists. So that's a no.
  16. I've just watched it too. Brilliant.
  17. I'm on the Status Quo Live album, recorded in Glasgow, 1976. It was recorded over 3 nights and I was at 2 of them. I don't know which night they used but me and a couple of mates managed to blag our way back stage and met the guys after the second night's gig. I met them again a few times after. Lovely guys.
  18. i saw this in a record shop in Glasgow as a spotty youth and had to have it . Started me on my prog rock journey.
  19. No. I've now listened to loads of Bands/ Drummers that I never heard of before. It's opened my mind. Stay cool.
  20. I just thought. Alan White. He wasn't too shabby. Shame I am.
  21. Wow . Small world. I've played with him too. Canny drummer. Does he still use the big rack kit. It was awesome
  22. I've had the privilege of playing bass for John Coglhan , Ex Quo drummer. He was as tight as duck's butt, never locked in with anyone like that before.
  23. I would have said Ginger Baker but he would have kicked the crap out of me.
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