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  1. OMg. That looks wonderful and I bet it plays and sounds fab too.
  2. Bloody hell, pass the smelling salts. That's my YOB bass, just wish I was made in 2015. GLWTS
  3. The one on the right looks like an angry pirate. I'd keep that one. Arrr.
  4. All the best for a speedy recovery and I hope everything works as before.
  5. He loves his tea. Great drummer too and a lovely fella.
  6. Good luck for tomorrow and a speedy recovery.
  7. The swans enjoyed their kabab tonight. Back to bread tomorrow, they don't fancy duck in hoisin sauce tomorrow .
  8. RSPCB say that there is no harm done feeding bread to birds. They recommend a varied diet though. I'm taking them a Kebab tomorrow.
  9. My new nightly routine. Around 6.30, I walk a mile to the local marina and feed the ducks and swans then walk home. This is my 4th night and the swans are getting friendlier.
  10. Here's my two. A Crafted in Japan "62 RI Strat and a Crafter Electro Acoustic.
  11. I'm the late night p!ssed kebab. You enjoyed it at the time but can't remember why in the morning.
  12. Went to work this morning and was furloughed when I got there. Been out for a walk and feed the ducks down at the river. Local dogging site looked a bit quiet.
  13. I've not timed it but it's quite fast to charge.
  14. I've been playing through mine again tonight with my Rick and let my missis have a listen on my PJ headphones. She was blown away by the quality after hearing me play through a Vox crappy thingy. I just love this bit of kit.
  15. Sorry guys, going to have to pull out. I'm classed as a essential worker, I deliver bog rolls. I have to do a round trip from Cheshire to London on Friday. It means I won't get back until late Friday evening. I blame it on the panic buyers. Long may they suffer from ring rust.
  16. He's having a lay down to get over the thought of this thread.
  17. I never got around to doing a review but I can say that I like it. It's a solid piece of kit, good volume, good tone control and light. I can give it a thumps up.
  18. I'm back in now my wrist op has been postponed. I'll bring my Rick 4003s and my Epi vintage pro T-bird.
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