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  1. I don't know, it means I'll be able to make the Bass Bash after all.😎
  2. My wrist operation has been postponed indefinitely due to the corona virus outbreak. The ward I was due to stay in is now being use as an isolation unit. Bugger.
  3. Started out in a dairy on a milk production link. I then moved to London in 1975 and started work as a telephone engineer for the Post office, just before they became BT. Worked my way up to management before being made redundant in 1992. When on to work in the Civil Service for 3 years then went back into Telecommunications as a project manager. After another redundancy, I worked for TNT as depot supervisor. Another redundancy followed and I'm now a delivery driver. Next February, I'm retiring and moving to Thailand with my wife, where I have a house.
  4. thanks for all the best wishes. Basschat really is a special place.
  5. Just a wee update. Op is on 19th March. Hopefully be playing again after 6 weeks but will probably take a few months to get up to speed. Enjoyed playing some Yes tonight, Long Distant Runaround and Yours is No Disgrace. They are going to be my tracks to get me back up to speed after the op. I hope it happens.
  6. I'll have to give it a miss is year. My wrist op is on 19th March and I'll out of action for 6 weeks.
  7. Lovely. Having owned a P bass finished by Dave Wilson, I know how good his work is and it will look even better in the flesh. Not in the least bit jealous.
  8. Have a blast today mate. Looking forward to seeing some video clips.
  9. I was with you until the tough tity mate comment. No need. Just blew your credibility. Everyone gets seller's remorse but no need for the attitude.
  10. the finish looks a bit rough, I'd send it back.
  11. No worries, just googled it. In the diary now.
  12. When is the Manchester Bass Show Andy? Might bring an empty gig bag for a quick getaway.
  13. I've just ordered an Ashdown Tone Pocket, I give a review next week when it arrives. I'll be using Phil Jones headphones with it. Looking forward to hearing the Rick and T-bird through them.
  14. I bought one from here last month. It's definitely a keeper.
  15. I was in Stratford-Upon-Avon today and did think about visiting BD but it would have ended in divorce. I've bought 2 basses already this year.
  16. That is one fine looking bass. Been to Bass direct by any chance?
  17. Greg Lake anyone? The voice of Prog for me and what a voice.
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