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For all the basses I have loved...


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@PatrickJ and I were talking about how many basses I’ve got through.

We had a laugh, I shared ridiculous purchases (the Samick I bought when bladdered which I then Sold to @lee650 the next day) among others...

So - from memory...

Kay precision - gifted by a family member, was firewood, basically...
Yamaha bb300 Japan - Bought in May 1997 for £99 in Sound Control - I resprayed it, shoved a mudbucker in it, stupid move. Sold to a mate...
Washburn xb100 - Bought from A1 Music in Manchester, it was transitioning to Academy Of Sound, I’d actually gone to buy a Hohner B2A I’d seen that week, but it’d sold
Jackson c5p - Bought by my uncle for me, ended up owning this 3 times, used as PX fodder towards a USA jazz, bought back and then sold...and then given back to me and then sold...
Schecter model t Robert DeLeo - Used money from Saturday job, took ages to pay off, had it a week, returned it and traded with Jackson c5p towards Jazz bass
Fender American standard jazz bass - traded two basses for it, found I snapped g strings on it - probably poor technique at the time...this was at Sound control
Warwick corvette - Traded the jazz for this, kept it for years, played it up until 2009 when I sold it, this was at Academy of Sound
Spector NS-94 - bought from the short lived Manchester bass centre. Had LED’s in the neck, bought on the day I saw the blue Tune bass I’ve got on the way...swapped for an amp at Spectrum Music in Whitefield.
Fender Marcus Miller Jazz Bass - First Purchase when I worked for Dawson’s, kept it for about 5 years, sold to Nick Smith
Epiphone Jack Casady - Lovely thing, sold to @Etienne
Fender 50’s classic P - Bought for me by a girlfriend, was a nice bass...
Fender Japan 62P - Bought from Ishibashi, never got on with it. Lives in Oldham now.
Fender 75 Jazz FSR limited - Lovely thing, sold to @LukeFRC
Squier 83 Japan p/j - Wish this was still here, miss it hugely. Still belongs to a basschatter, who won’t sell it back 😞
Jackson c20 - bought on a whim, returned shortly thereafter, just not as nice as the c5p
Hohner B2A - got one eventually, took to Edinburgh and sold to a basschatter while I was drunk on a stag do - great bass.
Rickenbacker 4003 - Never meet your heroes, couldn’t get on with it. Kept in a case and sold.
Musicman Stingray 3eq Piezo - Great bass, absolutely skinted myself to buy this...
Musicman Bongo HH - Bought for my 21st Birthday, sold in dark times...
Hofner Violin “cavern” - Sold to the same guy who has my old blue Japanese 62p, bought silly cheap, sold for not much more...
Jaydee Supernatural - Another “never meet your heroes” moment - didn’t make sense in the band I was in, sold at a loss
Ken Smith Burner Artist - Lasted a week, gutted...my ex announced £1000’s in debt the day it arrived, sold nearly every bass I had to resolve
Musicman Stingray Classic - Got for my 29th (I think) second best stingray I owned, but definitely the nicest one.
Musicman Stingray 2eq - Trying to recoup the stingray classic I missed, not as nice
Status Kingbass Artist - Got this from @MB1 who relieved me of a Stingray Classic; found the body and scale too small...
Status Groove Bass - arrived damaged, but a great bass, sold cheaply, would love a 4
Fender Geddy Lee Japan - Bought on a whim, sold soon after, loved how it looked, neck too skinny...
Fender Nate Mendel - Mega light, lovely bass, replaced bits on it and then sold to @lee650
Sandberg California 5 - didn’t get on with it, bought in a rush as the Stingray 5 I was after had sold...
Yamaha TRB5p2 - should’ve tried harder with this, beautifully made, just heavy and a bit uninspiring.
Fender Roscoe Beck V - Bonkers thing, great great bass - again, would like a 4 string version 
Peavey g bass - thought it’d be like a Flea bass, wasn’t...looked ace though
peavey gv bass (owned this twice) - Great bass, I sold because I stopped playing 5’s
Self build plexiglass P - crazy heavy, 14-15lbs
Self build p/j with limelight neck - great bass, swapped for BEX4c
Self build p/j duck Dunn - lovely thing, was proud of this...
Farida j fretted - still here, made for me when I worked for their uk distributor 
Farida j fretless - as above...Ebony board
Farida fjb6 red - a project I never started, bought and sold within a week
Farida fjb6 white - Used for the neck I still have and sold with a fretless board
Mike Lull 5 jazz - Excellent bass, one of the nicest 5’s I’ve ever played 
Fender mex p/j deluxe - should’ve kept this, nice bass
Fender roger waters - Not for me, made it into a 57 black’n’gold thing. Swapped for geddy no.2
Fender geddy Lee mex - nicer than the Japan one I had, didn’t last though...
Fender custom shop 64 relic jazz (twice) - bought from @three, sold to @binkybongo (who was the original owner...) and then sold back to Loz...then I bought it back From Bill...very odd. Nicest Jazz ever...now belongs to @Normski
Fender custom shop 64 NOS - meh, traded for 2 basses at GBBL.
Fender custom shop 55p relic - Excellent bass, sold to @Beedster - was made for the CS trade stand at Musikmesse
Fender 1977 p - lovely thing, best late 70’s I’ve seen/played...
Fender 1975 p - great old P, comfy, barky, woody...
Fender Japan Fretless P 70’s - Heavy, but gorgeous sold to @mcnach 
Fender PBAC fl - Bought out of curiosity, nice thing.
Fender power jazz special - Lovely, no need for it though really...
Epiphone thunderbird classic - bought at a crack converters, loved it but looked silly on me
Epiphone thunderbird non reverse - bought because I wasn’t sure how stupid I could look twice over...
Dearmond star fire - Just 🤷🏻‍♂️, looked ace, can’t remember much about it...
Sadowsky metro J - Mega Bass, wanted a P/J
Sadowsky metro p - Still here, love it
Status guy pratt - loved it, couldn’t justify with the Sadowsky being so lovely (and similar) and to cover a bill 🙄
Status smart bass - Looked great, sounded great - hated the ‘square’ feeling neck...
Epiphone jack Casady blue - to replace the gold one I should’ve kept. It’s ace.
Spector Euro 435lx - Brilliant bass, flippin loved it. Sold because a car went pop. Turns out I could’ve kept it.
Fender Marcus Miller white - now with @bassfan
Fender Marcus Miller natural (refin) - Went mad on this, spent silly money doing it up and fitting posh guts...just wasn’t as special in the end and I preferred it as a stock bass, should’ve just had a respray done and kept everything else stock, lost its character 
Modulus Flea Bass - Still beating myself up over this, don’t talk about it
Yamaha bb200 - bought for the neck, arrived damaged, sold cheap
Yamaha bb300 - To replace my original bb300, was ace, sold to @bigsmokebass
Yamaha bb350f - what the 200 neck was for...should’ve kept it, nice bass, just needed frets
Yamaha bb425x - decent workhorse 
Yamaha bb415 - as above, both did plenty of gigs
Yamaha bb1100s 1986 - dreamboat, second favourite BB I’ve ever owned
Yamaha bb1100s 1988 - not as nice as other one
Yamaha bb1024x - Hard to discuss 
Yamaha bb614 - recorded with this, nice
Yamaha bb414 - This bass makes me smile
Yamaha bbg4a2 - 🤷🏻‍♂️ Nice enough, bland...
Musicman 1994 stingray 2eq - Best Stingray ever...sold because I’m a tit
Godlyke disciple - Should’ve kept it, just an absolute banger...went to @bassfan when I got his Flea...easily one of the best put together basses I’ve owned.
Washburn sb40eq - Mental Graceland esque bass, sounded ok, sold to a guy who runs a Washburn museum in America 😳
Aria sb700 - FFS, should’ve kept. It was pristine.
Aria sb1000 - Alright, preferred the 700 in the end.
Aria Steve Bailey - Bought in haste, sold at a similar pace, turns out it was a scarce pre production bass. Still 🤷🏻‍♂️
Guild b30e - best acoustic bass I owned, bar none
Tacoma thunder chief - arrived smashed from Mansons, gutted
Fender mex 60’s burgundy FSR - nice, but got the CS so fell out of favour 
Sigma acoustic bass - decent cheap ABG
Yamaha attitude special - great bass, the purchase was laboured and got messy and the seller absolutely soured the whole experience and I sold it on after 2 months because it did my head in that I’d given a scoundrel cash for it
Yamaha attitude standard pink - great bass
Yamaha attitude standard black - Just, a bit nicer than the pink, dunno why
Yamaha attitude plus - Was sent back, unfortunately 
Yamaha bb714bs - Sold to the wonderful @leemarseillebass - should’ve kept it but these things happen
PRS EBIV - Again, never gave it a chance, and I would probably enjoy it more now. Nice thing...
Yamaha rbx360 (think it was a 350) - got it cheap, did it up, sold it...
Fender Stu Hamm Urge - too little
Self build billy sheehan wife bass - Madder than a box of frogs, needed a push across the finish line, sold to @ceteraat a significant loss 😂
Yamaha BEX4c - Lovely thing, useless for the band I was in, sold, regretted 
Hohner Bbass natural - corking bass
Hohner Bbass Black (still have this at a mates) - bought for buttons and was ultimately bollocksed, is now sanded to bare wood (maybe primed) and is just a body and neck...should actually finish it
Fender AVRI 62P - sold, don’t know why, a nice bass
Fender Roadworn Jazz - bought when I had a period without the 64 CS. Lovely thing
Danelectro 59dc bass - Chased, chased and chased, got one - sounded like 60’s soundtrack basslines...sold when I realised the body was too small
Breedlove 5 string bass - Did 3 gigs with a soul singer, sold it at a loss
Ibanez BTB676 - taken in trade against TRB5PII, just too many strings, took ages to sell too...
Gear4Music acoustic 5 (defretted) - just messing about with defretting, worked out well, sold it and made money
Samick HFB-590 - 2 bottles of merlot, eBay and idiot at the helm...sold the day it arrived to @lee650
Oldfield acoustic bassstolen by a crackhead, best thing for it...used to replicate a double bass on the cheap, the trubass strings were probably worth more...

And a Tune bass arriving this week.

please...if you can...share your list of shame.

and if you’ve bought a bass from me, and it’s not on the list, please mention it.

im so ashamed.

never once have I said any of this has made me a good bass player.

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the problem with our conversation is that I now feel like I've not experienced enough and despite literally getting a new bass last week I'm browsing the For Sale section!

My modest bass history

  • Fender Jazz Black Top (MiM)
  • Fender Precision Deluxe P/J Special (MiM)
  • Ibanez GSR200 - my first, £60 off eBay.
  • Ibanez SRF700 fretless
  • Lakland 44-01, Spalted Maple finish - I still regret moving this on
  • Mayones Jabba Standard 5 String
  • MTD Kingston of some kind, I sent it back after receiving it as there were multiple finger prints in the paint finish
  • Sandberg Cali II VS4
  • Sandberg Cali II VT4
  • Sandberg Cali I VM4
  • Shuker Jazz (Custom Build)
  • Spector Legend of some kind, I took it back the day after getting it as the electronics were wired out of phase and the preamp seemed a bit buggy.
  • Warwick Corvette GPS 5 String



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I've never actually listed mine on any topic. This will be fun.

Since I started in 2003, in order (sure I've forgotten a couple though).

• Aria STB JB - Solid, functional, great starter instrument.

• 1985 E-Series Squier Precision - Vintage, aged, resonant and growly. Neck as orange as Trump.

•Warwick Rockbass Streamer 5 - Honky, funky, weak output.

• Yamaha TRB4II - Heavy, professional, studio bass. Big presence in the mix.

• Epiphone Thunderbird  - Bizarrely the best slap tone I've ever had

• Washburn AB10 - meh

• Fender Geddy Lee Japan - 12lbs in weight and badly built. But still great. 

• Sterling Ray 34 - Identical to a Stingray for a third of the price. The brightest bass tone I've ever had.

• 2010 Mexican Fender Jazz Bass - Beautiful weight, lovely smooth satin neck, could never make it sound anything but grindy. 

• Sandberg Basic 4 - Lovely, lovely, lovely. Will get another at some point. Like a classy Stingray.

• Musicman SUB USA (Status necked for a while) - Still have it. Growl, thump, snarl. Indestructible. FUNK

• Spector Euro 4 SE5 - The best of the best. Perfect in every way. EMG and Tonepump = sonic nirvana. 

• 2004 Modulus Flea (Black) - My first Flea. Had a synthy, electronic tone. 

• Warwick Streamer LX4 (Red) - Light, comfy, impeccably built. Growl in spades. 

• Warwick Streamer Stage One - Brittle and barky, found it hard to get usable tones. 

• Vintage Icon 74 Fretless - Perfectly serviceable fretless. 

• 97 Modulus Flea (Silver Flake) - Clean, clean, clean. Full-range tone. Masses of clarity. Gigged the life out of it. 

• Fender Marcus Miller Japan - Great for slap, not great for anything else. Zero midrange anywhere in it.

• 2004 Modulus Flea (Blue Flake) - The most aggressive Flea of the 3. Absolutely insane poke and presence in a mix. The most individual tone of any bass on the planet.

• Fender Classic Series 50's Precision - Classic rock sound. Total tonal authority and muscular delivery. Lovely baseball bat neck. Works for everything.

• Warwick Streamer LX4 (Black) - Light, beautiful carving/shape. Super sweet, rich top end tone. Growly with a tonne of warm presence. 00s neck not as bad as people say. 

In short, I like Streamers and Flea Basses!

1 - Spector Euro SE5 

2 - 2004 Modulus Flea 

3 - Black Streamer LX4

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Goodness I'll have to think! I bet my list is shorter than Andys and I've been player a lot longer 😂

From memory and in order of owning

-60's short scale Arbiter SG

- Vantage VS -650B

- Ibanez Musician

- Hohner P/J Fretless P bass

-82 JV Squier jazz (still got this one)

- Bass Doc custom Jazz (later defretted)

- Yamaha BBN5 

- Yamaha BB NE1

-Warwick Streamer LX

- Warwick Streamer Jazzman 5

-Warwick 90 Streamer Stage 1

- Ibanez SR 4 string


- Japanese Fender Precision

-Washburn AB10 acoustic bass

- Musicman Sterling (Still have this, owned twice)

- Fender American Fretless Jazz

- Ken Smith BSRMW 5

-Spector CRFM5

-Warwick Thumb 6

-Stagg EUB

- Squier VM Precision 5

-Samick Acoustic bass

-83 Tokai Fretless jazz

- Musicman Stingray 5HH

-Fender Nate Mendel Precision

- Yamaha BB1025x

- Yamaha BB424

-Fender Highway one Precision (still using)

- Yamaha TRB1005

- Kay shortscale ( technically my Daughters and needs fixing 😂)

-Yamaha BB 425

-Yamaha BB 350f fretless


That's about as far as I can get with my senior memory. Not many for nearly 30 years of playing. Funnily enough when I Was a professional player,I only owned 2 or 3. It was only when i stopped and joined Basschat,thst I kept chopping and changing 😂


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Been a bit of a journey on the bass merry go round. Hoping to slow down now but hey, that can easily change tomorrow. 

As far as regular production basses go, I’ve never owned a Yamaha, Sandberg or Sire bass which I find a bit odd tbh. 

* means I still have


Valenti Jazz #042 

Valenti Jazz #146*

Ovation USA B768 Elite bass

Breedlove Atlas Solo fretless 

Gretsch G5440 (x2)

Bolin NS-5

Spector NS5 CRFM

Spector Euro 5

Godlyke Disciple

Godlyke Deity

Warwick Streamer Stage 1

Warwick Corvette Std

Warwick Streamer Std 4HH

Warwick Streamer Std 5HH

Status Energy 4 

Status Groove 4

Ibanez Ashula II

Ibanez Cerro singlecut 5

Ibanez SRFF806

LTD RB-1006 Rocco Prestia

Overwater Aspiration Elite 4

Overwater Aspiration Elite 5

Overwater Aspiration Deluxe 5 FL

Overwater/Tanglewood J 

Cort GB94

Cort GB99F

Cort GB74

Cort GB75 x2

MTD Kingston 5 fretless

Tune Bass Maniac

Flea bass 

Tanglewood Curbow 4

Tanglewood Canyon III fretless

ESP P bass

Musicman Sabre Fretless

Musicman Cutlass

Musicman Silhouette bass

Musicman Bongo 4H

Musicman Bongo 4HS

Musicman Bongo 4HH

Musicman Bongo 5HS 

Musicman Bongo 5HH 

Musicman Sterling 4H CAR

Musicman Sterling 4H white sparkle

Musicman Sterling 4H honeyburst

Musicman Stingray pre Ernie Ball

Musicman Stingray 2EQ teal 

Musicman Stingray 2EQ black

Musicman Stingray 3EQ 3TS

Musicman Stingray 3EQ fretless 

Musicman SUB teal (X2)

Musicman Stingray 5H teal

Musicman Stingray 5H black

Musicman Stingray 5H Lavender

Sterling Ray 34CA

Sterling Ray 35 honeyburst

Sterling Ray 35 Black cherryburst

G&L Tribute JB-2 sonic blue

G&L Tribute JB-2 sunburst

G&L Tribute Kiloton

G&L Tribute JB

G&L Tribute L-2000 blueburst

G&L Tribute L-2000 natural

G&L Asat bass

G&L Asat bass hollow body

G&L SB-2

G&L L-1500

G&L L-2000 silver flake

G&L L-2000 sunburst

G&L L-2000 Flametop/J neck

G&L L-5500*

Squier Classic Vibe Jazz

Fender MIJ Jazz fretless

Fender MIJ 62 Jazz

Fender MIM Jazz 5 

Fender MIM Classic series Jazz

Fender USA Std Precision trans white

Fender USA Std Precision Blizzard Pearl

Fender USA Dimension Deluxe 5HH

Fender USA Std Jazz 5 fiesta red

Aria Pro II fretless 5

Hohner Jazz fretless

Hohner Jack bass black

Hohner Jack bass natural

Hohner B bass 

Hohner MusicMan copy HH

Marlin Sidewinder 

no name Rickenbacker copy

Satellite short scale 

Westone Thunder 3

Ibanez Cimar P bass


edit: need to add (all 2021)


MusicMan Classic Stingray natural

MusicMan Classic Sabre 3TS*

MusicMan Sterling Pearl blue

G&L CLF research L-1000 gold

Fender Dimension Dlx IV HH

Lakland 44-60 see thru white

Warwick Thumb Dirty Blonde*

Warwick Streamer LX Jazzman*


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@AndyTravis - it may not have made you the better player (your words - although I suspect that’s far from the truth), but it’s a lifetime of experience of owning/adjusting/tweaking various kinds of basses. You can’t buy that knowledge alone. You have to go through it. There are a few on your list (and others) that I have yet to try and would like to at some point: Schecter Robert DeLeo, Guild, Yamaha Attitude. I’ll get round to them one day I’m sure. Thanks for sharing - it makes me feel slightly less guilty 😂.

Is this just for basses you no longer have?

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Rickenbacker 4001 (1974, black) - my first own bass from Denmark street, £400 in 1986

Washburn Status copy (natural, later modded heavily) - my second instrument, worked well, 30 - 90, twang bass

Cort P copy, modded to a 5 - one of my first trials

Höfner short scale (60's) - repaired from wreck

Kramer Ferrington (burst) - it was owned by some star! but the sound...

Modulus Graphite Quantum 5 custom (1991, cocacola, bartolini) - was new and had an incredible sound, (costed an arm and a leg, and an acoustic piano then), I played it a lot but that 17 mm spacing, sold it few years ago

Ibanez GSR (black) - some very cheap model and felt like one

Ibanez Affirma (natural blond, fretted 4) - had been in a shop for ages, got a good offer

Ibanez Ashula (white, modded to 5) - strange test, strange instrument, rebuilt it and sold

Ibanez SR506 (modded to 5) - this was another wide neck trial, rebuilt it and sold

Vigier Passion II (1988, burgundy) - found this one from the original owner from France, my first lesson in French!

Vigier Passion II (1989, honeyburst) - she likes travelling, but comes back

Modulus Graphite Genesis 5 (1999, black, bartolini) - my main bass, the neck!

local luthier made fretless 4 (natural) - unlined 36" beauty, superlight (under 7 lbs!), birch + walnut +  blackwood

J parts, fretless Status J neck (sunburst) - neck's too thin, J is not for me

J parts, Status MM neck (sunburst) - the P width is better for me and this is a rock unit with a single EMG double coil and vol

fretless 5, MusicMan neck (natural) - pau ferro feels and looks good, but 17 mm spacing

Guild Ashbory (red) - I bought this when it was new in markets and played few songs in gigs, but no way

at least 12 heavily modded P-ish parts basses - I think I am into something... the latest trial is still at home


MISA TriBass - novation BassStation - I try to manage this combo


Clevinger 5 eub - incredibly good, had it since new and was expensive

Plywood double bass - this was a wreck, and I put it together, played a few years, but I had no space


total 32 + some more instruments

Quite many have been tests: do I like this detail or that? There are lots of manufacturers or luthiers that could build my dream instrument with ease: long scale 5 with 19 mm string spacing, one humbucker, lightweight, dark color scheme... Thinking about the money, well, it took quite many years I did not rely on my personal feel. I should have been more picky with the choices I made.

All those trials with friends' basses and those played in shops have driven me towards my specs. Not only instruments, but also strings and amps.

Some European instruments I would like to play every now and then are a 4-string fretless Wal, Overwater, Spalt, Status, Auerswald, Schack, Ritter etc. Shops are few and basses hidden, but they do exist.

It has been a long road, but it will continue. Happy to travel it along with you, my dear colleagues!

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1 hour ago, hiram.k.hackenbacker said:

@AndyTravis - it may not have made you the better player (your words - although I suspect that’s far from the truth), but it’s a lifetime of experience of owning/adjusting/tweaking various kinds of basses. You can’t buy that knowledge alone. You have to go through it. There are a few on your list (and others) that I have yet to try and would like to at some point: Schecter Robert DeLeo, Guild, Yamaha Attitude. I’ll get round to them one day I’m sure. Thanks for sharing - it makes me feel slightly less guilty 😂.

Is this just for basses you no longer have?

I’ve included basses I still own (about 5/6)

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Squier affinity p bass

Fender mex jazz

Pedulla MVP

Fender 57 Precision

Olp stingray Status neck

Carvin bb75

Marleaux consat 

Bossa jazz

Vigier passion fretless III

Vigier Arpege fretless I 5

Vigier Passion II white

Vigier Passion II ‘88

Vigier Arpege II

Vigier Passion III 5

Bacchus jazz

Bacchus twenty four 5

Ken smith BT5

Ken Smith BT4


Glarry P


Alembic elan 6

Epiphone thing

Atelier-Z DAL-4

Celinder J-Update 

Musicman Stingray 83

These are mine - currently own the Vigier ‘88, Celinder, Musicman and SB1

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8 hours ago, AndyTravis said:

@PatrickJ and I were talking about how many basses I’ve got through.

We had a laugh, I shared ridiculous purchases (the Samick I bought when bladdered which I then Sold to @lee650 the next day) among others...

So - from memory...

Kay precision
Yamaha bb300 Japan
Washburn xb100
Jackson c5p
Schecter model t Robert DeLeo 
Fender American standard jazz bass
Warwick corvette
Spector NS-94
Fender Marcus Miller Jazz Bass
Epiphone Jack Casady
Fender 50’s classic P
Fender Japan 62P
Fender 75 Jazz FSR limited
Squier 83 Japan p/j
Jackson c20
Hohner B2A
Rickenbacker 4003
Musicman Stingray 3eq Piezo
Musicman Bongo HH
Hofner Violin “cavern”
Jaydee Supernatural 
Ken Smith Burner Artist
Musicman Stingray Classic
Musicman Stingray 2eq 
Status Kingbass Artist
Status Groove Bass
Fender Geddy Lee Japan
Fender Nate Mendel
Sandberg California 5
Yamaha TRB5p2
Fender Roscoe Beck V
Peavey g bass
peavey gv bass (owned this twice)
Self build plexiglass P
Self build p/j with limelight neck
Self build p/j duck Dunn
Farida j fretted
Farida j fretless
Farida fjb6 red
Farida fjb6 white
Mike Lull 5 jazz
Fender mex p/j deluxe
Fender roger waters
Fender geddy Lee mex
Fender custom shop 64 relic jazz (twice)
Fender custom shop 64 NOS
Fender custom shop 55p relic
Fender 1977 p
Fender 1975 p
Fender Japan Fretless P 70’s
Fender PBAC fl
Fender power jazz special
Epiphone thunderbird classic
Epiphone thunderbird non reverse
Dearmond star fire
Sadowsky metro J
Sadowsky metro p
Status guy pratt
Status smart bass
Epiphone jack Casady blue
Spector Euro 435lx
Fender Marcus Miller white
Fender Marcus Miller natural (refin)
Modulus Flea Bass
Yamaha bb200
Yamaha bb300
Yamaha bb350f 
Yamaha bb425x
Yamaha bb415
Yamaha bb1100s 1986
Yamaha bb1100s 1988
Yamaha bb1024x
Yamaha bb614
Yamaha bb414
Yamaha bbg4a2
Musicman 1994 stingray 2eq
Godlyke disciple
Washburn sb40eq
Aria sb700
Aria sb1000
Aria Steve Bailey
Guild b30e
Tacoma thunder chief 
Fender mex 60’s burgundy FSR
Sigma acoustic bass
Yamaha attitude special
Yamaha attitude standard pink
Yamaha attitude standard black
Yamaha attitude plus
Yamaha bb714bs 
Yamaha rbx360 (think it was a 350)
Fender Stu Hamm Urge
Self build billy sheehan wife bass
Yamaha BEX4c
Hohner Bbass natural 
Hohner Bbass Black (still have this at a mates)
Fender AVRI 62P
Fender Roadworn Jazz
Danelectro 59dc bass
Breedlove 5 string bass
Ibanez BTB676
Gear4Music acoustic 5 (defretted)
Samick HFB-590
Oldfield acoustic bass (stolen by a crackhead)

And a Tune bass arriving this week.

please...if you can...share your list of shame.

and if you’ve bought a bass from me, and it’s not on the list, please mention it.

im so ashamed.

never once have I said any of this has made me a good bass player.

Favourite and least favourite?

and biggest surprise (good or bad)

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18 minutes ago, OliverBlackman said:

Favourite and least favourite?

and biggest surprise (good or bad)

Favourite was probably the white CS jazz that @Normski now owns. But I suppose the Sadowsky P sits at the top for “do it all”.

Biggest surprise was the Godlyke disciple - i sold it to @bassfan but regretted it from the second it left.

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Let's make it more fun by marking the ones we still own in bold :)

More or less in alphabetical order:

Aria Pro II SB-1000 (with two extra pickups added)
Carvin B4
Carvin LB75 (flamed walnut)
Carvin LB75 (all black - bought back out of sellers' remorse)
Condor Jazz Bass
Condor Jazz Bass (bought one back after regretting selling my first bass. The second one was awful)
Cort Artisan B4
Cort NTL-B fretless acoustic
Ellio Martina Forza 5
 (The One Bass. I'll never sell this one)
Ernie Ball Music Man Stingray5
Esh Stinger
Fender Japan 57 Precision reissue 
Fender Japan 75 Jazz Bass reissue
Hohner B2A
Ibanez ATK300 
Ibanez ATK300 tuned to D
Ibanez ATK305
Ibanez RS924
Ibanez MC924 (1981)
Ibanez MC924 (1983)

Ibanez SR800LE 
Jan Bak Precision Bass
Kydd Big Kydd EUB
Longbow 2-string fretless 
Mr Bassman No Sweat (Human Base) 
Rickenbacker 4003
Sandberg Bullet 5 fretless 
Status S2 Classic bolt-on 4-string 
Status S2 Classic bolt-on 5-string
Warwick Streamer LX4
Warwick Streamer LX5

Yamaha TRB5II amber
Yamaha TRB5II trans blue

All lefties obviously :lol:

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I feel quite restrained in comparison here! In brakcets is the year I bought the bass, a lot of these were second hand. 

Tanglewood Nevada P copy 1999

Kramer Striker fretless 5 (still got it) 2002

Hohner PJ 2005

Brice 6 string 2007

Warwick Steamer LX 4 2007

MiM Fender Jazz 2012

Westfield P 2015

Fender MIJ 1970 Reissue P 2015ish

Hohner B2A 2015ish

Sire V7 Vintage 5 2018

MM Stingray 4 2018 (still got it) 

Fender CIJ Jazz 1975 reissue 2020 (still got it) 

Aria Pro ii Elite 1 SB Bass 2020 (still got it) 

Warwick Steamer fretless 4 2020 (still got it) 

Parts for a bitsa 2020/2021 (waiting to be built) 

Guess when I joined Basschat?! 



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This thread has cheered me up no end. I thought I’d gone through a few but nowhere near as many as some and it definitely doesn’t make me a better player. 😂  Here they are in some kind of order :

Squire P

Tanglewood semi acoustic

Warwick thumb bleached blonde

Warwick thumb dirty blonde

Fender Marcus Miller 

Fender P ‘62 reissue

lakland 44-94 (cherry burst)

Modulus Flea - went to @AndyTravis

lakland JO (The Sims paint job) 

Fender CS ‘64 - Sonic Blue still got

Shuker Flea ‘62 shell pink - still got

Shuker Flea battleship grey

Fender jazz ‘62 Olly white  

Status S2 (headed) - still got and not going anywhere 

Yamaha Bb1000s

Yamaha bb414

fender P Lyte 

Godlyke disciple 

Sadowsky UV70 - still got and not going anywhere

Fender Marcus Miller (natural)

Fender Marcus Miller (Olly white) still got


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Lots of relatively cheap stuff compared to most but having fun doesn't have to cost the earth. 


Unnamed SG copy (first bass) 

Yamaha Attitude Special 

Yamaha BBG5s 

Yamaha rbx374 

Antoria J

---------------------- Above sold, below still got. ---------------------

Hohner Arbour Series fretless P

Line 6 Variax (modified) 

Line 6 Variax (standard) 

Aria STB Series P

Aria STB Series J


Harley Benton acoustic 32" fretted 

Harley Benton acoustic 34" fretless

Harley Benton bass uke fretted 

Harley Benton bass uke fretless 

Harry White 4005

Aria 4001 

Bitsa P J MM hybrid 

Danelectro Longhorn 

Ibanez Talman TMB30 

Kay KJP-1B 

Hofner Club Ignition 

Hofner Artist 

Yamaha BEX4 

Harley Benton EUB 

Gedo doublebass 

Squier Bass vi


I think that's it but I might've missed something. 


Edit. Missed one 🙂


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Fairly modest here, I think...

Yamaha BB404

Zoot Chaser 4

Yamaha BEX4

Fender MIA Precision

Fender CIJ Mustang

Warwick Rochbass Streamer (fretless)

Warwick Rockbass Corvette (fretless)

Warwick Corvette $$ (fretless)

Warwick Thumb BO (fretless)

Fender MIA Jazz

... all four stringers. I always had a “no more than three” and “one in one out” rule.

Now I have...

Squier Jaguar SS, with EMG Geezer pickups

Fender MIM Mustang, with Kiogon loom and Nordstrand pickups

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3 minutes ago, Hellzero said:

Do you really want me or @cetera to put our list of basses here again ? :crazy:


Lol! The list of basses I used to own is as long as the list of basses I still own...... i.e. loads!

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50 minutes ago, Trueno said:

I always had a “no more than three” and “one in one out” rule.

Now I have 6 basses (well, 5 and a half). I really should trim down, it's a bit silly. I just need to work out the optimum number. 

I also have a rule of "don't spend the proceeds until the courier has delivered the item AND the buyer is happy". I broke that rule last night, but the intent is there. That's how I ended up with the Warwick while the Aria was lost in a DPD vortex. 

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