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  1. Sold a couple of Macca prints ๐Ÿ‘Œ
  2. ๐Ÿ‘Œ - the perfect platform for sonic glory. The buyer could have one of my handmade silver gelatin prints of Macca pictures from a gig in Liverpool 1979 - if they prefer it the Marcus picture. This is a shot of it still drying.
  3. Very very nice trade offered but still available.
  4. DMs answered, some nice trade offers but not quite. Still available FS/FT
  5. Cheers. Same neck, ebony fingerboard, mother of pearl dots and maple binding
  6. Cheers. Same neck, ebony fingerboard, mother of pearl dots and maple binding
  7. Am good thanks, sorry Richard, I replied straight away but just noticed it wasn't visible. U ok mate?
  8. Thanks, forgot to weigh ! 9lb on kitchen scales.
  9. DOB 7 March 1969 Possible trades plus cash 4 string- MM Fender Overwater Lakland Cheers. Pictures and video added This is a true beauty Iโ€™ve decided should be with someone else who will treasure it and play it more then I and I. I had one of these the first time around - then Ricks, Celinder and CS basses but always hankered back to a real 60s Jazz - then this very special laid-back looking instrument came up. Alder body with ebony fretboard and beautiful maple binding by master luthier Jimmy Moon. 'Very comfortable A' profile slim neck - slimmer than '64 CSs I've owned. The neck is in lovely condition, has a subtle flaming and like the rest of the bass has acquired the sweetest sound, character and the authentic patina and feel only 50 years can give. Sounds just as you would expect - an authoritative true vintage tone with a wide palette and a comfortable 9lb. Originally sunburst - pictured, the previous owner who bought the bass new. It has all original pick ups and electronics. He took it for a set up to a music dealer where some oik damaged the truss rod which is when Mr Moon was commissioned to make the bass unique. The ebony fingerboard is gorgeous and as you can see is set off by the understated mother of pearl dots. Thatโ€™s it. Stay safe, stay healthy and stay in tune. Based near Manchester, could meet within reason, comes with substantial Fender case. PS - I am a professional photographer - the buyer will receive a Marcus Miller poster with my compliments. https://www.william-ellis.com/ VID_20201218_095246.mp4
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