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    Epic fail on at least two levels. 1. Define 'best' - best chops, best playing for the song, best songwriting...? Get promptly mired in controversy. 2. Last time I checked, people don't play bass with their genitals, therefore 'female bassist' is as relevant as 'gay bassist' or 'black bassist.'
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    I’m not, I wrote this post in September.
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    Well that's a New Year's Resolution right there ...
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    Go wireless and stand next to the sound engineer at the desk. Works for me. P.S. in most venues
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    What about lefties? I believe you know one.😀
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    An article on JKG where Mark's bass is mentioned: https://www.pressreader.com/australia/guitarist/20180112/282930975749387
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    Available from all Ann Summers stores 😀
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    For the third year our jazz quartet played an early New Year's Eve gig yesterday (Dec 28) at a nursing home where about 75 residents/patients gathered with some family members and staff for a party to celebrate NYE. We play in a lovely big room with great acoustics and decorated with balloons and lots of other appropriate things including hats and noisemakers. We did two sets and then had the big countdown at 3:00PM(!) and the balloons came down from the ceiling nets and we launched into Auld Lang Syne as the residents toasted and cheered in the new year. It is a fun but also sad gig as many of the residents struggle with various afflictions brought on by old age or disease but the music always seems to get through to them and some dance or clap along and some sing along with us. Even most of the people with mental difficulties (dementia and others) respond to the music and at the end of the show seem to be a bit more "alive" , if I may use that term. I guess for many musicians this would be a very odd gig but we have come to look forward to it and work hard to make it a good time for everyone, including the band. A sad fact is that when we go back again many of this year's audience won't be there and as we all get older we realize how precious life is and how lucky we are to have music in our lives and that we can brighten up the day for others doing what we love to do. This gig always reminds me that life just flies by, we should try to do what we can while we are able and have fun with our music and use it to cheer up others as well, and that is not always easy as life throws stuff at us.We play in many different venues but this gig always makes me want to get moving and take what I can from whatever time I have left. OK, sermon over, time to wish everyone a great year in 2019.😀
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    It’s another ACG special birthday bass. The first of a new model- the Krell Kompakt. Black Limba body with ART top. Wenge and maple neck with ebony board. Multi coil pickups with Dual filter preamp. Thanks to Alan Cringean (ACG) who not only builds great basses but also takes great pictures of them!! A full build diary is in this thread if you're interested in what the process is for having a bass built from scratch.
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    I'll certainly be far more careful in future about which kazoo I pick up ...
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    Agreed to both points one and two from a serious view. Less seriously, however, my playing could sometimes be referred to as a load of balls. Does that count?
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    Did our now usual NYE residency at a local hotel. 4 piece band plus a good friend on DJ duties. Audience numbers for the evening a little down on last year, but they made up for it in quality - really up for a good time and noticeably a younger lot than in recent years. We got to do more recent material as a result, which made a refreshing change. It’s quite easy to underestimate audiences at such events these days, assuming they’ll want old weary stuff when a lot of the time they just want to go a bit crazy to some good tunes! Only downside for me was the naffing drummer went a bit daft in the last set, hitting everything so damned hard that I now have a slight ringing. I should have taken my ear plugs, but based on previous years didn’t think I’d need them. My NY resolution is to pack them in my gig bag for every event I do, lesson learned. 🤨
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    I haven't played NYE in years through choice. It's always, without fail a nightmare. People who don't normally drink get sh!tfaced and act like d!cks, couples who don't go out very often go out and argue with each other, people who do go out all the time get territorial and act like d!cks to ones who don't go out all the time, the night never lives up to anyones expectations and it all ends up a very sad, depressing place to be. And I'm stood, sober on a stage watching it all unfold. No thanks. Merry New Year 😄
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    Exactly this. I’ve been having a play with one of these over the past couple of days (I have an Orange 4-Stroke incoming too but, long story short, I saw a used ABM 600 at stupid money so thought I’d hedge my bets and see which one I like best). I’ve never known an amp that is so bass heavy! With everything flat it just sounds like mush. The fact that you have to ignore your eyes and just use your ears possibly explains the number of bass players I’ve seen using Ashdowns and sounding awful. There are certainly great tones to be had, it’s just that the starting point is a little off-centre.
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    Usually part of a couple of the set’s bass lines, starting with my clean sound & then using whatever fx I’ll be using. No point playing something that’s not gonna sound like any of what’s to come.
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    Likewise! I've no idea why I am even in this conversation as my pairs of subs are in my IEMs! No amps or physical monitors anywhere near me on stage ha ha! No backline, just my little pedal board and my IEM mixer in front of me. I love letting FOH do it's job properly.
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    Not first hand I'm afraid. There is some information on the Musicians Union website - you may have found it already, and I'm not sure if it will help. I do know someone who might know more, I'll ask him when I see him on Tuesday.
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    The last thing you want on stage is a big sub to bleed into your mics and muddy everything up.
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    I just trust in the soundman too much.
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    I can imagine it will get in the way when you decide to run around and trip over it lol. Comedy gold though :-). No ban on getting a new band.....I’d love one 😞 On the gear front, ive got no GAS at all for any music related gear at the moment.
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    wasn't the inventor famously turned down by the Dragons for investment?
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    Often the problem isn't what you're giving them its what they do with it. Even giving them your preferred sound they can still mangle it up. And to all the good sound engineers out there keep doing the good work!
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    You have Audacity..? In the 'Effect' menu, choose 'Change Tempo', type in the percentage change required (-50 for half-speed, for example, or use the slider control...) and that's done. It takes a few seconds; you can save the result if required. I've just done a FLAC file this way; there's no need to look at all the 'complicated' gubbins it can do if that's all you want. No good..?
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    I loved Slow Ride.
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    Nah, you only have to appreciate musical talent. The boy can sing. He has a musical and soulful voice rather than the shouting and yodeling that passes for singing at the moment.
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    Yes but the thought occurred in 2018 and it's not PJ's fault that you didn't get the message until just now, so technically I suspect it would be ok... 😁
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    bass is the most important insturment in all music😎
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    We do NOT want to see any 'double thumbing' videos
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    I liked how one of the tabs on the right was the 50 best drummers 😂 Not 25 best female drummers but just 50 best drummers. Wonder why they didn't do the 50 best bassist and include the females bassist in that.
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    and on the checkout screen of the mobile site it also tells you where it's coming from: EDIT: blimey, you'd think they'd offset the international shipping cost...
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    They're gradually sneaking him in as Jools's replacement for next year - he's getting a weekly slot for 2019 😂
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    Pfft, that’s so 2015. It’ll be a combo of betting shop, vape shop and pop up tat shop. Or maybe a bright house...
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    It's both my index fingers in the picture., I'm not that badly deformed The badly cut finger is the index on my left/fretting hand, I use a plastic fingertip made from Polymorph and leather to play with
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    Gee, thanks guys, I’ve never won anything in my life (well, except an Adam and the Ants record when I was 11). The certificate will take pride of place when I move into my new place next week 🙂. Really enjoyed all the entries, and very surprised at the result! Robbie
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    Status necks are an absolute beast - transforms a bass GLWTS
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    He's a tad deaf, i'll wager. This must have been way before hearing aids were available on the Nash
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    You do get that I was joking right? Just like everyone else, I pee in the sink. And my NYE gig fee is plentiful...just like you I’ve just got in from Wembley arena.
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    Indeed, keeping it pissy in 2019.
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    Unfortunately there’s also Marc Almond.
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    Oh good it's Ruby Turner 😲 Somebody shoot me ffs What a crock of shite
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    its 2019 soon best of look
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    Couples that watch Jools Holland’s Hootenanny doomed to split
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    Why does any ‘luxury’ item cost a premium, because people naturally want something better/more expensive/rarer/fancier than the next person and will pay for that. There will also always be people in the world who don’t consider 4K a lot of money to put into their hobby/career. In Fenders case there are a lot of building to keep running, staff to pay, artists to give free stuff to, marketing to pay for and as someone said the pound is weak which doesn’t help us. They also want to make a profit and so do distributors etc so it all adds up for the customer. Its a dramatically different business to say someone like Overwater or Sei who are small operations selling direct to customer with much lower overheads. It may well be snake oil and ridiculous to some people and that is fine, but to someone else it may be the greatest most expressive and inspirational instrument they ever play and they may go on to make great music because of it and not play another bass ever again. I bet there are more that a few folks on here who have lost a few grand buying basses and other kit and selling it on at a loss because of GAS or hype. I have played crap 3k basses and superb £300 basses and visa versa, just find an instrument you love and can’t live without, that inspires you and buy it if you are fortunate enough to be able to. Then go make some great music and enjoy and stop worrying about why some basses cost a lot of money 😉
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    I don't think you can generalise. There have been, and probably still are, many great engineers. IMO they are getting a lot of unnecessary blame in this thread. These guys are dealing with many things at once. Never mind the equipment, the "baggage" that comes with certain musicians and producers, record company execs and or artists who may or may not be helping! I've seen some who were so stressed they could have murdered someone. That is irrelevant to whoever is paying the bill. The tracks are listened to a week later and they have to be "right" or the guys on the session might not get booked again! IMO, studio engineers, certainly the ones I've met, are all unsung heroes.
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    I just have to know - what letter did you star out? Was it an ‘s’? Or an ‘n’? Or maybe an ‘r’?
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    Well, I get your point. But that’s YouTube for you. His lessons in the academy are different for sure.
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    Coreen Bailey Rae is smart, she calls them records, be smart like Coreen 👍
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    Are we honestly whining about Coldplay and Nickelback on the Internet still? What is this? 2005? You guys are miles off the pace.
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    Scroll down to basses, links to big pics: https://www.ibanez.com/usa/news/detail/20181217190604.html But "affordable"? https://www.pmtonline.co.uk/ibanez-premium-afr-4-affirma-flamed-maple-top-natural-flat?utm_source=google&utm_medium=shopping&gclid=EAIaIQobChMIw-u0_srM3wIV7bztCh0Y0QmWEAYYASABEgJs-fD_BwE Also @alembic1989 sadly looks like there's no fretless version.

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