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Knowing what you know now...

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29 minutes ago, TheGreek said:

...and you were starting out again. do you know what you would buy???



I don't....far too much nice gear available now.

I’d buy the same make of bass I bought then, for the same reasons. I’d buy a better rig than the JHS 50 watt guitar combo I first had though. 😂 Although the 100w Custom Sound combo I replaced it with was a bit of a beast, so maybe I’d have kept that and just kept buying Rics. 😉

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I’d start off with a Precision rather than trying to get a Precision sound from so many other types of basses, I wasted so much time doing that it’s laughable.


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I bought the amp and cab I could afford, and saved for the bass I wanted.

Knowing what I know now? Same bass but I'd leapfrog the carlsboro stuff and go directly to the Trace.

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I would’ve bought a 2000’s Japanese yamaha BB3000 reissue - I could’ve saved a whole lot of bother.

none came to the UK but I had contacts at Yamaha Kemble who would’ve got me one.

Oh well.

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If I could go back, I'd have put most of the money into a proper amp & cab. I'll never ever forget the sensation going from a my first practice amp (50w Torque?) to trying out an Ashdown ABM with a 4x10 about 3 months into playing. It was biblical. 

I think a proper amp would have done more for the tones I was trying to get and inspired me a lot more.

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2 minutes ago, skankdelvar said:

Looking back to 1977, my first amp was a 200w SS paired with a 2x12 cab and the bass was a short-scale semi.

So if I was starting out now I probably wouldn't change anything :lol:

You only had a Semi you say....

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