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  1. Can only think it’s a tactic so the phone does before Fender accepts payment
  2. If that’s the only mark then I think 9.5 is justified. Looks like typical symbol knock
  3. “FS - Professional repair job, as good as new, can’t notice it’s there”
  4. Just come across this video. It’s a long one but the playing is good and there’s a wide selection of basses. My preference is; Ken Smith favourite, 1966 P bass second and Fender Victor Bailey third. I was also surprised at how much I liked the Fender American Standard V tone.
  5. Some lovely old double basses for a luthier to repair coming up
  6. When I got a Sire you could only get them from Thomann. It won’t be long until they’re another mass produced product available at most retailers. There are lots of very talented luthiers all around the world, but often you have to commission a build before you get to try one.
  7. Since the seller hasn’t been on the site since May, I advise sending them a PM.
  8. The thing I don’t get is why these chain stores all sell more or less the same stuff. PMT, Andertons, GAK, Guitar Guitar - there’s not much that they individually specialise in. Yet the independent stores that have a niche seem to get by - albeit with much lower overheads.
  9. Blizzard Pearl or gloss black or a fancy figured top.
  10. Basses I’ve played in a shop I wish I owned: 1967 Fender P bass at Wunjos 1963 Fender Jazz bass at New Kings Rd Guitar Emporium 30th Anniversary MM Stingray 5 at the bass gallery Ken Smith bsr (I think) 5 at Bass direct All big money basses, but not as many as I thought and not items you see everyday.
  11. Is the “b” button on your keyboard broke? 😬
  12. At twice the price, you’d hope so. They’re US Fender money!
  13. Really love listening to this album. Always thought about transcribing some of it but nervous it will ruin the joy of simply listening.
  14. Trying lots of instruments is part of the journey. I’ve played much better basses than mine in shops but have often chosen to spend the money on “life essentials” instead. Luckily at 30 I have two basses I will never shift but there’s room for more.
  15. This is best of the bunch for me. Just exquisite
  16. Saw this on FB and was jealous. Would love an OW 5 again
  17. Can you marry a bass? I think they’d be a few more basschat weddings if you could 😂
  18. I had Kent Armstrong pickups in an Overwater and they filled every room
  19. If you want old school Lindy Fralin are the one. If you want something more modern sounding maybe try Aguilar? Barts have always sounded quite hifi to me but I’ve only ever played them through active preamps
  20. No you’re right. Andy Baxter is a great resource for pics on vintage fender basses and has had a few ‘74 Mustangs. https://www.andybaxterbass.com/products/1974-fender-mustang-bass-sunburst
  21. Me on my way to La Bella after hearing that. What a tone!
  22. I know what you mean about the honky sound but to get around that I have little volume on the neck PU and roll off the tone to about 20%. Maple board and stainless steel strings also help.
  23. Ok, well here's something dead quick and the strings have now been worn out - but I still think it has that nasal snap on the top end that I would usually characterise with Marcus and 70's jazz bass. Obviously bottom end is lacking because its a Squier VMJ with naff PUs. Would be interested to hear any slap examples you think are obviously 70's spacing that differ a lot from this. https://soundcloud.com/user-220370308/squier-vmj-quick-slap-riff/s-pxqpeCyd4Lx
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