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  1. There are loads of sadowskys around but not many Fender VB so you’d struggle to get another if the Sadowsky wasn’t what you thought. I’d wait until you can afford both or at least get to try the Sadwosky before deciding. Those VB were very different to your average Jazz bass and I’ve always been keen to try one.
  2. I would love that bass now as bass number 12, let alone first bass. No wonder you’ve carried on playing
  3. Started using the MB strings after the discount trial on here. Currently have their steels on the jazz which are good value for money on bass direct
  4. I’ve found that the more expensive basses I’ve owned have been very clear whereas the squire and Fender not so much. It’ll be interesting if that’s purely down to setup though, I must admit I’ve never particularly been bothered about intonation being spot on in the dusty end.
  5. Yes a Ken Smith in Bass Direct. I think this was back in 2018 so we’re nearing a 4 year chase with many years ahead. Might end up breaking a BC chase record unless I get a helping hand from the national lottery.
  6. Loverly bass. Hadn’t heard of bass bros but this got my curiosity and now I have a new source of GAS 👍
  7. It’s probably a good job I don’t get that response. I only get “can’t afford it” before I even mention the price.
  8. Wunjo also have one apparently
  9. Needs a refin for me but the grain underneath looks nice so could go for a decent trans finish which would be unique on a 70s J.
  10. If you sell this bass then that gives you 400 bookcases and 16 years 😂 not including inflation
  11. These were in the Fender catalogue around 2006/7.
  12. Guessing you’re using the tips of you picking fingers? You just need to persevere. I used to use nickel strings which tend to be softer touch but now much prefer the harder feel of the steels
  13. £150 would buy approx 5 sets of strings. Experimenting with them would be more fun for me than a new pre amp
  14. Once had a new truss rod fitted on a neck thru Warwick which they did an excellent job with. They’ve also done a fret dress on a P bass that transformed the instrument. It’s worth taking back in and pointing out what you believe to be wrong to get their opinion.
  15. Night train by Oscar Peterson is a great jazz record. For learning walking basslines, I usually end up transcribing a few choruses of jazz standards so I have the chords from the real book.
  16. Ray Brown and Ron Carter are where I’ve started. Ron’s book is very good as is Joe Hubbards.
  17. No!! This is absolutely gorgeous in this colour combo. If I had the money I would have bought it when it was for sale
  18. I initially thought sonic blue which sometimes can look turquoise.
  19. I like Coldplay. Are the melodies simple, yes but so what? That’s pop music and it’s easy to listen to. Also looking forward to seeing one of their shows next summer with the wife. Turn back to Absolute Radio 80s grandads 😂
  20. I imagine with it being Christmas that demand for couriers is high and supply is relatively lower. Maybe wait until January if you can
  21. My MIM precision has a B width neck which is perfect for me. It was a 60th anniversary addition so might not have been standard.
  22. In: Some strings Out: 2020 strings Expecting the same for 2022
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