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  1. My Sire V7 was the heaviest bass I have owned, very close to a 70’s Jazz. I wouldn’t discount them as they are certainly not thin sounding in active mode.
  2. I was going to say, if Gibson did relicing they would need to snap the headstock off and glue it back on. if Warwick did it then the input jack socket wouldn’t work.
  3. Happy to try these as I enjoyed the normal nickels on my fretless. Shame the medium gauge vintage are OOS otherwise I would have tried them too, but i did order some steels to try.
  4. It makes sense to do it because not many budget instruments offer that, it just doesn’t suit me
  5. Yeh, like the Warwick thumb. The E string is closer to the bridge because it moves a lot more than the other strings and therefore has less movement nearer the bridge
  6. Only things that put me off are 1) the 35” scale length and 2) the colours choices aren’t too my taste
  7. If I had Scott Devine’s money though, I’d probably have one just for something different.
  8. Played a BN5 at either the bass gallery or bass gear - could have been ex Paul Turner. Love the looks, felt a bit big, and the tone was just not for me.
  9. I went through a phase of just buying and selling in order to find out what I like, especially with 5 strings. I managed to trade my way up to having an Overwater J5 and a Warwick thumb NT fretless 5, but had to sell them for financial reasons and from then on decided to stick with four strings. I’ll go back to a 5 but it has to be the perfect bass as I don’t really need it.
  10. Vintage Fenders, fancy woods, fretless basses, those music man roasted figured maple necks.... everything I can’t afford!
  11. This is lake placid blue for me. The Sire lake placid blue is way off too
  12. I’m finding it really hard to settle on strings for my fretless. The most recent have been my favourite so far, Mark Bass nickels. I was going to try the DR nickel low riders next, but I love the labella flats. Any one compared these white nylons and the DRs?
  13. I swear dealers take it in turn to raise the prices and then other dealers raise theirs, claiming the market is in demand and therefore pleasing collectors who lap them up as an investment. cant wait for it to burst and buy an original ‘62 custom colour jazz for the price of a new fender
  14. One thing for the OP to consider, P basses often have thick wide necks whereas the Ibanez necks are often very skinny. It might be too much of a change in feel. I’m lucky my p bass bas a B width neck.
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