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  1. True. I went from 5 basses and an upright to just a P bass when I moved to London. 1) because of space and 2) to pay for deposits on flats.
  2. If you’re a P bass fan and love the way the Limelight sounds. Why not commission a Limelight PJ and sell the jazz basses. That way you can have one P with flats and one with roundwounds.
  3. I had to get the truss rod replaced in the Warwick I had. I think it’s fairly common fault in 2000-2010 German Warwick’s.
  4. Well yeh, you get paid low income and the only training is on using a till. Their job is to make a sale, expert or not.
  5. Easy way to wind up my dad is to tell him the Beatles were just a sixties One Direction.
  6. Or that horrible Facebook recommendations page where there’s a man with his Willy out in a mirrored kettle
  7. I think a trip to Bass Direct is the best advice. Quality on any Fender is a lottery so make sure you try before buying.
  8. The essence range is made of the Far East so they’re a bit expensive compared to a Sire V7. They seem to be more popular in US than here, I’ve seen quite a few over on TB.
  9. I read quite a lot of reviews when I got Fralin P pickups put in my P bass. The only place that stocked them in the Uk then was Chandler’s Experience in Kew. This was over 10 years ago and the thought of changing them has never crossed my mind.
  10. I tend to agree. I think in this case the black hardware will make it more desirable but not necessarily increase the value.
  11. Its down to taste but the neck was bowed and the action high, it had a rough finish and the ergonomics didn’t work. The sound didn’t have any character either, complete opposite experience of the J relic which only has a photo here (the natural one) http://dubreuille-guitar.com/bass.html
  12. Played a reliced J type on Denmark Street and it was stunning - should have bought it. Then played the above bass and it was a dog.
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