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  1. Nothing on bass direct. They ask the owner what they want for it and put their commission on top. If it sells it sells, if not nothing lost.
  2. Yeh I’ve seen similar Moollon’s with that combo and they look great. Specs were US standard pickups, blizzard Pearl finish, B width neck. I also love how the body colour matches the logo. Mine has been fitted with Lindy Fralin pickups and had the fretwork sorted out at the Gallery which really helped the action. Just found this old clip I played it on (wow 7 years ago!)
  3. All the bass any collector/ hobbyist/ player would ever need.
  4. Why the hell can’t you be all 3? My most loyal bass is a cheap MIM Fender Precision though slightly special because it was a 60th anniversary edition (proper one, not just got a small badge). It’s always hung about even when it’s been 3rd or 4th choice. Don’t have a photo on this phone but will look to take one tomorrow.
  5. The metal flake idea is brilliant! Goes with the RHCP link and craziness of these SUB. basses. I’d love to do the same to a SUB Sterling but would be torn between blue and silver.
  6. I do really like the jazz, but not enough to buy one 😂
  7. Technically the third time was 1960+ Fenders. 1st 1952-1956 design, 2nd 1957- 1959 design (split pup and maple neck) then 3rd was the good old Alder body with contours, Rosewood fingerboard, passive split pickup, saddle bridge design that’s been loved for decades. So you’re statement is correct, just not as you intended it 😜 By G&L he was senile and ready for retirement..... *runs and hides*
  8. That Al Krow needs to sell his Smith or that it’s all to do with the environment you’re playing in? Maybe be I’ve misread because I read 4 pages of debate over pickups 😂
  9. Don’t say that. @Al Krow needs to realise it is a useless part of his collection that he must sell 😜 Surprised no ones mentioned about band setup and the frequencies they are taking up. If you want to cut through you need to find the space in the noise. Whether that be a P pickup, Jazz pickup, tweaks to active EQ, playing up the higher register or down low. For example if you have keys playing low, that likely to occupy the same space you’re in. Each environment/ situation can demand different setups, isn’t that why active EQ was put on the bass/ amps in the first place?
  10. P basses are relatively simple and some of the cheaper budget basses sound great. I have a MIM that had American PUs as standard but even they were rubbish. Put some Lindy Fralin replacements in it and it’s fabulous. My favourite feature is it has a B width neck. I find the C width a bit too big and the 50’s style necks are way too chunky for me. So, lots to look out for and worth reading reviews on here before buying of you can’t try. Definitely don’t go vintage without trying. I’ve tried a ‘63, ‘67, and a ‘77 and only the ‘67 was any good (it was really good). It’s a minefield out there.
  11. Bargain when Ken Smiths are now £8k at bass direct!
  12. No, just limited companies. Sole traders/ partnerships/ public entities are exempt.
  13. Hi Basschatters, The ear padding (no idea the real term) is starting to crumble on my AT headphones. Can these be easily replaced or is it a case of throw away and buy new?
  14. Oh my god (I can’t believe it) The perfect bass doesn’t exist.....
  15. If you do require one for the jazz I have an Overwater Hiscox that I could sell. Great looking basses, GLWTS
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