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  1. For those that want a British bass with fiery tone, the Anaconda basses are starting to get to me. The clips I’ve heard of the essence range sound incredible.
  2. Is it ACG that uses filters instead of EQ or is that Alpher? That will give you something very different to the Overwater.
  3. Record it at home on a fretted and then practice with the fretless over the top. Practice until it’s bang on every time.
  4. I’d love to see this in Purple metallic flake with matching headstock!
  5. You’ve sure had some great basses. I love the look of the Atelier Z you’re currently selling, looks really classy in black.
  6. Managed to get tickets this morning for the Saturday gig in London. Wanted to see RCHP live since I was 13. Ridiculous price though but seems to be the going rate nowadays
  7. I made the leap last year. I have small hands and find the strat much easier than others to play due to the shallow neck. It’s taking a while to get used to a completely different technique but is actually fun to be a beginner again.
  8. I had a 2000 Us jazz deluxe V and it was ok. I paid under £500 for it about 12 years ago so you’d be looking about double that now even though a new Sire would be an improvement. The time where Fender really improved the US jazz bass was circa 2012. Better build quality all round and much better output pickups/ preamps. The standard series would probably be similar.
  9. I’m the opposite. I don’t want a pre and like the idea of a roasted neck but I prefer the looks of the black/ maple V7 vintage. Hopefully they’ll add more options next year
  10. I asked a month or so back and got no reply
  11. Not the longevo strings - Elixir types
  12. I wanted a Jaco signature fretless but preferred the refurbed bass of doom. I was looking at the Fender Artist series and realised I could get an Overwater for not much more. It’s closer to my preferences than the bass of doom, but it’s been inspired by it.
  13. I just know the one time I try something like that I end up behind bars and on some terrible Channel 5 border documentary to be repeated on Dave forever.
  14. I think this bass needs rebranding
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