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  1. Saw this on the FB page. It’s a looker for sure!
  2. The music theory section of basschat has more than enough to develop any level of player
  3. The generosity on this forum is something else. I’ve stayed overnight in Canary Wharf where there was plenty of parking although not cheap. I enjoyed the show but the sound was pants where I was sitting and me and the wife both thought the setlist was a bit odd. Still, it was something I’d always wanted to experience since missing out on the stadium Arcadiam tour.
  4. I have an idea….. So that you don’t have any regret, you can send it to me and I will keep it until you want it back. For free! Then you can collect it. Saves the faff of selling and sadness from sellers remorse. 😝
  5. I’ve obviously not played the 35th, but the 30th is the only MM bass I would buy. The one I played at the bass Gallery was just a sublime instrument way beyond the others I’ve tried (including the 20th) or owned
  6. I’m not surprised it’s stuck. Early 90’s stage II is not going to be easily beaten.
  7. Look to emphasise the solo rather than offer something different. Follow the direction it goes in and punctuate any key phrases or beats. Works for any style/ genre.
  8. I don’t have either of these basses but it is good practice to loop the cable around the strap so you have some slack if the cable is pulled. Martin at the Gallery once advised that right angle plugs are much better for the Jack socket after having issues with a Warwick.
  9. I’ve never really loved the music I have gigged and I think that’s one of the reasons I decided all the other sacrifices were too much. If I could play arenas once a week with a sh*t hot big band and a luxury tour bus picks me up and drops me off I reckon I’d be all for it.
  10. Only time my wife objected is when I deliberated spending half our house deposit on a very nice Ken Smith bass. Possibly the right decision in the long run.
  11. I love a Thumb bass, only bass I regret selling
  12. I’ve had this issue with a few basses, notably a 35” scale 5 string Overwater. I think having a low strap height helps the look but it’s never been my style
  13. I had a Squier VM Jazz and a Sire V7. The Sire was far superior in every department
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