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  1. Get the names of the basschatters who have been on this thread this morning and I’m sure we can work it out
  2. Love that fretless, what a bargain! Fortunately I’ve already got a Jaco like jazz from another superb English builder.
  3. The fact it’s on gumtree will slow down a sale. Wait a little while, offer £1500 which I think is about right and have yourself a superb bass. Still much better value than Fender custom shops.
  4. I thought the same. Lot of filler and not much conversation has made it into the article.
  5. Don’t agree with that. Always though MIM Fenders were middle price wise and they are now £6-700. Sire V7s are available under £500. I think they’ve nailed it.
  6. He’s played them in quite a few FB/ YT vids. Don’t think he’s gigged as prolifically which is probably why there’s fewer snaps and he’s had that Fender bass a lot longer than Sire has been about.
  7. As an owner of a VM 4 string I wouldn’t recommend it, there’s better stuff out there.
  8. Long post that. I think the first paragraph misses the point of location of wood. I imagine the trees used in the 50s and 60s were American and there was likely a large supply of old trees without protection that were not considered desirable. I would be surprised if the wood used by Fender now isn’t sourced from purpose grown forests in another continent. Absolutely agree that instruments such as electric basses are unlikely to have improved with age. Maybe people’s recollection of how they were at the time was dictated by taste and fashion? A labourer will never be as consistent as a machine no matter how experienced. You’ll get a few Friday afternoon or Monday morning results, whether that’s better or worse.
  9. Yeh I think there’s quite a few that offer them now. Not better necessarily, but different from each other as a result on human error. Think I said it before in this thread but I’m yet to play a bass that isn’t a 60’s or 70’s Fender that sounds like a 60’s/ 70’s fender. I think it’s the full fat warmth on every note I like.
  10. I personally think age of wood (before and after it is felled) and climate it grew and is stored in will make a difference. After all the wood vibrates, so acoustically at least there will difference between instruments. That’s part of why I prefer the instruments from builders who hand select woods for their wood store and let them age. Also weren’t the pickups hand wound in the 50’s- early 60s?
  11. I think I could live happily ever after with just those two KS basses
  12. When I had a V7 it mostly remained in passive mode, just what I prefer. In fact the one time I tried to use the active EQ to overcome a crap amp I ended up making the sound too boomy.
  13. Just boil in water to get the zing back
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