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  1. I don't know how much of it's luck and how much is background shipping arrangements. I preordered my Sire from Andertons around a month before their "expected" arrival date for the stock (that was in February), it arrived at their warehouse the day they said it was expected and mine was delivered the next day. That was quicker than my chat with a support guy there had expected it to be with potential customs delays, unloading stock, getting deliveries arranged and such.
  2. Sweet looking bass with that finish, I picked up the alder version P7 in white and have nothing but love for them, rock solid bass for the money. I did opt to switch out the strings for flatwounds, it definitely loses a lot of the zing but that preamp lets it slap more than it probably should with some tweaks.
  3. Streetlight Manifesto have some crazy basslines, they're punk/ska so there's more of a swing feel to the lines..throw in all the harmonics, slides and bends and you get some busy hand work to do. It's hard to hear un-isolated with their songs being so busy with brass instruments and stuff but there's a lot of Youtube vids covering the bass part.
  4. I usually watch vids when I see that particular "talented young woman", not just ones from the retailer I'll add, I like seeing bass players who are into their groove and the act of playing which she is, hence the expression on her face I imagine. Having read the comments after watching said vids I can see why that retailer might want to go scrub chat, there's a lot of instant hate and thirst for her which is sad. Not saying your comment was worthy of scrubbing, just that I can see why they might rubber stamp a bunch of deletes for her vids specifically. As for being censored online, yeah it happens and that's what alt accounts are for. I'd much rather "stinky poo post" freely in my own name as I'm a disagreeable type and would shrug off any heat but the tech overlords and algorithms aren't into free speech. edit: just got censored posting this, I do not use language like "stinky poo post", my phrase was more colourful. Algorithmic filtering strikes again but I'm on their platform.
  5. I've used it on and off for a year or so now, apart from issues with some older muddy mp3s it's pretty great. Does a decent job ripping voices from background noise which is what I used it for originally, clearing up audio for transcription work, docs and lawyers love recording notes while driving the loudest diesel sounding jeeps with the windows open I guess.
  6. GWAR in Milton Keynes maybe 20 years ago, somewhere I've still got a "blood" soaked GWAR matchstick book from where they decapitated a well known president and coated the front rows in red. Good thing I took the week off work, my ears rang for days after.
  7. I went to Ozzfest to watch Disturbed playing on the small support stage, just after their first album released so they weren't up to Black Sabbath and Slipknot levels of main stage fame at that point. Sabbath and Slipknot were both awesome but Disturbed made the fest for me.
  8. The little rap type thing they put in the middle of Red Red Wine always gets me, just feels like it breaks up the song badly and rubs me the wrong way.
  9. The Rev from Avenged Sevenfold if we're talking deceased drummers, Nicko Mcbrain is still alive so that Iron Maiden gig might still be a thing if Steve Harris gets bored and I get gud.
  10. I just checked the ArtistWorks receipt..I paid $140 (£100) for 12 months, it's normally $279 (£200) so half price with a Christmas offer they were doing. I can see how Scott would rub people the wrong way, tbh he's been a relatively minor part of my SBL experience. I've gotten more from the SBL forums, various stuff from other teachers, interviews with players like Tim Lefebvre, Billy Sheehan and Henrik Linder and so on. I assumed it would be a lot of Scott doing his Youtube thing but there was more than enough other content to warrant the price for me.
  11. Coming from a very novice prospective these are the paid courses I've signed up for: ScottsBassLessons: I tried the free trial and was more impressed than I expected to be, enough so that I signed up for a year. Once you get past the Youtube click-bait and the aggressive marketing there's loads of great interviews, lessons and the players path thing they started is fairly good if you're fickle and need something specific to work through. The biggest bonus I've found with them is the amount of downloadable extras that come with all the various lessons/courses. If you're learning something there's often a selection of pdfs and backing tracks to use, great if you're not always by your computer..I stick a lot on my phone so I can play things or browse pieces at work or other places I don't have my desktop. ArtistWorks Electric Bass with Nathan East: I picked this up because there was a Christmas offer of 50% off and I'm a fan of Nathan East. In terms of content it's quite limited, a lot of the stuff is 5-10 minutes videos of Nathan going through a particular exercise with minimal if any extra resources to download or view. It's very much a case of "here's the exercise, watch Nathan give a demo and brief description, now go Google some other resources to help it make sense if you need it". The real benefit of this course is getting Nathans perspective on some things and having the chance to have him critique and respond to your playing via. videos, if you're a fan of his it could be worth it for that alone.
  12. Might be worth giving this a watch, sounds like the left hand muting issue he's talking about at 6 minutes (the whole vid's worth a watch though tbh, gotta master that muting).
  13. I'm either thumb on the pickup or full floating hand if I'm going up and down strings a lot and want the extra muting from my right hand thumb. I looked at the thumb rests but I like the clean look of my basses and adding some chunk of wood or plastic would annoy me more than it'd add to play-ability right now.
  14. The first lockdown is what prompted me to actually buy a bass instead of just thinking I might want to try it some day. So 100% improvement, I've gone from not having a bass to owning a few, paying for resources to learn from and practicing almost daily.
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