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  1. I love my cheap Harley Benton, it's my first bass so I've got no comparison but for a little over £200 as B-stock it feels good, looks good, plays good. I'm picking up a super cheap Cruiser jazz bass this weekend, it's going to be my practice piece for changing a neck, pickups and such..for the price it's basically disposable, still hope it's fun to play though.
  2. Maybe I'm late to the party but I recently found the 'Daryl's House' stuff on Youtube, it's Daryl Hall of Hall & Oates with various guest artists. There's been a bunch of people playing live stuff of their own and covers on there, I saw Patrick Stump of Fall Out Boy doing this old soul classic and was pretty impressed having only heard the FOB pop stuff before.
  3. Sounds super crisp, I've seen a couple of their videos around and some of Henriks interviews and vlog type videos. I'm not a fan of that particular bass personally, he has a more traditional looking signature one that I like. I think Janek Gwizdala owns the prototype or first production model, he was playing it on his twitch stream the other day..seems versatile. I just had a search, I think this was the first videos of theirs I saw..never heard a bass used in a bluegrass type way before this, great song.
  4. I'm not much of a video guy so take this is a total amateur recommendation. I've played around with a few editing tools and the one I enjoyed the most was Filmora, it was easy to use and had a load of functions that were mainly drag and drop, a store with all kinds of effects/effect sets. It isn't free, there's a yearly subscription but it's a lot less that most of the others I looked at (the most expensive one was less than £100 a year when I checked last). https://filmora.wondershare.com/?ic_source=navigation They let you try it for free (but watermark the video until you're a paid user I think), might be worth a couple minutes to see if it'll do what you want.
  5. Currently forced to self isolate so I'm binge watching trash on YouTube in between playing around on my bass.
  6. 3/10 including Homer, officially out of touch with celebrity culture I guess.
  7. I've been subscribed to his podcast for several months, they've been interesting yeah if a little sporadic. Some nice bits about the music 'biz' and being a session musician. Janek Gwizdala and his wife also do a bass podcast called Two Bass Hit for anyone looking for other bass related podcasts, more casual chat about playing for a living as they do than interviews though.
  8. I don't have a physical amp, I'm hooking up to my PC atm so throwing in all the effects is free and trivial with my Guitarix software plug-ins. As a new player I'm trying to avoid them for the most part to get my basics down but I have played around a fair bit. Overall I don't find effects on bass to be as useful as with regular guitars but that's maybe just the noob talking. I've enjoyed playing around with the various phase and octave effects more than the others and it sounds interesting if not 'good'. I find the issue for me is that any effects take away from the bass filling it's common bottom end role so far.
  9. Injury, I couldn't do the work I used to and had to pay bills while I recovered (being able to limp your way to a 20 minute job center appointment equaled being capable of 12 hour manual labor shifts to the government so no financial help there). Luckily I had a decent collection of regular guitars/saxophones to sell which supplemented the bits of cash in hand I was able to do.
  10. I sold my 6 string collection on gumtree when I needed the cash, it's fine for getting in touch with buyers but stick to cash on collection imho. Lots of the paypal/western union scammers tried to do their thing. Also a lot of genuine buyers too though, it's just a thing you need to deal with if you're doing any selling online. I've had more problems via. Ebay with people trying to claim the item never arrived despite signing for it and getting paypal to freeze funds. My personal method now is listing on Gumtree, Freeads and Preloved as collection only, I've heard Facebook is okay as well by using the market place thing they have. I haven't tried it personally but I've got family members who list stuff all the time and have people drop by to pick up and pay cash.
  11. Thanks, StudyBass looks good. I'll be checking that out over the weekend. I'm a little on the fence about SBL he's definitely marmite yeah. I don't mind him but I've only seen his more clickbaity stuff on youtube, I haven't gotten around to doing his free trial yet which I guess is where the knowledge is hidden. I've just been putting off the technical learning stuff in favor of getting my left and right hands to be remotely usable and consistent. I'm doing metronome work to get an even sound on my plucking hand with strength and spread exercises so I can use more than 1 finger on the frets without it sounding like a sloppy buzzing mess. Thanks for the tips and encouragement.
  12. I think a small practice amp is going to be ample for quite a while, once the money starts coming in I'll have a look. It's depressing to shop around when you can't afford stuff. I saved for a couple months extra to get the bass I did, I was drooling over it since last year. No current plans to branch out, this one still makes me grin like a moron each time I pick it up and practice. I'll have to add Three Little Birds to my list, I've been having a go at 'one more reggae for the road' for now. I need to toughen up my hands, I've got no strength it seems.
  13. I got my first bass via. UPS last week, it turned up fine..from Germany to my place. No box damage and the guy didn't even take it out of the van in the rain until I opened the door. I've also shipped and received a lot of pricey tech with Royal Mail (signed) and never had an issue. It's always a gamble with any courier service, having worked in a couple dispatch centers for various courier companies I've seen what happens to boxes if the wrong person there is having a bad day..throwing stuff as hard as they can into the back of the trailer is a common enough stress relief sadly.
  14. You got a lot of songs I like, subbed.
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