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    Very slow progression on this due to other home stuff but the sanding is getting there. I'm really liking birds eye maple - second time I've used it and certainly won't be the last!! ]
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    JMB is useless. We advertised for a drummer and in the ad it clearly stated the location of our rehearsal room and the ideal candidate will have a full drum kit and can drive. A 'drummer' replied but: He lives 30 miles from where we rehearse He can't drive He only has a snare and a hi hat He seemed to think it could work though despite these small issues...
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    Relatively speaking, maybe £30 for the glossy auction brochure isn’t so bad after all? Another top reason to love David Gilmour, brilliant
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    Showing up on time and learning the songs is the benchmark for me. Being able to get along with everyone would be the other part of that trilogy. Next up, look the part and buy the occasional drink. The finesse part is the helping pack away bit. Anything else is either a bonus or a miracle!
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    You could do worse than to ask @Andyjr1515 or @Jabba_the_gut. They've both been making them for their own projects.
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    Here's my recently refinished P!, It was only a cheap bitsa copy but it plays lovely!! 😁
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    Mums mate - she’s a right goer...
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    HazBeen pretty much summed it up. Bernie got them through to the UK when he was distributing for EBS. They were never sold to the consumer as such - but Bernie would supply them if people asked or when people came into his shop looking for something new in the EQ department. He tended to put them in the KSd basses that he was also distributing because the stock preamp in those was pretty naff in comparison. In the UK, if you find one in your bass, the chances is that it's come from Bernie... or you've bought one of my old basses 😛 I believe Chris Larkin (RIP) used to put these pres n his basses too. I think he got them direct from EBS, not via the Goodfellow route. They are treble and bass with a pan and volume and a switch for the mid bump/mid scoop Marcus thing. I've had a look at the manual posted above - and yup, that covers it off pretty comprehensively. Talking of Marcus, this pre in a jazz gives you Marcus in spades. It's a very active sounding pre, certainly not subtle! Great sounding pre though - I remember @stingrayPete1977's Squier J bass project bass sounding amazing once it's electronics had been gutted and replaced with one of these EBS pres and a set of original J bass pickups from Bartolini. Just out of interest @Dandelion, what bass is in the picture above? I may know the history of it. Looks a bit Statusy?
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    I met Lee many years ago at Aria when they were sited near Heathrow and then near Guildford. He is a very nice person, I'm glad you got this sorted, top stuff Aria.
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    Hoppus body, scratchplate and neckplate that has been loaded with an EMG pickup. Aftermarket P neck with brass nut. Neck feels like a Flea bass neck. Not narrow at the nut but shallow profile. Body has been refinished and reliced by a previous owner. Cool bass but not needed any more.

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