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  1. I was looking for something to give me that “Ace of Spades” sound on a budget. Tried a Behringer for £21. Incredibly good. It is a bit noisy if it does not have a decent power supply (silent with a good supply). Lots of negative comments about it being plastic but I cannot imagine it breaking in normal use unless you drove a tank over it. I still find it hard to believe that you can get such a great pedal for the price of a takeaway.
  2. I know a mediocre singer whose big personality completely takes over when he is in front of a live audience. Bad singer but great front man.
  3. The headline drummer using my kit (at a multi band freebie party) told me afterwards that he likes to loosen everything off so when I clear the stage afterwards I should look out for washers and screws. That was years ago and it still rankles. And yes I did find screws and washers which had become detached. I had a damn fine kit that night and I’m convinced he adjusted everything just to show how “pro” he was. However, other than that I have been on both sides of kit and pa sharing without any issues. There’s always one.
  4. I was a drummer for years, playing in a rock/punk covers band. We gigged regularly and then I relocated through work. I have had regular jams in my new location but nothing that really got off the ground. My drumming fizzled out, played guitar, injured my finger and ended up on bass since last summer. I have no neighbours who are too close so I can let rip when it suits and play a bit of everything depending on my mood. It is certainly the case that my drumming background helps me to lock in with the beat when I am on bass. My son is a guitarist so we can jam in our family bubble with YouTube backing tracks to accompany us.
  5. Broadly speaking, there don’t appear to be many Blackstar bass amp reviews. I have seen a few online but they have tended to be retailer demonstrations rather than impartial reviews. On paper this head looks good and the price is tempting but no-one seems to be talking about them (and equally, no-one is out there pointing out any flaws or failings). Perhaps I have been looking in the wrong places.
  6. Mid 50’s, played drums in a covers band many years ago, been playing guitar for the past few years as a passable rhythm player but no talent for the twiddly stuff. I actually bought a bass a few years back but I never got around to playing it and I am still trying to track it down after it went out “on loan” (not making that mistake again). An unfortunate lockdown gardening incident last summer gave me a badly cut finger. While it healed I was unable to play guitar so I borrowed my brother’s Squier P bass, which he got for his 21st back in 1992. It was in good condition but the bridge was badly pitted so I changed it for a Fender high mass bridge. No change in tone to my ears but looks and feels much nicer, was not expensive and is a straight swap. Bought a Blackstar Unity 120 during one of their special offer weekends and with an added shop discount I got it for £189 delivered ( to the Highlands). Frankly a bargain and I got lucky picking it up for not much more than a decent practice amp. My son and I have 4 Blackstar guitar amps between us so I felt confident that it would be a good buy. Small, light and enough output for a loud practice. Similar to my guitar playing, the twiddly bits are beyond me but I now have a 7 hour Spotify playlist of songs that I can play along with. Most recent are Living After Midnight and Cat Scratch Fever. I like my classic rock/metal with a bit of skate punk thrown in. I’m certainly not note perfect but close and certainly passable in a jamming/pub band context. I try to be realistic about the extent of my musical talent, my musical CV relies mainly on enthusiasm and reliability. My new neighbour is a drummer so hoping to get a jam post lockdown. Looking ahead, I want a mid priced (£500 max, I think), passive bass to call my own. I do like the simplicity of a P bass although I wonder if a PJ may cover a bit more in terms of flexibility for the future. I have been a lurker here for a few months. Decided to join when it became obvious that it was a very good natured, helpful and very knowledgeable site. Also a few funny threads along the way which appealed to my sense of humour. I’m too old and grumpy for sites where everyone is at war with each other - life’s too short for that nonsense.
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