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    I've been trying to get a Spinal Tap tribute band together for years, but can't find a drummer.
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    Thank you, Christine. You have been on the forum for 2 days and this is the most eloquent and sensible thing I read read on the tribute band subject and in response to this ridiculous post.
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    I've worked for the last 20 years in a show featuring imitators of everything from Elvis to Edith Piaf. In that time, there have been lots of funny and bizarre stories, but the oddness of one has always pleased me. We have a Ray Charles impersonator who is an old white gentleman who uses black make-up on stage. This already feels a bit sticky and I'm not sure how I feel about it, but..., anyway my black colleagues have never commented one way or the other, so I don't know what they think about it. There is a shared dressing-room for the male acts and one for the female acts. Some years ago I walked past the mens dressing room and the door was open. There I saw, sat directly next to each other, the white guy putting on his black make-up and seated next to him a Michael Jackson impersonator, who is black, putting on his white make-up to do MJ. The irony (if that's the right word) of the situation didn't seem to have struck any of those present. I just kept walking and felt like an extra in a Jim Jarmusch film.
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    A House In The Boonies / S13 Ep4 / Wales Final Broadcast Transcript Run Time 29’:22” Pre Creds: Presenter (Wendy) to camera “This week we’re in Wales helping Ron and Marjorie to find … A House In The Boonies” Opening Creds – Theme Music: ‘Plinketty Plonk’ Scene 1 – Establishing segment Wendy to camera: "Ron and Marjorie Blart currently live in a poky, condemned one bedroom flat in London but hope to exchange it for a gigantic mansion in Wales possibly with turrets. Ron’s a retired astrophysicist and Marjorie’s a lion-tamer so they need some land for Ron’s collection of radio telescopes and an enclosure for Marjorie’s pride of lions” Shot of lions ripping zebra to shreds – Incidental Music: ‘Banjo Breakdown’ Wendy smarming to camera: "So how did you two love-birds come to be married?" Ron and Marjorie to camera, holding hands: Incidental music: ‘Disco Love Theme for Ukulele” Ron: “We met when Marjorie’s circus came to perform at Jodrell Bank. It was love at first sight” Marjorie: “I’d never seen a little man with such a huge telescope” Music stab: ‘Trombone Wah-wah-wah descending’ Wendy: So what’s the most important feature you’re looking for in your new House In The Boonies? Marjorie: The master bedchamber must have have lots of light. And I want a snug little room somewhere to do colonic irrigation. It's a hobby of mine. Ron: I’d need an absolutely stable gravitational environment with no electro-magnetic eddies… Wendy: Right… Ron: … but it’s not a big issue as long as Marjorie’s lions are happy. Particularly Rex… Marjorie: Yes, Rex. Rex is a bit picky. Wendy: (simpers) Well, we’ll be looking at three luvlay generous properties after the break Break Bumper Music: ‘Pizzicato Plonketty Plink Plinketty Plinketty Plonk’
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    Terrible when that happens, it's the bitterest pill, you might as well light your funeral pyre and all around the world, in a strange town, a town called malice in fact , this English rose and the man in the corner shop along with Smithers-Jones will write to the news of the world for publication in the city but not pretty green fields filled with carnations How terrible is that?
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    Could be worse, could be me waving my Beef Bag under your nose
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    I reckon that north of 90% of the acts on Later have not been to my taste. That doesn't make Later a bad show. Later is a good show because it features live music. Why anyone would want to take it off the air just because they don't like the acts beats me. What these people should be moaning about is that lack of alternative music shows on TV. With more choice, maybe, people would stop bleating on about Later.
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    I'm still in two minds about this as it was my dream instrument several years ago that I spent considerable amounts of time and money on. The aim was to have an instrument that would have the range of a guitar and with tapping / touchstyle potential, but with a manageable string spacing for my smaller hands. The base is a Conklin Groove Tools 7-string that I had imported from the States. Swamp ash back and thick figured maple top, purpleheart fingerboard and incredibly stable yet thin 7-piece wenge / purpleheart laminate neck. Bartolini pickups and active preamp. Hipshot made me a custom 8-string bridge with 14mm string spacing, and I added an eighth tuning machine and had a new nut cut. Custom Newtone stainless steel strings brought the thing to life. Just to push it over the top, I had SIMS Custom add LEDs, including a butterfly inlay at the headstock (easily covered if not to your taste) and edge dots that act as front or side dots. These can be switched on or off via a toggle switch on the front. Will take some better photos, but these give you an idea. The 14mm spacing sounds very narrow for a bass, but it means that the B string is still reached relatively easily for an 8-string. Slapping is possible, albeit requiring some adjustment. I currently have it tuned to BEADGCEA, but it could easily be tuned in 4ths (BEADGCFBb). I know some people have tuned them with a low F# instead. Interested in trades for: - Sadowsky 5-strings, particularly NYC ones (can add a little cash as appropriate) - high-end relics e.g. Fender Custom Shop, MJT, Bravewood - ... try me? (but I'm sure you'll understand that not everything may be to my taste)
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    I've got TIs on mine, they're perfect on that bass. They are relatively expensive but you only have to buy them once - I've had a set on my P Bass for nearly 10 years!
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    I don't - holding a grudge is an important thing in life
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    I've had to book 6 months in advance to see The Musical Box Edit: I don't think there's much chance of the originals reforming to play that stuff
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    I have a passive millennium. (The one in my profile pic) It’s really nice: mine is barely 8lbs, good tonal variation from the J pickups. Neck is slim; Ibanez-like, and smooth. Made in Vietnam i believe. Tuning holds fine, metalwork good and a decent range of finishes. I got it new for £180 (i think).
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    I do miss that amp. But, it took more work to get it to do what I wanted, compared to the Markbass stuff. Markbass just works for me. It's not as beautiful or solid as the Glock, but I plug in and it sounds good whoever the room or band setup.
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    I'm not sure I'm psychologically capable of allowing myself to believe that.
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    Make sure you post your dubstep version of Proud Mary
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    Cool ! hit me and maybe we can hook up and have a beer I'm often in Lille too if you head there
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    Oh dear, what have I started? I just wanted to sound good in a band situation 😎
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    Love the Seafoam green ones.... However the thing that brought me here was the thread title - it's been driving me (and my OCD/Pedantry) crazy for days..."Sandberg appreciation scociety" Please, please, please amend the spelling...
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    Not my band obviously but I wanted to share this classic shot from the Manchester venue "Band on The Wall" that takes its name from the noval stage design it had back in the day.
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    @MoJo i often at work just ebay search "bass guitar" and it was being sold under the title 'bass guitar, amp, stand and leads starter set' so very vague. it was collection only which probably also helped it be so low.
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    Good afternoon, brambasstik, and ... Plenty to read and amuse you here, and lots to learn and share.
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    It will be a start...
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    Well - you came to the right place OP - there's more instrument building knowledge here than you can chuck a factory of MIMs at. I don't have the foggiest though. I suggest sandpaper, a sharp screwdriver and copious expletives!
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    Wow, that's more comprehensive than I was expecting! That looks very flexible indeed. I'm currently running an older Zoom B3 for "everything" and I've been eyeing up a B3n to replace it, but to balance out the nicer sounds I'm losing the DI and USB audio (which is how I play at home, bass into Mainstage via the USB on the B3 to play along to songs or backing tracks etc). I know DI and USB interfaces aren't exactly expensive anymore but still bit of a pain turning a £150 pedal into a £260+ purchase. Looks like the dream setup at the moment would be a Helix in a rack with the foot controller, paired with wireless in-ears and an FRFR if needed. I've always been more than happy to play direct where possible as I love the idea of a very low-volume stage. However, I'm not in a band, and play only Harley-Benton basses in the spare room so maybe a £2,500 rig is a touch excessive however this looks like an amazing piece of kit. I'd definitely prefer this over a traditional amp setup if I were to ever find a band.
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    If its a fixed neck, I'm not sure how you would get all the way to the neck with any router arrangement unless I've misunderstood something. One option - because the type of jig you show is actually a very good design - might be to rout on the jig as far as it will go close to the neck, and finish the last inch with sharp chisels? And yes - warm welcome.
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    Counterpoint: Mini Kiss
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    Worthy cause and a great idea. Good luck, and I hope Ellen gets better soon. Horrible disease that has touched us all at some point.
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    I don't think that accidentally owning something should qualify me for "sort of hero" status. @FacStudio deserves the hat tip I think. I tried an Umbo in PMT when they first came out and thought it sounded nasal and horrible. I traded another Sandberg (a TM4) for the HCA white Umbo and realised that the Sandberg strings don't go too well with the Alnico II pickups and, through trial and error, have found strings that bring the best out of them. I've disliked every new one I've tried in shops (even when taking delivery of my Marley Blue order) for this reason.
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    *wracks brain trying to think of a Down In The Tube Station At Midnight pun* *gives up*
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    Sometimes it's a wonder that we ever get to play at all with all this to worry about!
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    Hey, thats entertainment!
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    Thanks guys and I will give this a go. There still seems to be a lot of love for these units and it's my spare amp rig (DI out)
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    Ahh, see here for me is the grey area. When I said I didn’t like the dressing up thing for tribute bands, there are a few certain groups where this is different, those groups when the group and the theatre is more about the show than the music, such as kiss, pink floyd etc. For those groups the dressing up is the show, I mean it doesn’t really matter who is in the costumes or on stage, the show matters a lot more
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    Interesting stuff - my Stingray was £350 new in 1980 - without hard shell case or gig bag!! The arrangement from 1976 until 1979/80 was that CLF produced the instruments under contract to Musicman - part of the cause of the breakdown of relationships between them was the failure of manufactured instruments to pass Musicman's quality requirements. There's a guy who has the production records up to 1979 or so - a number of instruments were factory refinished owing to the quality issue.
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    If you went mad with it yes but a little goes along way
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    I am looking to sell this one since I own around 40 basses... It got a bit crowded at my house. Thanks for interest.
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    I played for a while in a groovy little Paul Rodgers tribute band, playing stuff by Free, Bad Co, some of his solo stuff and even a cheeky Queen number or two. We made no attempt to look like any of those bands as no amount of wigs and loon pants would cover up the fact that we were all "men of a certain age". The "dressing up" thing wouldn't have worked for us, but if you and the rest of your band can pull off a decent visual resemblance to Nirvana, Peter Paul and Mary or Napalm Death, then have at it, I say. Having seen a bunch of "heritage acts" phone in some rather lacklustre shows in the last few years, a decent tribute act is most definitely a viable option, if you want to hear your favourite songs played by musicians who aren't yet victims of the ravages of time. Just make sure that if you're making a decent wedge in clubs and theatres by playing another bands tunes, that you make sure PRS know and they can chuck some royalties at the original artists.
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    Post edited again..! Q5 Pro it is. For now at least, hehe. Probably worth a little less than the stated price then. I'm open to sensible offers.
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    Actually, its not to be sniffed at.
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    I don't actually care whether a band is tribute, covers, or so-called originals. All that matters is ... are they any good?
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    I've not been a fan of any of the VM/TM series based purely on demos I've heard, I always felt the MM pickup was too far south from its natural habitat and it didn't blend well with the P. I'd have to try one out for myself though! I was always interested in the single pickup Basic model though as a slim necked Stingray alternative: I picked up a Sandberg Basic from here for an absolute bargain and it's the best sounding bass I've ever had. Just plugged straight into any amp it sounds great even in passive mode, whereas with other basses, I've had I've always been trying different pedals and preamps to make them sound good!
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    How true. The Academy of Ancient Music are bad enough with their baroque re-treads (shudder) but the London Mozart Players take the absolute biscuit for nonsensical sadness.
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    There is a middle way which avoids confusion and visual incongruity: The Heartfakers - A Tribute to the Music of Tom Petty and The Heartbreakers
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    A knee! Or one of these if you can find one. (skip to about 90 seconds in where she plays in front of the window if you don't like the song!)
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    A band is supposed to work as a team, both on and off the stage. There should be some give and take. It's obvious and natural that no one will like EVERY song on the list. IMO the most diplomatic way would be to take turns choosing a song.
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    Is it the drummer's band or a democracy? I can see if someone really, really hates a song, but he should get one vote, majority rules, not total veto power. Tell him to take it like a man.
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    I use the dots on the side of the neck (which on my Wal are where the 3/5/7/9/12 etc frets would be) just as I do when playing a fretted. I realise this makes me reliant on the dots rather than muscle memory but fact is I haven't even got good enough muscle memory on a fretted bass so I have no hope of intonating properly on a fretless with out a visual aid. So I am the bass player that has to stare at the bass neck frequently when playing, which is not a biggie in my book! After all, I'm only "the bl**dy bass player", not the front man or the guitar hero
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    "Tribute" bands = sad nonsense. Don't care how good/"accurate" they are. Does anyone eat "tribute" (i.e. fake) food or drive a "tribute" car? Ridiculous.

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