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  1. Price drop: £150. Will someone give it a new home?
  2. Thanks both; just to say that I will gladly take sensible offers on this!
  3. Fender Squier Standard Precision 5 String Bass. Has some cosmetic damage to the back (see picture). New strings have been recently fitted and a very professional job has been done of applying a Fender decal; really looks the part. Selling due to the immediate need to raise some funds 😒 Collection only please.
  4. I can't decide if cringe spindle or waffle sprocket is/are the best things I've seen written today. Spoiled.
  5. No, but I'm open minded.
  6. Totes squinch bruv. Feelz.
  7. OK. I didn't read any of these posts. If you don't feel like you're loud enough, play more quietly so that the people who really care about the.. "quality"... of the music.. will listen harder to what you're playing. And when they do, well, that's a special thing. It's like whispering to make sure that people actually listen to what you have to say. Dynamic.
  8. Like, being a bassist leaves you (us) with few options. Either you want to make a massive noise or the noise you end up making isn't massive enough. Be picky. (Be massive).
  9. What's the most squarnchy ting you ever did hear?
  10. Sorry, I had to post just to say I read the title of this thread as if either Bill or Ted.
  11. Incredibly happy with Tom and my dealings with him. As if the swathes of previous feedback weren't enough I can confirm that you can be assured of a pleasant transaction with this top class BC'er! Many thanks, Theo.
  12. Thanks for your input; I've measured and they are 18mm at the neck pickup, more like 19 at the bridge.
  13. Any bass with a 'wild dog' setting has to be awesome.
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