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    12 bar blues - man, do I hate that stuff.
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    Dear Prudence by Siouxsie & The Banshees was a great cover, far better than The Beatles version imo.
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    Ah, a bit of Shakespeare....this forum is getting more up market all the time..
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    Only if it’s in white 😉😂
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    Yes, this has been playing on my mind and I did some hard thinking over the last week or so. What I really wanted from my next bass was to sell on my 5 string J and replace it with a 4. So with my first custom, and with it being a present, I've decided to play safe / conservative and opt for something I know I'm going to love and grow old with rather than taking too many risks. Therefore rather than going for the Shuker Horn I've settled on a slightly modified Custom J model which should look something like this template I knocked up (I hope). I love the Aguilar pickup's on my 5 string and I'm playing safe with an alder body, maple neck, rosewood fingerboard etc. I only decision I have to make is on the top wood veneer, and I think I' probably driving Jon a bit nuts as he has so many options available I'm struggling to decide :/. I definitely need to open a build thread.
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    Funnily enough, money is the only bad song on dark side for me. But for time signature changes where they are needed, rather than for the sake of it, it has to be Schism by tool
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    The bass/pickups/strings are only part of the picture. If you want a clear fundamental with a low B, you are pretty close to the lower limit of what most drivers and cabs are capable of reproducing, certainly at any volume. Low B is around 31 hz. Have a look at the spec sheets. Most cab designers get round it with clever porting and rely on harmonics and overtones that fool us into thinking we hear low B, but there are limits to this. You need power and enough drive unit surface area, too. You won't get a clean, powerful low B from a 200w combo. It's the laws of physics, Jim.
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    First gig with my new 'blues power trio' Tore Down at a small blues-friendly venue - The Grand Old Duke Of York' in Ipswich. We've only had 3 rehearsals and I think it showed with tops and tails but the guitarist totally captivated the small but appreciative audience. Bodes well for the future. I also proved to myself that I can happily revert back to 4 string basses after spending the last 2 years playing just 5 strings. Dusted down my remaining JV Precision and it sounded lush with TI flats through my old Trace Elliot head.
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    SOLD Ken Smith's personal bass. Made, owned and played by Ken Smith. KEN SMITH 4 STRING Only two were built, with these characteristics. Model: PAS-II Serial number:#35 Date: 16/5/1981 Natural Gloss. Neck: maple & mahogany (5-pc) NUT: 36 mm !!!!! (52 mm Width at 12F); impeccable neck; maximum comfort. Perfect and functional truss road Body: Flamed maple & mahogany Originals pickups: The bass was transformed active / passive in 1986, keeping the originals pickups. Smith Concentric BT Circuit with a DIP panel switch .....recently installed. Made in NY: At that time, Fodera built the basses for Smith.......read article: https://www.basschat.co.uk/topic/336065-ken-smith-and-the-6-string-basses/ This is the email Ken Smith wrote to his former owner ... " I was a very active studio musician back then and my personal records show ME using this bass on several recording back then, Jingles/Commercials for Radio and TV. I played on about 2,000 recordings like those. Some of the dates were 2 3, 4 or 5 spots on them, not just one. Most were done for Ted Bates Advertising, Arnold Eidus director, Virtuoso violinist and the arranger was Al Datz. Much of the bass parts said "Kenny" in the upper left corner and not "Bass" as you would expect because by the morning of the session, he knew I was playing on it. Also, I took a lot of those parts home, with and without my name on it and used them with my students for lessons I gave then as well. This bass has a 5-pc neck with figured maple and I mahogany. We made only a couple like this 5-pc neck. A piece of my history here! Thank you " Ken Smith President/Owner Ken Smith Basses, Ltd.
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    Overwater Classic J5 in Olympic White. NOW SOLD J Retro Preamp Kent Armstrong Pickups 35" Scale Matching Headstock Elixir Strings 4.3kg This is an early model with the old Overwater logo and made my Chris May himself in around 2003. Full service from Overwater last year including brand new J-Retro. The inlays are actually stickers (very easy to remove if you prefer), there are pearl dots underneath. This bass has a fair amount of wear and a bit of checking to the finish - the white has aged slightly to a really nice yellow. Would rather a sale but also interested in trades (cash either way) for a very lightweight 34" scale J5 - interested in Sadowsky, Sandberg etc. Prefer pickup from North London (N11) or I can deliver it on my travels for fuel money. Also happy to post at buyers cost. For any trades I would want to meet in person to try the bass. Thanks Dan
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    I did a gig last night with a shared backline and multiple bands playing and had a good night. It’s a long time since I have done this and it was really nice to see some other bands and bass players etc and everyone was really friendly and relaxed, a good gig! We all shared an old Trace 1x15 combo which was the same amp I had when I was starting out, and it sounded good once I tweaked the 7 band eq. In fact everyone sounded good through it, it sounded like a nice fat bass tone, nothing not to like. So I was basically sat there thinking all the bass players sounded good and punchy, with the same amp and different basses; Sire, Hohner, Ibanez Talman, and two Stingrays. None of them sounded bad, in fact in the room in a band context it was very difficult to tell the difference. So why the hell do I worry so much? I can’t say my Aguilar sounded greatly better than an old Trace (it’s a lot lighter though) and my Stingray was probably no better sounding than the cheap Ibanez. Yes I like a nice bass, but I am not going to delude myself I want nice basses for any more reason that it’s snobbery and aesthetics (and a little bit of playability to be fair). Although the Ibanez was very well made and felt great.
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    Fender mustang bass 1978 all original Ash body maple neck and fingerboard 30skale 4.1 k transparent red colour Frets in very good condition, everything Works fine. Nice vintage ( fat) sound . Price 1200£ +shipping from Athens SOLD
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    Sold/-2018 Nate Mendel p bass. Part of the Road worn series, bass is like from the store. Orig gigbag, papers, “F” neckplate. No trades.
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    Could be, depending of the type of jack used and if it's an active bass... Go see someone with a bit of electronics knowledge in your area : it's an easy fix, but if you don't know what you're doing, it will be a dead end...
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    Missed last year, great to be able to come this time, but nothing new to bring. 1. jebroad 2. Len_Derby 3. Jabba_the_gut 4. Spondonbassed - Hohner B2A 5. Andyjr1515 6. Jimothey 7. Mojo 8. Owen 9. Teebs 10. Josie 11. Aidan63 12. Frank Blank 13. petecarlton (newbie) 14. Bassman Sam. I'll bring my NR Custom built Thunderbird, Ashdown 2x10 combo and a MM P-bass. 15. ChrisLovatt (bassbash virgin) 16. Stub Mandrel - Fender Performer 17. Richard R. (newbie too). I'll bring along my Brawley Artemis, if anyone is interested. 18. Marillionred - John Letts fretless 5, Warwick Dolphin SN 5, Michael Kelly Dragonfly acoustic 5 (this one is for sale 🙂 )
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    I bought one for that purpose, too and ended up getting two more and selling my old heavy cabs. Go for it. They sound wonderful in multiples. You'll need juicy amplification, though. They take a bit of driving.
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    I taught myself rhythm guitar from Harvey Vinson's 'Rhythm Guitar' book. It stood me in good stead. First tune I learned on bass was probably either Peaceful Easy Feeling or Apache, learned for a home recording on 4-track cassette.
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    I only play short scale now and wonder why it took me so long to get round to it. They lack nothing in tone and I find them easier to play. Have fun.
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    The point made by Bill and others about putting too much low frequency energy into a room reminds me of a wedding I played last year. It was in an old stately home, in a large oak panelled banqueting hall. The room was pretty live as a result and I kept the PA subs well down. When Mr Disco took over after we'd finished, it was like being beaten with wooden clubs. Horrendous. He had a large Bose rig and he cranked the subs. All the guests were complaining and most deserted the dance floor. I suggested (politely) to him that he might cut the bass a little, but he didn't want to know. We packed as quickly as possible, collected our money and left him to it.
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    This thread sums up the difference between what we, as bass nerds (oh, all right, aficionados), hear and like and what actually does the job in the 'real world'. As Nathan says, out in the room on the night, in a band context, everyone sounded good. I've done my share of playing about with gear in shops and spending considerable sums in search of 'that' sound, but in reality, the stuff I own and use (which I do enjoy playing through) is most likely satisfying only to me. Granted, someone who spends their entire time in a studio environment could make a stronger case for having the latest/best (if such a thing exists), but the rest of us would probably be just as well off with that old TE combo Nathan refers to. Schlepping it would be less easy, of course.
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    Probably the guitar part for Smoke On The Water done on bass. My first bass lesson was Little Ole Wine Drinker Me by Dean Martin. Dave
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    Being of that age, Hey joe has gone on my to do list. And the pink panther theme
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    if you put the B string back on and bring the strings back up to pitch and play it with pups and scratch plate off is the noise still there ? I would expect that Adrian will answer any questions you have about the build if you drop him an email with some pics, when I enquired by email about a technical question he was forthcoming and helpful
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    No need for my van for gigs now, pa, stands, lights in ear kit, mixer etc all in the car without even using the front seat or footwell. Long live in ears!
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    That's another reason I prefer thru-necks; the fretboard is normally much more flush with the body
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    Yes exactly! Yes I like to feel like the strings are painted on!
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    Maybe you simply forgot how good Trace Elliot gear is and why many people are returning to the brand. I advocate that people don't sell their TE because it doesn't do what they need it to - they sell it because there is lighter (not necessarily "better") equipment available.
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    This Warwick is in great condition, but has had a few changes made. The original fittings were black. Someone has changed the knobs and tuners. The tuners are Gotoh. It all works well and gives an amazing array of tone. All spec is as for most Warwick basses: 24 bell-brass Frets, Wenge fretboard, Just-a-nut, active/passive with push-pull on the volume. Comes with a Gator semi-hard case. No trades thanks unless it's an Overwater or similar.
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    +1 to this. Not tried them myself but I've heard someone playing them and it did sound very string bass-like. All the flats I've tried (la Bella, TI and chrome's) reduce finger noise and are pretty deep and full. Some are maybe a bit brighter than others but there's a 'family' sound to them all - which, to me, sounds like deeper, richer flats. Tape wounds sounded even more so - more like an upright. But that could have also been the player, the guitar, the amp and eq and the general vibe (light jazz). How much part the strings actually played i don't know - but it was clearly a sound the guy was aiming for and he'd chosen nylon tapewounds to help him get it
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    I had a buzzing on the string with my Maruszczyk, turns out that on a bass with a flamed maple neck, there isn't a break angle and for some reason mine never got string retainers, so if my string isn't at the bottom of the machinehead it vibrates against the zero fret
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    It's fully programmable, so pretty much everything! I've not really settled on a config yet, but so far I've got it set up with 3 pages - Page 1 is SW1 - snapshot 1 SW2 - snapshot 2 SW3 - snapshot 3 SW4 - tap tempo / long press for tuner SW5 - Preset mode SW6 - Stomp mode SW7 - emulates FS4 (which I currently have set to Preset Down) SW8 - emulates FS5 (set to Preset Up) Page 2 has the same for SW1-4, and SW5-8 directly jump to my favourite 4 guitar presets Page 3 has the same for SW1-4, and SW5-8 directly jump to my favourite 4 bass presets SW1+SW2 at the same time cycles page down, SW2 + SW3 cycles page up, SW7+SW8 is a panic reset type thing which changes the controller back to Page 1 and sets the Stomp to Preset 1 and puts it back into stomp mode. There's lots of options though - it can change anything which the HX allows control of over MIDI.... Preset and snapshot recall, block bypass, parameter control (possibly not that useful unless I add an expression pedal input). It can also expand the 1 switch looper so you get separate buttons for play / stop / overdub / record / play once / undo/redo / forward / reverse / full / half speed.... and anything else they add MIDI control for in future updates. In fact I think I'm going to add an extra page of looper controls and have a play with that just now....
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    I have just come out of a similar experience for my 50th, a desire to own a great instrument that will age with you. Like yourself I narrowed it down before asking the bass community. I was between and ACG a WAL or an Overwater. The whole experience was fantastic and I encourage you to enjoy it; every little decision is your alone. I opted for an ACG in the end, I loved the whole process, Alan was great, as I’m sure each of all the UK makers would be. I just love the ACG preamp, I’m not a professional musician so I understand the difficulty in investing 3-4k in an instrument, on the other hand, what a fantastic position to be in!
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    A bass cab from the sound of things 😁
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    A term used to dismiss the concerns of certain groups of people as things that normal people should just get over. Ironically it's frequently used by the terminally outraged who can't seem to get over others living their lives differently from them.
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    Damn that’s got potential... must be a good boy... for now.
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    I’m a fingerstyle player all the way but on my ‘76 Ripper it just doesn’t cut it. Definitely needs a pick. But then, there isn’t another Ripper quite like mine. It came to me like this. God it’s a state but I love it to bit!
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    Nice bass, nice bit of playing too. I've been largely free of Bass Gas recently, but if Gibson were to reissue the Ripper, Grabber or G3 basses I might have to get the wallet out.
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    I've wanted to play a Ripper with a pick into an overdriven valve amp for a few years now, this doesn't help I was actually surprised at how similar the tone sounded when you switched to fingers - a little less top end, but not a lot in it, far less difference than on, say, a Precision.
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    you say that now, wait until you see the faces
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    Went to see Jon on Friday. He showed me a number of neck profiles and I got to play (unplugged) on a couple of finished basses (series 2 and a horn). Necks were fantastic, gentle C profile, not too thin but overly thick - it was at that point I pretty much made my decision to go with a custom Shuker build.
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    For me , what ped said. You get different tones from playing near the bridge and further up the board. If you like tone between the pups, and you use the anchored thumb technique, there's nowhere to anchor, so a ramp fits the bill. I have one on my Basso 4, a nice piece of old ebony
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    Previously owned by Aquaman and carefully stored in a pond by the looks of things.
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    @eude and I had a discussion about the swifts logos. Yes, they could be the normal Mother of Pearl - but I floated whether it was worth me trying ebony for a change. We both decided that it could look really cool to have the coordinated contrast - and that, if it proved just too difficult, we could always revert to MoP. Was cutting the ebony easier than MoP? Actually no - MoP doesn't have grain so small features are never going to be 'cross grain' and snap (they do snap, but not that often). But, after 2-3 fails, I ended up with 3 that were good enough to scribe around before routing: Then mixed some katalox dust with epoxy to glue them and gap fill at the same time. Sanded and a quick coat of tru-oil gave me this: Well, I think that adds a certain je ne sais quoi, don't you?
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    Parts Fender Precision bass in the style of the Nate Mendel signature model. Plays and looks great. Fender Mex P bass neck Squier reliced body (CAR) Fender Hi Mass bass bridge Fender neck plate Fender tuners and string tree Good quality wiring and pots Aftermarket black pickguard 3 ply Wilkinson Alnico V P bass pickups Can arrange postage, doesn't come with case or gig bag.
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    Thanks for your input, everyone. The package made it to Glasgow safely. The only problem was they delivered it several doors down to a complete stranger and didn’t leave my buyer a card to say that they had done so! After chasing TNT I got a name and house number and he got his new bass. Phew!

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