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£4.5k to spend on GAS


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...that's right, a gas boiler. To think of the basses I could have bought instead, but I guess warmth is OK. Luckily I had some savings so we could have the old system replaced entirely, which was on its last legs.


It would be good if some of you could say some nice things about it


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4k5..? :swoon: I spent less than a quarter of that on an accumulateur water tank, 220l, with a heat-pump in its head. It runs off-peak, about 4 hours every other night, set to 50°C, and consumes 750W to do so. It has 2.5kW elements, but I've not connected them at all, it's just the heat-pump, s'all. It supplies showers, bath and washing-up for our household of three, for a daily running cost of less than 2p (so £7/year...)...




Edit : Apologies; I didn't realise that this was for central heating, and not just for domestic hot water, so no comparison. No piped gas here, though, so I'll keep the wood-burning insert and a nice warm dressing gown. :rWNVV2D:

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Looks great and warmth is good, so probably money well spent! I’m sure it will save you money on running costs, so a NBD will be just around the corner!


I don’t have GAS….rural Gloucestershire so oil only! 

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Looks like a nice installation and it'll pay you back in efficiency/reduced bills, pretty quickly. Is it as exciting as a new bass? No, but you've gotta keep the family warm or they'll set light to one of your basses to achieve the same effect. 🔥:shok:

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2 minutes ago, toneknob said:

Lovely bit of kit

(but how did it come to £4.5k? our new boiler was about half that)


The old system needed replacing entirely, which consisted of a high pressure non-combi boiler and various tanks etc. neighbours had the same done a few years ago which didnt coast that much but the plumber assured me that mines better so I can remind them all the time and ‘everything’s gone up m8’  

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