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  1. mr4stringz

    Svt 410hlf opinions

    Yep, previous two posters have covered all you need to know there tbh.
  2. mr4stringz

    Bonding with the wrong bass

    I decided to dip my toe back into the fretlwss pond about 22 years after first giving it a whirl. I always steered myself away from cheapies after my early 90s first bass experiences. I went for a second hand Vintage Icon (the Jaco tribute). Picked it up for about £120. Cracking bass. Absolutely cracking.
  3. mr4stringz

    New Ashdown pedals

    Not sure if the prices were mentioned anywhere previously for the new pedals but they’re live for pre-order, and gulp! https://ashdownmusic.com/collections/pedals-1 Would be interested in trying the drive, but much as I love Ashdown amps, cabs and customer service think they’ll struggle with these given the price point and competition in that ball park.
  4. mr4stringz

    What do you play at sound check?

    Does my frickin’ box in when a bassist slaps the living feckery out of their bass during soundcheck then doesn’t play even a passage of slap in their set. Amazes me how often this still happens. Completely pointless. personally though, a few runs of whatever I feel at the time and playing as hard as I do during a set which, perish my right hand, is hard and right in the sweet spot of a Precision
  5. mr4stringz

    Basses You've Owned and Hated

    Wouldn’t say hated but I’d lusted after a Ricky for years. Bought a 4003 in around 2002. It felt lovely (other than the pain of fingerstyle with the stupid pickup and surround), looked stunning but tonally did nada for me. Played it occasionally, kept it 3 or 4 years and sold it on at a profit. I’ve still often thought I should give one another go for some reason though...
  6. mr4stringz

    Aria Pro ll Primary bass for sale ( ON HOLD)

    Had I not recently taken my bass arsenal back to my self-imposes limit of 5, I’d be snatching your hand off for this. Looks a great example and bonus point for the p/up. GLWTS.
  7. mr4stringz

    Squier Telecaster Bass this is now sold

    Will be gone in about 5 seconds come the morning...👍🏻
  8. On that subject, what’s the weight pls?
  9. Super bargain! Lot of bass for the cash there.
  10. mr4stringz

    Aguilar GS 412 trouser flapper

    What a bargain. If I could in any way justify I’d have jumped at this. It doesn’t quite fit the ‘downsizing from an 8x10’ criteria though unfortunately. GLWTS
  11. mr4stringz

    Epiphone Jack Casady serial numbers?

    Indeed they are. Mine needs a decent setup and the jack input is loose so I need to right that. And yeah, was thinking similarly with the strap tbh. I’m fortunate that I got the plate with mine but am unsure just now as to whether I prefer with or without. If I stick to without I’ll let you know! 👍🏻
  12. mr4stringz

    Epiphone Jack Casady serial numbers?

    I had the same question and found the above site about 48 hours before you did having also picked one up! (2013 by the way).
  13. mr4stringz

    Thumping P bass

    Agree with some of the comments of other posters, in that you have described what a fairly hefty chunk of bassists would consider ‘the’ bass sound. My main go to Jap P has a crazy hot pickup, but I wouldn’t change it for the world. Works with anything...
  14. mr4stringz

    ‘SOLD’ Ashdown ABM400 + 2x10 and 1x15 cabs

    Buy with confidence from Geoff. I bought the previous ABM400 he had for sale. Had I not already bought that I’d likely be going for this, as in need of cabs to downsize from my 8x10! GLWTS, Geoff.
  15. mr4stringz

    New Orange stuff?

    Sensible move from Orange. Great amps.
  16. mr4stringz

    SOLD: 1982 Gibson Victory Custom CAR

    Always liked these. Nice condition. GLWTS.
  17. mr4stringz

    Epiphone Jack Casady - Black

    Any pics yet? And particularly of the lacquer crack? 👍🏻
  18. mr4stringz

    Mike Lull P Bass - Withdrawn

    Blimey. Beautiful. FWIW I am convinced. You shouldn’t sell it!!!
  19. mr4stringz

    My bass head isn’t quite doing it for me...

    Just sayin’ but... 2x12 TB combo up in the for sale now. Will give you the sound you want, all compact and give you readies left over for what I’m asking if you moved on you TH and BF... 😬😬😬 In all seriousness though, the TBs are great and do ‘that’ Orange tone beautifully. Had it not been for the pull back to Ashdown I wouldn’t be moving mine on. If you decide to go just for the head they (the 500w) seem to be cropping up on FB groups a fair bit lately for £300-£350...
  20. As per description. I’ve moved to separates so moving this on. I’ve owned it for under 12 mths and purchased it from 2x18 of this parish. In great condition, gigged just a handful of times and otherwise has been living and used in our rehearsal space. In keeping with Basschat tradition I’m only looking to get back what I paid to anyone who buys off here, which I think is a good price given what the heads and cabs fetch secondhand individually. Same amp section as the TB heads. Nice cleans and easy to dial in dirt by bringing the gain up. Simple but great EQ. It’s nice and compact as it’s the isobaric speaker configuration (2x12, one behind the other), but make no mistake it cuts through two guitars and a loud drummer with ease. Really good projection as well considering the size. Its got the switchable 4/8 ohm option as well if an additional cab is desired. Will supply with fitted Orange cover, speakon and power lead. Going to have to say straight sale only, purely because I value my nuts more than GAS!!! Collection only from Great Bar (just off J7 M6) or could possibly do meet up in close vicinity, though I’d prefer it if it could be tried out first, just because that’s what I’m like!
  21. After many ‘new basses’ passing through my hands over the years I realised about 10 years ago that the only ones I hold on to seem to be used bassesn. Precisions are my general go to basses and I like them to have signs of having a life. To the point that the visual condition doesn’t matter to me in the slightest so long as it’s just cosmetic. The sight of a well worn sunburst P with a tort plate is enough to get me all of a quiver.
  22. mr4stringz

    Good eggs on this forum

    Stating what so many do but it still puts a smile on my face and restores just a little of my faith in (some) humans when I only encounter good, solid and genuine people on here. Have never had an issue with anything I’ve sold or bought on here. Always smooth transactions and never any issues. Good work, bass people!
  23. mr4stringz

    Good eggs on this forum

    And maybe a Spaniard, huevo he may be.