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  1. Very briefly had an Allen Woody. I’d say over 7lbs, closer to 8, so probs not much use for you tbh. Nice basses though...
  2. Nice work! Currently in the early stages of my own bass/drums two piece. Just started rocking a Mustang bass also. I’m still a little short of what I want in terms of the dirt on my octave up element of the sound but getting there. Just need to pick up a few more dirtboxes to find something I’m happy with.
  3. I’ve only had mine a couple of weeks and love it. Re: the pickups, I’m largely using the P pickup, just my preference as I’m a P player generally. The blended pickup sound is really nice though, and very usable. The J on its own is also usable and also sounds very decent to my ears. What I can’t do is give you much in terms of how it holds up in the mix with any kind of a ‘regular’ band as I’m currently in a bass/drum two piece. Well worth the outlay if you want my opinion though.
  4. Love ABM amps so much and, other than a dabble with an Orange TB for a year or so, they’re what I’ve gone for as a first choice for donkeys. Yeah, the sub-octave and compressors on them are a bit crap, but the grind you can dial in and general EQ and thump is great.
  5. Since starting up a bass/drums two piece I’d considered going shortscale for something a little different. Took the plunge and wow, what a great bass! Fit, finish and quality is superb (I rarely get on with brand new basses). Great range of tones and loves being played fingerstyle or with a pick. Put simply, I love it. Happy as holy hell with the first brand new bass I’ve bought in more than 15 years.
  6. Tyler Ramsey (Ed-Band of Horses guitarist) at St Pancras Old Church on Monday. Beautiful venue and a superb gig. His fingerpicking is great. His new album, For the Morning, is highly recommended too if you like the singer/songwriter thing...
  7. LH did indeed post on Facebook a few days back about those old ads and said “I still have a cell...” and posted his number, so he’s definitely still welcoming calls. Nutter!
  8. Agreed on the brands you listed plus those Greek added. I’d also add Vintage to the list. Quality of instrument far, far better than the price point would suggest, on their Icon range at least.
  9. This. Totally. Me and the drummer in our last band (who I’ve played with on and off for 20 years) got to point of frustration with the singer and guitarist over non-commital (and it was ‘their’ bloody band) that we both quit. We’re at the point, for now at least, that we can’t rely on anyone other than us so we’re doing a 2-piece thing. No hiding places and only us responsible for the whole thing. It’s refreshing to say the least. Challenging too!
  10. It never gets easier because we still love it. Have recently done similarly and for at least some of the same reasons, so I get it.
  11. Wowzer. If Stub doesn’t take it drop me a PM as I will for sure cheers 👍🏻
  12. Beautiful. I love my knackered old (fretted) ‘76 Ripper. Hugely under appreciated basses. GLWTS.
  13. Foto Ps are the frickin’ bomb. Mine’s been my main bass for over 20 years. GLWTS.
  14. Fender Heavy picks do the job for me. Recently started playing with a pick after 20 years plus playing fingerstyle. Fender Heavys worked for me way back and still seem to now.
  15. Blimey Geoff, I certainly don’t need this after buying your ABM400 but I’m very bloody close to pulling the trigger regardless. Someone else jump in quickly please!
  16. If you’ll be gigging with any kind of regularity then go for separate head and cab as you may well find there’ll be gigs where there will be the option of a semi share of backline. If so this will often be that you can use the cab but need your own amp. Saves you carting a whole combo to the gig then... Agree on above also. Min 300w head and as for a cab to get you started 8ohm cab in whatever speaker size and number you want. As said you can then add another later on should you wish. Also agree on buying through the classifieds on here.
  17. Crazily £350 about 10 years ago due to the mods and overall condition. The finish is dreadful but doesn’t show up in pics, but I have no intention of tarting it up. On account of the pickup (which is without doubt the hottest pickup I’ve encountered) sonically it’s the opposite of versatile. But if growly and raspy is what works (which it does in my current band) it’s superb. YOB bass for me too so won’t ever be moved on...
  18. I’m a fingerstyle player all the way but on my ‘76 Ripper it just doesn’t cut it. Definitely needs a pick. But then, there isn’t another Ripper quite like mine. It came to me like this. God it’s a state but I love it to bit!
  19. Yeah, mine is for experimenting as part of a two piece thing so will be combined with octave up and distortion/fuzz for the ‘guitar’ element of the sound.
  20. Hey all, Had been looking around for an octaver which also generates 5ths and stumbled across this. Anyway, the purpose of my post is that RRP seems to be about £170 (GAK was otherwise the cheapest I’d found at £155). Thomann are currently knocking them out at €88 so thought I’d share... https://m.thomann.de/gb/t_rex_quint_machine.htm
  21. Interesting to see a board like that @Dudgeman. Am in the early stages of planning a board/buying pedals for a bass and drums two piece thing. That said, running to three channels is unlikely for me, will be two max! My pedalboard will have to be a wee bit trimmed down compared to yours as well!
  22. Topical one for me just now... 4/5 months ago my answer would have been 4-4-0-0. Today it's closer to 4-1-0-2. And yes, it's the same band. Change likely afoot...
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