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  1. A plus 1 for Newtone. Their Bass VI set is great.
  2. Get that totally. I guess it’s perhaps that I’m really used to a forum here where it doesn’t seem to happen that much that when it does it seems kind of odd (I’m not really active on any others tbh), especially as a fair few lately seem to be a decade plus old, rather than ones that have had content in the last…even couple of years or so. As has been mentioned above, thought maybe there was some level of bot activity for whatever reason. An ideal name for a C&W bar!
  3. Don’t know that there is a problem really. Just commenting as I’ve never seen so many in a similar period in here as there have been in the last couple or three months.
  4. I don’t mean clothes for the undead, but honestly…what is it with all of the zombie threads lately?!? P.S. I have only posted this so someone can resurrect the thread in 11 or 12 years to ask the same question…
  5. Love the visuals, but not yet tried one to see if I could get along with one. There was a DeArmond one on eBay a couple of days back that had such a stupidly low BIN I nearly bit, but was sensible for once. Looks to have gone now.
  6. I neither need one, or even realistically have much of a use for one, but I really fancy the look of the new Hofner Ignition SE Clubs. Hofner decal on the body and teacup knobs… Struggling to not bite and stick some flats on just for around the house.
  7. An artist Ive kept coming back to over and over again over the last few years.
  8. Often far from technically perfect, but in terms of emotion I’ve always loved Neil Young’s solos. The live album Weld has some cracking emotive solos, notably on Like a Hurricane and Cortez the Killer. I’d probably go for one of those.
  9. Looks ace. While I certainly can’t justify it just now I think I’m going to have to get a Limelight P at some point.
  10. First proper close up in the wild I’ve seen of one of these. Fingerboard has a nice look to it.
  11. I don’t really get offended by any of it, personally. At the end of the day, whether I think it’s ace or dreadful (very much mostly the latter FWIW) it’s music to one degree or another and so ‘valid’, for wont of a better word. What I’ve always taken exception to though is people who love the more outrageous taboo stuff because it reinforces their actual views. And there will be some artists where that’s always the case too, unfortunately.
  12. Might be a case of waiting for one to come up given they weren’t made for long, but seem to remember the last Fender Modern Player Jazz shortie that was for sale on here was up for about £500. PJ config plus contours…just a thought.
  13. A few thoughts - 1) Take into account the short attention span/immediate results expectations that many have now online . That’s why there are loads of vids that will move you to playing songs at a gallop rather than a canter. If it feels to fast to do that then yes, take a step back. 2) What’s your playing position? Assuming you’re playing seated at present look at where your bass is positioned and where the neck is compared to players in seated positions you see elsewhere. It’ll help as a guide to ensure you’re nice and level and not playing with the neck loads further down (or up from) the body for example, and that you’re not getting j to bad posture habits early on, which all can make quite the difference. 3) How long are you playing for in a stretch? As has been suggested above, shorter sprints might be better for you than settling in for marathons. 4) No one set formula is going to work well for one person to the next. But listen to your body above all else.
  14. Wowzer. Love these. All I’ve ever had left behind in houses I’ve bought are dodgy wiring and glossed woodchip! Tell him I’ll have it for 50p and a pickled egg.
  15. Quite. Majestic front to back (as was most of NY’s 70s output). This one will always get me.
  16. Overarching reactions are - 1) It’s largely unnecessary 2) Also, there are no rules. If it works better for you, either by ear, technically, physically otherwise, use a fiver. For me, back when I was I was doing stuff that worked around the borders and couldn’t gel with fivers, a P-bass with EB Beefy Slinky, set up and with a nut cut appropriately, felt ‘right’. A 5 string didn’t.
  17. And that, frankly, is that. It all ended up in ‘Rock & Pop’ way back when. Anything over and above is prejorative. Except STP. They weren’t (and aren’t) grunge. 🤣
  18. That’s left my feline a little queasy.
  19. I may be reading way too much into STP’s omission, but while very close in time, they were after the fact. All of those ‘classic grunge bands’ had albums released a good year before Core as an absolute minimum, plenty of them well before that. They also weren’t from, or congregated in, Seattle or Washington. And as I seem to remember, copped a fair amount of flak and suspicion at the time. But anyway, that’s only actually one grunge band, isn’t there…
  20. The following from BD’s newsletter suggests improvements are imminent - We have a brand new website coming in the next few weeks that will make searching and purchasing goods much easier and we will be adding more helpful content to guide you through the buying process for all items we sell plus useful tips and advise (sic).
  21. Looks great. Competition stripes are the one thing missing from any of the current plethora of Fender Mustang options.
  22. All joking apart, how long ago are we talking this work was done? Weeks, months, years? Did you supply the parts and they just fitted them etc… If this has been done in recent times I’d suggest picking back up with them, although (and not excusing any lack of good workmanship that may be evident), I also wouldn’t accept any bass back after work being done until I had fully checked it and been 100% happy.
  23. Only potential purchase on my mind just now for next year is a BF One10 and maybe a couple of pedals, though out of nowhere and for the first time ever I’m currently feeling drawn to the Hofner Club. Hope that passes though as I really and genuinely do not need another bass.
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